Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov
Black Magic

Who, Why, How and Where Does Black Magic

Many people, once you understand the cause of suffering and the deterioration of the health impact of black magic spontaneously ask a number of questions: who, why and how it does it, who I stopped, who offended, do exist people who with full awareness of the misery caused wholly innocent people?

Are there such people?

Yes. There are unfortunately becoming more.

The most common are malicious and envious people who prevents someone, or just for fun, to quench their malice, solved by black magic to eliminate this or that, stood in their way in the workplace or in the neighborhood where live.

Often these are close relatives of someone who has decided to be the sole heir to the property after removing the other heirs. No exception and where for a house or apartment sister decided to remove his brother or vice versa, to remain the only heir of his parents. Of course, they choose the most villainous, yet unpunished by the law – black magic. Very often there are cases when a woman found an intimate relationship with a married man decided to remove his wife or children of her lover, or to keep them apart.

I do not know how to call those in their own naughtiness get there that do black magic even against innocent children. Many times I happened to see little kids under the influence of black magic. Their tragedy and the tragedy of their parents is indescribable.

I want to tell only one such case for two children from Sofia – the brother and sister. The first child is now 9 years old. 3 years has developed normally, grew up healthy and cheerful. After 3 years of age a child’s development is affected. Beginning atrophy of the muscles of joints affected is the visual center. For about a year the child is immobilized. Second child is now 6 years old. When it all over again the same way. Hard times began – doctors, hospitals, physicians, but to no avail Hardly anyone can describe the tragedy of their parents to understand their grief.

I attended the disposal of magic representing buried in the yard of the little house parents half-decayed parts of children’s clothes, placed there by an evil hand, when each child was 3 years.

I believe in retribution, as I know that tomorrow will dawn. I’ve seen those, I will call them villains done a lot of dirt in my life. When retribution had come upon them, or come upon their children and grandchildren, they become docile and pious filled temples and churches, asks God to forgive them. But it’s too late.

I want to mention for those who carry out such orders and whose sin is less. For those who have evil force – to do black magic. Many of them have inherited the ability to do black magic from their fathers, grandfathers, grandmothers, etc. Many are books written in Arabic, which detailed how to do black magic, usually the books are old – before 200, 300, or 500 years – and are transmitted from generation to generation as a family heirloom. Much of practicing black magic used in spoken and written Arabic. Exceptions are the gypsies who have inherited the secret of the spell of their mothers or grandmothers. All they know is that they do a great sin, and that God will punish them. But why do it anyway? Primarily for money. Each service has its price: usually in command of black magic goes mostly people with low morale to save money, and often offer themselves. This option is most advantageous for them. Left once this time, these people engage in the service of evil more and more friends and acquaintances, and often exchange experience. One example is the sole villains in a wizard, another in another, and so the infection is transmitted from one to another, a third, etc. Enough in one area to have several such tragedy is full of people. On a small street, the debt is not more than 200 meters, decrepit old woman already serving with the methods of black magic, make sure that all the men living on this street for a period of several years to die -poluchiha who infarction, stroke who , one hung himself, another died of cancer. Obviously the malice of the old woman who ran a very pious, was directed only against men. Women and children with few exceptions are relatively well health.

I do not know if this old lady is still alive and how many evils caused, but I know I like her much, and misfortunes that cause, I can not describe. There are many of those who read my book, you will realize that many of the cases, pain and suffering described here relate to them, to their children or grandchildren. Try it yourself to determine if your pain and suffering caused by illness or due to something else before you could not understand.

Next I will try to help you in this regard.

From “Meeting Evil” – Dimitar Dyankov


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