Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov

“Types” of radio amateurs

According to the “Rules for the use of the radio frequency spectrum for radio equipment of the amateur radio service”, a radio amateur is a person holding a permit for the eligibility of a radio amateur or a harmonized radio amateur certificate (HAREC) who, without material interest and for his own needs, carries out electronic communications through radio equipment of the amateur radio service.

Radio amateurs themselves understand the concept of “radio amateur” in a slightly broader sense than the normative base. Radio amateurs are also radio amateur listeners, radio designers, competitors in radio detection, high-speed telegraphy or other radio amateur sports, even if they do not have a license/HAREC and a registered initial.

Radio amateurs can be licensed and unlicensed. A radio amateur who has passed a radio amateur qualification examination and has acquired a radio amateur class and initial (identification sign, call sign) is licensed. He can be a radio amateur without having acquired these attributes, if he is engaged in radio design activity or is a competitor in one of the radio amateur sports.

Licensed radio amateurs have more rights, but they also have obligations. Detailed information about this can be found in the “Rules”. It is desirable that unlicensed radio amateurs also observe them as far as they are concerned.

Radio amateurs can be organized and independent. Organized are those who are members of a particular radio amateur club or organization. The advantages of organized radio amateurs are mainly in their right to vote when making decisions concerning radio amateurs in Bulgaria, the processing of their QSL-mail, etc.

Radio amateurs can be radio amateurs-operators and radio amateurs-listeners. Operators are those who have passed the radio amateur qualification exam and can also work on a broadcast. Radio amateur listeners are those who have been issued a radio amateur listener badge and can watch what is happening on the air, but also participate in competitions and compete for diplomas.

We live in a democracy and the existence of “unorganized” radio amateurs is allowed. Conflicts with them are not tolerated in any way. Over time, they decide for themselves whether to become a member of a club, an organization, or both.

Radio amateurs can also be divided depending on the preferred mode of work: telephone operators, telegraph operators, constructors, fox hunters, packers and others. This division does not lead to a division in the radio amateur life, on the contrary. It only leads to jokes and variety without harming the spirit of amateur radio.

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