Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov

Listening Activity

What is listening activity?

The listening activity is something of an “apprenticeship” for a radio amateur.

During the listening activity, the novice radio amateur observes what is happening on the air and in practice in this way acquires the knowledge and skills that he will need later.

Why is it needed?

During the listening activity, the radio amateur hears how two-way radio amateur connections are made. He is often surrounded by already established radio amateurs who tell him: this is how it is done or this is not how it is done. Because negative examples are often found on the air.

While conducting the listening activity, the radio amateur usually reads a lot of literature, already “bitten” by the hobby. Asks. And most of all, he listens.

As a listener, the radio amateur learns the basics of radio wave propagation, the different types of antennas and their merits and demerits.

The listener can participate in competitions, fight for diplomas. He can learn Morse code – along with training in the gym and independent live training, this is the fastest and highest quality.

Issuance of listener number

A written request, containing the applicant’s identification data, is submitted to the KRS to determine personal listening marks of radio amateurs-listeners and temporary identification marks.

Relationships with listeners of concert radio stations

Already significantly less, but listeners of concert radio stations are still found. Mostly music lovers, they also know a lot about the propagation of radio waves in the different frequency ranges and can easily be attracted to our hobby, which gives them scope for performances.

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