Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov

The most important Q-codes and fusion characters

Most important Q-codes and fusion characters:

AR End of transmission: indicates the end of a transmission that is not addressed to anyone in particular (for example, after the end of CQ).
K Over for you: end of the current broadcast in a conversation between two or more stations
KN Over just for you: similar to “K”, but emphasizes that you don’t want to listen to any of the other stations.
SK End of QSO: used at the end of a QSO.
CL Turning off the station: the last code before you turn off your station. Submitted in a merged manner.
QRL? Is the frequency in use?: you should always transmit it before you have called CQ on a new frequency.
QRZ? Who’s calling me? QRZ has no other meaning!
QRS Reduce the baud rate.
AS One moment, hold on.
= I’m thinking right now and I haven’t stopped streaming. (Also used as a separator between individual parts of the text).


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