Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov

Content of QSO conversations

No matter the mode of communication, our conversations must be related to the radio amateur hobby. Ham radio is a hobby related to the technique of radio communications in the broad sense of these words. We shouldn’t be using ham radio to broadcast a shopping list for dinner…

Some of the topics that should never be allowed in ham talk on the air are:

  • religion;
  • policy;
  • business (you can talk about your profession, but not advertise your business);
  • derogatory remarks addressed to some group (ethnicity, religion, race, gender, club, professional group, etc.);
  • indecent humor: if you wouldn’t tell a joke to your ten-year-old, don’t tell it on the radio;
  • any topic that has nothing to do with the ham radio hobby.

It is acceptable, when a jubilee or other special initial is used, to elaborate on the story that gave rise to that special initial.

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