Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov

CW Training Software

Learn CW Online – also translated into Bulgarian (

UBA (Belgian Radio Amateur Organization) CW course (

Contest Simulation (

Boost your speed using RUFZ (

A few useful tidbits:

  • Never learn CW by counting DITs and DAHs…
  • Never learn CW in groups of similar characters (eg: E, I, S, H, 5): this will make you count DITs and DAHs forever!
  • Never describe the CW code using the words dots and dashes, use the words DIT and DAH instead. Dots and dashes make us imagine something visually, DITs and DAHs make us perceive them as sounds.
  • Invent words that, when spoken, repeat the melody of the corresponding sign, and phonetically also correspond to it, for example for “F” – “fi-ti-pal-di”. And so for each sign. Or at least for most.

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