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Run the BIOS SETUP some old branded computers

Run the BIOS SETUP some old branded computers

Run the BIOS SETUP some old branded computers

Increasingly sourcing from here and there with second hand computers, which God knows how to switch on the Setup-and BIOS-and where, if a page is read this.

There are other ways, which include for example removing cable of FDD before turning on the computer (eg… it is with another device recorded in the BIOS – say the keyboard, but then very quickly run into another problem ;-)) which will tell you – who does not love the thrill … and it’s nice to have a moment of surprise, though …).

It gets more specific ways – for example throwing a mother-in (in-law) as soon as you are angry, but are not quite reliable and lead to losses or barely tolerable once windfall.

Computer System Way to start the BIOS Setup
286 – some of them Setup disk
AMI, Award Del (when boot)
AST Advantage Ctrl Alt Esc
Award Ctrl Alt Esc
Compaq F10
Compaq – older Setup disk
Dell Alt Enter
Dell – only a few Reset (two times)
Epson (Gemini) – older Setup disk
General – only a few Ctrl-Esc
General – only a few Ctrl Alt +
IBM – older Setup disk
IBM PS/2 – older Setup disk
IBM PS/2s w/ Ref. Partition Ins (when boot)
NEC F2 (when boot)
Olivetti PC Pro Shift Ctrl Alt + Num Pad del
Phoenix – only a few F1 (when boot)
Phoenix – only a few Ctrl Alt S
Phoenix – only a few Ctrl Alt Ins
Phoenix – only a few Ctrl S
PS/1 – last models F1 (when boot)
PS/1 330 F1 (when boot)
PS/1 Value Point F1 (when boot)
PS/2 – only a few Alt ?
PS/2 – only a few Ctrl Ins , when the prompt is top right
Tandon Ctrl Alt Esc
Tandon 386 Ctrl Shift Esc
Toshiba – older Setup disk
Toshiba – only a few Esc (when boot)
Toshiba – only a few F1 (when boot)
Zenith Ctrl Alt Ins

This tablet does not exhaust all possible options. I’ll be glad if you write about things that you have discovered, for the common good ;-).

And be smart!


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