Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov

Using the Telegraph Manipulator (Morse Key)

Especially when using a manual telegraph key, pay attention to the way you hold it – this significantly affects the quality of manipulation.

Radio amateurs have developed their own slang indicating particular handling styles that depend on how the key is gripped.

Key Grip and Manipulation Styles:

nibbler cutter
hitch hiker climber
clutcher interceptor
jitter nervak
pounder knock
slapper pan
tea drinker drinking tea
taper sophisticated

For DX connections and in conditions of strong QRM, the “different” transmission style is a plus – it can stand out in the chaos of perfectly transmitting operators. But in general, the correct key grip and the quality broadcast of a correct dot-dash ratio are tolerated.

There are no specific key grip styles for automatic electronic keys – the style of signals transmitted depends more on the type of electronic key.

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