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Black Magic

Illness or Black Magic

It is really difficult, but I will try to describe the conditions in which a person falls affected by the effects of black magic.

As far as I know our nation is the first in the world in heart attacks and strokes and a few people are wondering why. I think one of the main factors for this is that more and more people in our country are put at the service of evil, using the methods of black magic.

One of the most common symptoms due to the influence of black magic on the human body is a headache with progressive pain. Beginning somewhat pills relieve pain, but over time it becomes unbearable and any drugs can not relieve her. In the heart area began to appear pain and tightness, often accompanied by arrhythmia and anxiety. Sleep is restless, accompanied by frequent awakenings. Some feel that they are not alone in the room, no exception when sufferers begin to see images of his tormentors. Then doctors usually say that the patient has hallucinations. Blood pressure is increased and often varies. Under the influence of black magic quickly tired, his vital forces are reduced and always feel exhausted and tired.

I want to tell you briefly about a classmate of the teenage years. In a small town like Preslav – Varna area where we lived years ago, nothing can remain hidden. Always know who and what is sick. My classmate was said was seriously ill and, despite his continued treatment in various hospitals will not be because almost no longer go out and constantly was in bed. His close asked my wife for help.

When we visited the home of the patient, we saw that his condition is really tragic. Suffered from unbearable headaches, pain and stress in the heart area, accompanied by frequent arrhythmia, severe insomnia, fatigue. He had no strength to walk and constantly lying. Doctors ambulance injections and so. Medicines no longer helped him. Was fruitless and treatment of herbalists was desperate and hopeless.

The review proved that his suffering is, due to black magic. Later in the book will explain what can make this diagnosis. Explained to the patient what caused his suffering, and although he did not believe my wife began to heal.

The first and indispensable condition in this case is to find and destroy the magic and only then proceed to treatment. However, this is not easy. It is easy for those who put them but woe to the one to whom God has given power to detect and destroy. All negative energy embedded in them, falls on the one who seeks and finds. In finding each of them, the asylum for a short time experiencing the pain and suffering of those for whom they are intended. Many times my wife lost consciousness and had to come back from the dead. I can not remember how many spells he had in his home, but I know that many. One was in the mattress of his bed.

So, two nights we found all the spells in his house, and I remember that was placed in the jars and the medicines that had been treated. Immediately after removing the magic, the patient feel better. The first few days we went with my wife to them to conduct healing sessions, and later he came at home and alone. After about a month of treatment got him to start work again, though still felt tired and sleep was not recovered. Pain in the head and heart area were gone. One morning the phone rang us at five o’clock in the morning. Was calling our patient because of the fact that he had slept four hours uninterrupted sleep. After some time his sleep to recover, and then half a year ever forget their sufferings. Now alive to the delight of his family.

This case refers to the most common magic – sickness or death. Black magic has many variations and its impact on people’s different. It can be a separation between spouses for insanity, for hatred, for impotence, a crash is not going to work, business and whatnot.

I am convinced that in Bulgaria the majority of divorces are the result of the effects of black magic. Much of mental illness due to the same reason.

If any of you, dear readers, feel some of the symptoms described by me, and there will be many such, do not wait for things to become irreparable, because you can be sure that in many cases some of you are under the influence of black magic.

From “Meeting Evil” – Dimitar Dyankov


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