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12 useful tips that will help you to learn to drink more water

Water is life

Water is life

Water is life. There is no dispute. Even who does not know it realizes that this is so.

But now we will share with you several proven in practice advice to drink more water.

Why do we need this? Answer yourself the question “How much water I drink per day?” And you will see that the needs of these tips.

Very often the answer is “What if coffee is considered to be water, drink several glasses ….”. Or: “I drink, of course – 2-3 glasses of water per day”. And any other like those…

It is customary to assume that the rate of water is 30-36 ml per kilogram of body weight per person. Ie if you weigh 80 kg, you should drink 2.4 to 2.6 liters of water per day.

But these calculations we must consider several small but very important details:

Healthy Pancakes

Healthy Pancakes

Healthy Pancakes

The dosage is extremely important and must be followed exactly! 😉

Products for about 11-12 pancakes:

  • about 2 eggs;
  • about 3 cups water (tea cups – 200-250 ml);
  • about 2 cups (tea cups – 200-250 ml) of flour (of which about 1/3 whole wheat or spelled);
  • about 1 tablespoon of potassium salt or whatever you have;
  • about 1 cup of porridge (officially named “Oat-apple drink”);
  • about 4 tablespoons Formula 1 shake “Vanilla” (if you do not currently shake “Vanilla” and use another, perhaps better solution is to add about 1-2 vanillin powder, too);
  • a little olive oil.


There is also a picture of the main products. If you ask why is this image of beans, hardly anyone can tell. Not used in their preparation. I put it there to sharpen and test your attention and completeness of composition.

Will be required and a blender or mixer and very likely – pan.

Outdoor or indoor antenna? To buy or to do?

Making of antenna is a simple job that describes three activities:

– Cutting of rods and cables;

– Rasp, etc.;

– Turning screws and nuts.

(The book also wrote by the same way – press the keys in determined sequence.)


The Faraday cage 64 channel

Why the large antennas are external and “very cool catch”? (And also they are more expansive, ’cause they do most Western’.)

  1. Because there is a very long rail on them and thus cannot her tours in the kitchen, so for this – out.
  2. You try to pick the most highly that person still wants to get the burning of Everest, Botev, Black Peak or at least Kopitoto (restaurant). If you drive – perfect.
  3. “Cool catch ” because in the greatest possible lifting ensures signal reception with better detection of Fresnel zones and thus the signal is better intensity than if the antenna is seven or eight or more meters down .
  4. Much of the proposed corporate-made antennas are with amplifier exactly on the vibrator and from there goes feeder vessel to the TV. Infinitely right decision. However, the amplifier is subjected to all the wonderful outdoor conditions and thus will not be his very long life.

Guide for abbreviations of management positions

Sometime ago a “big brother”, now another big brother…

Born to CEO, his forehead wrote it ;-)

Born to CEO, his forehead wrote it 😉

We just learned what what is the meaning of “Goroubso”, “KrushSlivDyulPrasPlod” or “KifBanMekGevrekSnab” in our daily lives invaded new cuts. Not so new, yet few people know what exactly what it means.