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Poster exhibition of Hristo Ivanov

Poster exhibition of Hristo Ivanov

Poster exhibition of Hristo Ivanov

Importance of Veliko Tarnovo with its unique appearance as a center of arts is growing. Along with the natural orientation of the artists to the historic theme here live and work schedules many constituting a substantial part of the UBA.

Along with artistic graphics developed and implemented. Proof of this is the exhibition of prilozhnika schedule Hristo Ivanov. It offers a variety of creative expressions – posters on various topics, trademarks, other printed matter. Typically, the artist takes the plaque bright history. Whole series skillfully performed works is dedicated to our prominent revolutionaries – Dimitar Blagoev, George Kirkov Gabriel Georgiev, Georgi Dimitrov, Nikola Gabrovo, Dimitar Naydenov. Too date the series is dedicated to the anniversary of Leonid Brezhnev .

Dimitar Naydenov - the editor
Dimitar Naydenov – the editor

Hristo Ivanov showed continued interest in the difficult area of ​​policy poster and undoubtedly one of the most significant achievements in the exhibition are works exactly like “Dawn over Chile” and “Helsinki-76”. Others would call “public” on a variety of important and exciting our society, and even all mankind contemporary issues, such as “For clean planet”. “Water is Life” is a poster with a similar problem, especially popularized the Biennial of the Poster in Warsaw. Timely too is another poster – for the living environment .

So again, like a thread in which we can trace the development of the skill of the artist in a recurring theme (something like check the ingenuity ) is a series of posters TNTM 1974 , 1975 and 1976, allows a different , but each time appropriately way.

Hristo Ivanov is the author of trademarks and bookplates. Between showing the exhibition should note these Dimitar Filipov Christina Staneva Spiridon Borisov and others. The exhibition also includes other projects and performances such as the sign of the NSA – Veliko Tarnovo, medals University “Cyril and Methodius” – a significant achievement in this area, and various badges awards.

Nikola Gabrovski
Nikola Gabrovski

Complete exhibition testifies to the constancy of the artist in the creation of images with high artistic and communication skills made ​​with taste and yourself acting in favor of aesthetic education. On the other hand, it is an expression of the artist’s engagement with specific procurement of Veliko Tarnovo and the university. However, Hristo Ivanov is closely related to the Veliko Tarnovo University. Here he developed pedagogical activity and contribute to increase the staff in the field of applied graphics – responsible and socially useful task.

It is necessary to note, because the activity of applied schedules always being addressed and works created in response to the direct award, on certain occasions. Therefore Hristo Ivanov, like any other schedule Applied Arts artis is bound by its obligations to the city, the university as an important cultural and artistic institutions.

Dimitar Dimitrov



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