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What is APRS?

APRS stands for Automatic Position Reporting System.

APRS arose with attempts to use PACKET-RADIO for civilian real-time purposes. PACKET-RADIO is not a good solution for networks in which information is updated for a short time and where it is more important not to have 100% reception, but to reach the maximum amount of information in the minimum time – meteorological and telemetry data, rescue operations, etc.

It usually works in conjunction with GPS.

Frequencies for APRS

The main radio communication channel is 144.800Mhz – Europe and 144.390Mhz – USA.


Europe (Bulgaria), Russia: 144.800 MHz 1200bps AFSK – voice announcement = 136.5Hz, voice announcement in Norway = 123 Hz,

North America: 144.390 MHz – voice announcement = 100 Hz.

Argentina: 144.930 MHz

Australia: 145.175 MHz – voice announcement = 91.5 Hz and announced 123.0 Hz, in certain areas 439.100 MHz 1200 baud.

Japan: 144.640 MHz (Kyushu area: 144.660 MHz)

New Zealand: 144.575 MHz – in some areas use of 432.575 MHz 1200 baud


France: 439.700 MHz 1200 baud

Netherlands: 430.5125 MHz 1200 baud

Proposed for USA: 445.925 MHz (by WB4APR)


14.103 MHz LSB 300bps – APRS Gateway & DIGI & Mobile

More information about these and other digital regimes can be found for example at:

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