Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov

What does CQ DX mean?

If you want contact with a station located far away, call “CQ DX”.

What is DX?

On KB: a station outside your continent or from a “country” (amateur) with very limited amateur activity (eg Mount Athos or the Order of Malta in Europe).

Note: The term “amateur country” refers to a geographical area with a separate amateur prefix. Administratively, this prefix may be under the administration of another country or geographically located in a foreign country, and for the purposes of competitions and diplomas it is considered a separate country. For example:

    • The UN has its own prefix, even though it is located in the US.
    • Aruba is a Dutch territory, but geographically it is on a completely different continent and with a different prefix.

On VHF-Microwave: station located approximately more than 300 km away. In reality, it may even be in the same country.

During CQ, you can emphasize that you only want to work with DX stations like this: “CQ DX outside of Europe, here it is…”.

Always be kind; maybe the nearby station calling you after your CQ DX is a newbie radio amateur, maybe you’re a new country to him. Why not just do a quick QSO with him?

With DX connections, a short quick exchange is tolerated, often including only initials and rating to take advantage of the good traffic from the maximum number of hams.

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