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My Latest Radio Contacts

My Latest Radio Contacts - QSL card
My Latest Radio Contacts – QSL card

My Latest Radio Contacts

This is an excerpt from for the radio links made by me (Tony, LZ3AI). My latest radio contacts (QSOs) are usually not the last. The sample itself is real-time and shows the latest uploaded to, but not the last ones made and reflected in the local logbook.

They are usually either DX or associated with the acquisition of some degree. Of course there are quite a few others – I never refuse to answer a direct call. It is quite possible that the one who calls me is also fighting for a degree and that I am exactly what he needs. That’s why I always answer.

They all may not have been confirmed by all correspondents yet. Confirmations are visible on but not in the sample. Not all radio amateurs have accounts and therefore not everything works automatically. Another channel where they are automatically confirmed is Logbook of The World, but the sync is also done manually.

In any case, electronic confirmation is many times more convenient and faster than before, when it was done only by QSL-cards sent by post. Like the one in the picture above.

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