Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov

I Am a QRP Station (Low Power)

A QRP station is a station transmitting a maximum power of 5 W (CW) or 10 W (SSB).

Some operators consider QRP operation to be “aerobatics”, especially below 1 W. Don’t spoil their fun.

If you are operating at low power, do not transmit your initial as “LZ2ZZZ/QRP”, this is illegal in many countries. QRP information is not part of your call sign, so it should not be transmitted as part of it. In many countries, the only suffixes allowed are /P, /A, /M, /MM.

If you are indeed a QRP station, you will most likely be relatively quiet for the station you are calling. Adding unnecessary ballast (with /QRP) to your call sign will make your initial even more difficult to decipher.

Of course, during a QSO, you should always note that you are a QRP station, for example: “PWR 5W 5W ONLY”.

If you are calling CQ as a QRP station and want to announce this, you can do so as follows: “CQ CQ LZ2ZZZ LZ2ZZZ QRP AR”. Leave a little more space between the initial and “QRP” and do not pass a fractional dash (DAH DIT DIT DAH DIT ) between the initial and “QRP”.

If you are specifically looking for QRP only stations, call CQ as follows: “CQ QRP CQ QRP LZ2ZZZ LZ2ZZZ QRP ONLY AR”.

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