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I will give savvy, too

I will give savvy, too

I will give savvy, too

But today the country is not a tradition – each dealing with exactly what is not working and give savvy about things that did not understand.

And because I am a patriot, will be mined by nationwide aspirations, it is! And I will give savvy, and yet how. Especially for things that do not understand… 😉 Hey, from cars I almost do not understand …


But I can give following savvy.

Today, almost every adult citizen of Sofia has a car. Or so it seems to me as I try to sneak in the morning to the workplace or in the evening back to the house.

And what strikes me…

One of the fellow-drivers or bought books, or just think they can make. Or intentionally make this (speech is the so called “dzhigiti “- whether by car, minibus or even a bus). Ultimately, I think just because they are a large part of congestion. If you drive gently and keep regulations, everything runs normally … maybe with a few delays, but at least without danger to life and health of others.

I’ve done experiments – one mark out so called “dzhigit” which moves roughly in my direction. I drive normally and quietly, and he, of course, is “dzhigit” and drives as such – is ahead on the right, the left, almost at the top and bottom, slides into oncoming traffic and normal people against it have to wait to get out etc… well you know how it is, so that you meet many of these every day, I’m sure.

Even if you do not do any crash, which is highly unlikely, all the while moving in one direction, he hurried example with a car in front of me, and in that time has created a dozen prerequisites for accidents, nervous people’s table hundred and scared pedestrians. Why? Because he thinks he is moving faster. And did not.

Sofia least much more important is not to drive fast, but to know when and which lane to be rebuilt man… And what route to go.

Good thing is collegiality. Politeness even the roadway. Pedestrian for someone like him wait – will pay off with a smile and improve your mood for the whole day. Give way to anyone, even if you prevail, if not likely to get out of your seat soon.

But how do you know whether accidentally or purposely got there he pushed his just relying on collegiality someone to “fuck all the long tail” leave it to you … So stressed the word “when” to be rebuilt one .. .

If you are in “invite others”, turn to face the one who could give you the time and ask him if only his eyes – you know. Do not pay “your fat back” not to see “impudence” and you insert the insolent to him… neither you nor he will feel better than this.

Always ride so that they do not interfere with the others and do not do anything at the expense of others. Everyone has had a freekick, but this offense is nothing to endanger the life or health of another person or you himself (herself).

Treat condescending and not get excited when you see a woman behind the wheel. First, many of them probably drive better than you. Second, those who can not, in most cases, are not to blame for this – nature made them such … Abe – women! Think of other things and meet their every action with a smile – no malice and vengeance… 😉 better target their desires in another direction… 😉

It’s far enough… 😉


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