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How to answer CQ

Let’s assume that W1ZZZ is calling CQ and you want to QSO with him. How do you do this?

Do not transmit at a higher rate than the station you are calling.

Do not transmit the initial of the station you are calling more than once; very often the initial is not even transmitted, it is obvious who you are calling.

You can transmit “K” or “AR” at the end of the call (see above): “W1ZZZ DE LZ2ZZZ LZ2ZZZ К”, “LZ2ZZZ LZ2ZZZ К”, “W1ZZZ DE LZ2ZZZ LZ2ZZZ AR” or “LZ2ZZZ LZ2ZZZ AR”.

In many cases, only the call sign is transmitted, without any closing code (“AR” or “K”) at the end. In contests this is common practice.

Do not end your call with “..PSE AR” or “PSE K” (see above).

Someone is mistransmitting your call sign

Let’s assume that W1ZZZ did not get all the letters of your initial correctly. His response will be something like: “LZ2ZZY DE W1ZZZ TKS FOR CALL UR RST 479 479 NAME JACK JACK QTH NR BOSTON BOSTON LZ2ZZY DE W1ZZZ K”.

Now you answer him as follows: “W1ZZZ DE LZ2ZZZ ZZZ LZ2ZZZ TKS FER RPRT…”. By repeating part of your initial several times, you emphasize the wrong part of it to draw your correspondent’s attention to correct his mistake.

Calling a station that completes a QSO

Two stations are in QSO and the QSO is ending. If they both end with “CL” (I’m turning off the station), then the frequency is now free because they’ve both finished working. If one or both end up with an “SK” (end of connection), it is very likely that one of the two will stay on the frequency for more QSOs (generally the station that called the CQ on that frequency, but not necessarily – during the connection the two correspondents can understand each other differently).

In this case, it’s best to wait a bit to see if someone calls CQ again.

Example: W1ZZZ has completed a QSO WITH F1AA: “..73 CUL F1AA DE W1ZZZ SK”.

If no one calls CQ after the QSO, you can call either of them.

We assume that you (LZ2ZZZ) wish to call F1AA. How will you do it? Just pass it on


In this case, calling without giving the initial of the station you want to work with is unacceptable. Broadcast the initial of the station you wish to work with once, followed by your initial once or twice.

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