Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov

You Will Be in White

Peyo Yavorov
Peyo Yavorov

You will be white – with olive twig

and an angel in white dress …

And I think today; rotten world from evil

not when it is your homeland.

And there are doubts as after

alarming in disbelief – I want peace.

And by faith I will reveal hugs

loved watching the two eyes

and a quiet drink their beams –

drink light, healing drafts.

And he will turn enlightened

around the world to see in bright day.

And may he be ruined!

(Once you’ve stumbled into ruin

wander through the midnight darkness?)

I’d found and then even

oblomki from which to create

new world for us, and the world, and temple.

The translation is not professional and it is only to provide approximate information about the content of Bulgarian text.

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