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Letter of application, and Cover Letter

Letter of application, and Cover Letter

Letter of application, and Cover Letter

This is not just “something like a new version of” the good old “Application form”…

Letters of application in our most used is the cover letter, so he turns and attention.

The cover letter should add value to your CV in terms of content .

Makes no sense to repeat the same thing twice, but in different forms , by simply changing the wording and format.

Cover Letter
Cover Letter

Get creative and expand the information on your achievements, ambitions and competitive advantage for the position.

Try to present additional information (one that is not mentioned in your CV) related to your contacts in the business sector specific projects in which you participated, knowledge of competition or the company itself, etc.

Sending your CV to potential employers you undoubtedly declare his interest in them will therefore be futile effort to enclose a letter saying that they would like to consider your application.

The meaning of the letter is far deeper than it may seem. While the CV is more or less predictable as form and content, it is assumed that the letter should be your “trump card.” It allows you to “sell” yourself in a creative, aggressive and convincing way .

Standard letter points of blank space to be filled in the company name and job title simply tells potential employers that he is not much different from any other in the labor market . It’s almost like saying, “Really, for me it did not really matter if you work for yourself or someone else. I was just looking for a job.”

Your letter must be some “bait”, ie must mention something that will make the employer to invite you for an interview because your statement sounds challenging and attractive, like “If you ever imagined that you can hire someone who can boost your sales for 3 months by 20% then you’ve come to the right person.”

Do not rely on flattery in the cover letter.

It’s always nice when someone tells you how good and unique you are, but when the time comes to decide whether it is worth it to be invited for an interview or not, it does not have much influence. Therefore , make sure that the letter is not praising ode.

Of course, you should express your sincere interest and respect to the image and achievements of the company, but primarily you should prove that you would be a valuable asset for her. Therefore should focus on how you will contribute to its success, do not be too general, neither go to extremes as to promise the impossible. Be consistent and specific.

Absolute error is to decide that it is enough to read the advert to be able to write a cover letter.

You must be familiar with far more than the text of the ad so that you are able to intrigue the potential employer.

You need to be informed about what is the history of the company, its main business focus and strategy, general personnel needs, products and services and their characteristics, which are considered key to success, etc.

To create an adequate profile to testify that you are the perfect candidate for the position you need to have a good enough idea of ​​the general criteria against which will be assessed your application. Unfortunately, only a few of them are mentioned in the ad. Your intuition and knowledge of the business should help you guess what might be of value to the employer. It is therefore necessary to carefully research the company but today it is much easier thanks to the Internet access and the wide media interest in the business field .

You can prepare a good cover letter even when sent in to a company that is not actively searching for staff.

When you send your documents to companies that have announced search employees, you may be sure that there would be any interest or need someone like you. In this sense, it is not clear whether your competencies will look attractive. However, if you know the business and the direction in which the company is developing, you should be able to determine if competencies that will have an advantage. Then in full force will apply these rules for writing letters.

If you do not have the faintest idea of ​​the company’s strategy and market position is not it better to seek information and to assess more thoroughly whether it an interesting place to work? If not, maybe you should reconsider your career ambitions and look elsewhere.

The cover letter should present your basic preferences and expectations.

When applying for a job it is natural that you, as a candidate to have preferences and expectations of the employer. They can be delicately as preferred job, for example, “I am self-motivated person, willing to take initiative, be trusted and to work relatively independently.” This statement (unless it can support a requirement for initiative, which is set in the advert or inherent to the position) also indicates that the candidate would be valuable as a professional and as such you have requirements in terms of rights and independence at work.

On the other hand, there are purely formal requirements related to salary, benefits, etc., which are generally the subject of discussion at a more advanced stage. However, if you are satisfied with your work and your primary motive for change is financial, then you can state your expected salary in your application letter. This practice is not very popular in Bulgaria, but it will be valued by those professionals dealing with recruiters who value openness and who are pressed by time and financial constraints. In principle, this approach can be adopted by professionals with proven experience and knowledge that have the necessary padding their expectations and are considered “top” candidates. However, even they should not go into too many details in terms of expected reward.

When you apply as a result of an ad, you should point that expect to be informed of the results of the competition, regardless of whether they are positive or negative for you.

When sending documents in a company where there is no active recruitment, you can specify that you will contact the recipient of the letter to be informed about the current and future needs of the company.

Can be written relatively quite different types of cover letters. Here are some of them:

  • Application letter, sent as a result of Job. It can focus on your strengths and perfect match of your competencies to the job requirements.
  • Cover letter explaining your reasons for sending your documents to a company which is not actively seeking staff. It reveals your motives to write to the employer, the more that the letter will most likely be unexpected from him.
  • Letter “Self-promotion”: a kind of advertisement of yourself. Innovative letter at least in the Balkans. 😉 is not very popular in Bulgaria and may even seem too “American.” But on the other hand, in the few cases when people have used this format at least brought to a first interview. The next there is no evidence, however. 😉
  • Letter are requesting assistance and/or information to your friends and acquaintances. This type of letter is not practiced very much in Bulgaria, despite the fact that one way or the other job seekers are turning in a formal or informal way to people who have access to job opportunities. So why not expand and focus your efforts?
  • Letter you want recommendations from former employers, clients, teachers, etc.
  • Letter to thank them for their attention/time commitment.

The following examples are taken from Job Tiger –

Letter describing the correlation of the characteristics of candidate
the set criteria

Maria Petrova
23 Perelink Str.
Sofia 1000
Tel: 33 33 33
October 12, 2000
Dear Mrs. Pencheva

This letter is in reference to your advertisement for Chief Accountant of 7 October 2000 in “Capital”. I would like to express their interest in the position and apply for it because I believe that my qualifications, experience and personality match the requirements specified in the notice:

Your requirements/my qualifications

1.At least 3 years experience in accounting, cash management and financial analysis in the plant

I have over 7 years experience in accounting, three of which are privately owned heavy industry, where he led the accounting process and responsible for the preparation of financial reports, budgeting and cash flow management. I have participated in the evaluation of several large investment projects.

2.Knowledge International Accounting Standards

So far I’ve only worked in international companies in which I have regularly prepared reports under International Accounting Standards. Now employing currently successfully passed several audits by the International Accounting Standards.

3.Manager experience

As Chief Accountant I managed a team of 7 accountants. This aspect of the work helped me learn how to allocate tasks according to their individual strengths of accountants, how to motivate them to perform at their best and how to control their work. I am satisfied that, despite numerous opportunities for accountants in my department there is no turnover.

4.Computer literacy and knowledge of SAP or other program management and resource planning

One of the first projects that as Chief Accountant has been the implementation of a system (software) management and resource planning. I have been actively involved in the adaptation of the software to the peculiarities of the accounting process and the specifics of work in the enterprise. The enclosed resume I listed all programs that work and the extent to which they know.

5.Strong personality, ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines

I have successfully implemented software management and resource planning months ahead, overcoming resistance from some members of the Opposition.

I believe you will consider my application. I will be happy to discuss my experiences, training and development plans. I expect you to contact me at 33 33 33 at a convenient time for you.

Best Regards,

/ Maria Petrova /

Standard letter of application
due to Job

Maria Petrova
23 Perelink Str.
Sofia 1000
Tel: 33 33 33
October 12, 2000
Dear Sir / Madam

Through this letter I would like to apply for a job for the post of Consultant “Human Resources” (Ref. 61/TX), published in the “24 Hours” and “Trud.”

Your announcement provoked my interest because it is an area where I plan to unfold. I have two years experience in consulting in the field of human resources and recruitment. During this time, in addition to my professional knowledge and skills I have gained experience in working with clients from various fields. I developed the ability to quickly retrieve information to assist clients in defining their needs and communicate with different people.

During my work until now I have been given assignments with increased scope of responsibilities through which I have been able to master organizational, management and communication skills. My professional experience and personal qualities makes me think that I could meet the high quality standards required by your organization.

What attracts me in consulting in the field of human resources is the variety of projects that challenge with an innovative solution and the dynamics of job that requires continuous learning and application of knowledge. Being at the beginning of his career, I want to introduce you to new ways of working and to work in teams where I could expand my knowledge. Looking for an opportunity to work for an organization that has high standards of performance and true professionalism. If I am given the opportunity to join your team of professionals, my skills, knowledge and genuine desire to work will contribute to the performance of your company.

I would be grateful if you consider my application and I would be delighted to discuss with me and my plans for development.

Best Regards,

Appendix: The Autobiography / Maria Petrova /

Letter with feedback

Maria Petrova
23 Perelink Str.
Sofia 1000
Tel: 33 33 33
October 12, 2000
Todor Nikolov
Marketing Manager
Dear Mr Nikolov,

I am a student in “Business Administration” at Sofia University. Quite interested in marketing and would like to apply for a marketing trainee at WXY.

During the training I have participated in three marketing project to promote fast – moving consumer goods. These projects allowed me to gain insight into the practical application of marketing and I challenge in this activity.

Marketing provoked my deepest interest because it provides the opportunity to be creative and unconventional approach to problem solving.

I am enthusiastic to develop professionally. I want to deal with the implementation of new approaches and assess the possibility of manifestation of innovative and pro – active work style.

My enthusiasm for work and perform at high standards of achievement makes you not believe that I will be able to satisfy your requirements. I am eager to contribute to the success of your company with fresh ideas, initiative and hard work.

I would appreciate if you consider my application. I’ll be glad to meet with you and discuss my career plans and qualifications. Please contact me at 585 858 or send me back in the mail envelope with application form.

Best Regards,

/ Maria Petrova /

Mr Todor Nikolov
Diar Mrs Petrova,

I would like to meet you. Please call me on the phone __________ to specify the time and place of our meeting.

I would like to discuss some issues with you, so please contact me at__________

_________ not currently deal with recruitment. You can contact:




_________ not currently deal with recruitment. Please contact me after ________ the (date)

_________ not currently deal with recruitment. You can contact this company:









Стандартно писмо за кандидатстване

Maria Petrova
23 Perelink Str.
Sofia 1000
Tel: 33 33 33
October 12, 2000
Dear Sir / Madam,

With this letter I would like to express my interest to work in your company. I am a specialist in sales of more than 5 years experience in direct sales and sales management of FMCG. I would like to consider my application for a managerial position in the field.

As indicated in my enclosed resume, during my work so far I have been involved in the whole sales process, starting from direct sales and attract new customers in managing small regional sales team to create and develop national distribution network. My professional qualifications and varied experience makes me believe that I can contribute to achieving the goals of your company.

In addition, through its experience in direct sales, I learned how to identify potential customers and establish contacts with different people. I realized the importance of good personal relationships with customers to achieve better sales results. During his work in “ABC” have mastered their product presentation and negotiation skills. This experience makes me think that I can answer the strict requirements that you have for your employees.

Also developed excellent organizational and management skills. I managed a team of 6 people and have extensive experience in allocating tasks, monitoring and controlling performance and in maintaining friendly relations team to improve results. I learned how to motivate subordinates to achieve common goals.

I am an open person who seeks new challenges. I believe that my experience in sales and management experience will be a good addition to your team and will bring positive results.

We will be happy to discuss my experience and future plans. I expect to speak at your first opportunity.

Best Regards,

Appendix: Autobiography / Maria Petrova /

Новаторско писмо за кандидатстване

Young, ambitious and creative professional with extensive experience in liaising with clients in several advertising agencies looking for a challenging job to inspire clients to exciting campaigns and amazing success.

Account Manager

Ideal organization:

Organization with high professional achievements and ambitious plans for business development in which creative and entrepreneurial atmosphere is the norm , and teamwork is encouraged by both the employees and the management .

The ideal job:

One that gives freedom to work more than 40 hours a week, which allows you to experiment and bear responsibility for the consequences of successes and learning opportunities that requires a high degree of creativity and innovation.

My suggestion:

Extensive experience backed with proven successful performance and outstanding achievements and dedication to high performance and work . Communicative person determined to find the right approach to each person.

You can not miss the opportunity to add to your team:

Ivan Nikolov:
Nadezhda 3, Bl. 345, Entr. A, Apt. 1
Sofia 1230
Phone: (+359 2) 363636

Available for interview at your first opportunity.

Letter requesting information from friends

Maria Petrova
23 Perelink Str.
Sofia 1000
Tel: 33 33 33
October 12, 2000
Georgi Petrov
“ABV Bank”
Dear Georgi,

We’ve known each other since students in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Sofia University. As you know, I started working in real estate. Over the past few years managing a successful real estate agency that is involved in several major investment projects. My work so far has been very challenging and intellectually stimulating for me, but I feel that the time has come where I would like to concentrate my expertise and energy to the development of large-scale projects.

In addition to experience my private practice, my previous work in the “International Building” provided me the opportunity to deal with various problems and issues from the field of real estate. I possess a thorough knowledge of the real estate market in Bulgaria and neighboring countries. During these years have broadened their knowledge in this area through several courses organized by leading companies in the real estate business . My professional experience and knowledge I possess and solid management experience gained in the management of large investment projects and by managing my agency.

I would like to take a job that will allow me to utilize my professional experience and management skills. Looking for new challenges and opportunities that will come from the larger scale of the responsibilities . I would like to run a business in real estate a solid bank or building company where there is a strong motivation for achievement.

I have enclosed my resume. Please provide a copy of it to your partners or friends who you think might be interested.

I’m going to call you in the next two weeks to see if you received my letter and see if you have ideas about people to whom I could turn or for specific positions for which I should pursue. I appreciate the time you spend for me, thank you. I’m happy to see you and talk.

Best Regards,

/ Maria Petrova /


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