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Meditation techniques

Meditation is usually associated with the East, but increasingly moving into our world. Everyone chooses one or more techniques to use. You might want to use them – the comments are rather easier “rehash” of content, things are serious and really helpful.


Breathe slowly and evenly, count: “Inhalation. Exhalation – a. Inhalation. Exhalation – two. “And so on.. Spoken or silently chant” Inhalation “inhalation and number – in exhalation. You can use the usual order of numbers, but only at expiration. Not aim to reach a total number of breaths, exhaled. It is best to count to a certain number – five, ten, twenty (number ten is used by Zen teachers), then again starting from one. Do what you remember when you have the time and the necessary calm.

Note: The number is selected according to the degree of education 😉


In this meditation technique you just watch everything happen. Whatever happens, I note it and leave “away.” Heeding. Listen to the thoughts that come to mind. In the sounds that you hear. In the thoughts that arise in you those sounds. In his own breathing. In his bodily sensations. In the movement of fluids in your body. If at first it is hard, try to imagine them and then listen.

Note: It would be like listening to the movement of fluids in your body and to listen to their color. ,,) And with things that leave “away” is conformed – not to get absolute mess… 😉


If you arise in emotions or painful memories, do not let conquer you. Pinpoint them with terse remarks: “annoyance”, “memory”, “joy”, “sadness” over “memory” and so on.. Sad feelings and memories will gradually weaken, and you’ll start to identify with the objective observer or witness, not the person who is subject to these thoughts and feelings. Upon proper implementation of this exercise, it can become an important healing tool to use when you do not feel well.

This method of meditation you can practice while dealing with all routine activities and did not cost you extra time. You’ll probably find that you are considering what you came to mind, rather than just make a note of your thoughts and your mind back to the zero point. This is the place where it (your mind) quite dispassionately observe what is happening without fixing anything. To overcome this consideration, switch to monitor very breathing.

It is constantly and you need to realize that. Conscious breathing is a technique that you can practice both independently and in combination with other techniques or listening.

Note: This technique is most important not to forget to breathe. 😉


Take a few hours when you will be alone. During this time, perform simple routine activities such as tidying the house, gardening, cooking, laundry clothesline and others. Work slowly (two times slower than normal or even slower), with a full understanding of every stage of operation. “Now clean onions, let the water wash it, water stop, think about your girlfriend (boyfriend), slice the onion” and so on.., As a note and each side thought that came into your head. Slowly you take a shower to a walk and eat slowly – but this should be done with full awareness and slow. Ignore by others. and do not forget to make a note every move in your mind. this is the most powerful tool for mastering the art of introspection.

Note: Do not attempt to practice this technique on the streets of Sofia. Dangerous! 😉


Unlike the previous, it is preferable that this technique can not do alone. It is very important to make very slowly and very gently. Start with slow caresses and kisses throughout the body. Repeat your mind what you are doing at the moment, for example: “… now suck chewy ear … Now kiss her neck … now near its chest around the nipples … Now kiss her body down now … near the navel … Now go back up … near the nipple and watched him excited … suck it gently … again descends by kissing and licking her whole body side … keep kissing thigh … feet … suck the toes of the feet one by one … back up … kissing and licking her feet and behind the knee … climb further up … etc … “I am tempted to go, but I’ll digress from the topic …;-) is extremely important that everything be done very slowly and with awareness of each action. In conscious lovemaking men will notice that withstand significantly longer women – that aroused more easily and strongly. The explanation for both parties is likely to reach the status of observer. Mark and each side thought and imagination that goes through your mind. Watch out and do not allow your giving only the primary instincts often the accompanying rudeness. Share with your partner what you feel in your or any his (her) action after High unimaginable ecstasy, which I’m sure will experience both and very likely both. Conscious lovemaking as a theory is nothing new, but at the same time as a very ancient practice.

Note: This technique is not for the streets of Sofia. Not that it’s so dangerous, but difficult to disregard the large amount advisors… 😉


The mantra is spiritually charged word or phrase in Sanskrit, such as Om (Aum) or Om Mani Padme Hum, which are repeated many times in the rhythm of breathing. According to legend, the mantras were obtained from space by sages centuries ago; suggested that they cause vibrations penetrating and cleansing the body and mind. Of course, not only Sanskrit words can be used as mantras, but words from other languages​​, especially names of deities or loved ones.

The mantra can be sung aloud or silently repeat. Follow the rhythm of your mantra and meditation techniques with other tick each side thought or image. Safely disposing of them and get back to the task.

Repeating the mantra meditation practice is useful for beginners and especially for people who are prone to endlessly rehash of any thoughts and situations in my head. It helps to clear the mind and to take the position of “witness” or “objective observer.” Causes beneficial physiological effects – muscle relaxation, slow heart rate, lower blood pressure, reduce headaches and backaches. But at a certain level mantra threatens to become an obstacle to further progress in meditation, as may occur depending on it. If this happens, it is best to express my gratitude for the help of the mantra that you had, and then leave it and continue with another meditation technique.

Note: If you use a name like a mantra note that the name of the MP has something does not work. Try to secure a deity or a loved one.

Meditation nowadays relieving constant stress accompanying us to assess our own behavior and our concrete actions to recover from psychological trauma, for better contact with yourself and with others. It rarely cost much extra time and is easy to implement.

Successful meditation!

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