Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov


QRG What is the exact frequency? The exact frequency is…
QRK What is the intelligibility of my signal? Your signal intelligibility is: 1: poor, 2: comparatively poor, 3: fair, 4: good, 5: excellent.
QRL Are you busy? Is the frequency in use? I’m busy. The frequency is in use.
QRM Having interference? I have interference. 1: no disturbances, 2: weak, 3: moderate, 4: strong, 5: very strong.
QRN Are you bothered by atmospheric disturbances? Atmospheric disturbances are bothering me. 1: no disturbances, 2: weak, 3: moderate, 4: strong, 5: very strong.
QRO Should I increase the power? Increase the power.
QRP Reduce power? Reduce power.
QRS Should I lower the baud rate? Reduce the baud rate.
QRT Stop broadcasting? Stop broadcasting.
QRU Do you have anything for me? I have nothing for you.
QRV Are you ready? I’m ready.
QRX When will you call me again? I’ll call you back to… Also: wait, stay like this.
QRZ Who’s calling me? Calling you…
QSA What is my signal strength? Your signal strength is: 1: poor, 2: fairly poor, 3: fair, 4: good, 5: excellent.
QSB Is there fading in my signal? There is fading in your signal.
QSL Will you confirm acceptance? I confirm acceptance.
QSO Can you connect with… (me)? I can connect with… (you).
QSX Can you listen on…? Listening to…
QSY Start transmission on another frequency? Start transmission on… Also: change frequency on…
QTC Do you have a message for me? I have a message for you.
QTH What is your location (latitude and longitude or name)? My location is …latitude and …longitude or: my location name is…
QTR What is the exact time? The exact time is…


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