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Black Magic

Who Can Help You in Your Trouble

Many are those who evil gives them strength to do black magic that causes anguish, suffering and death. And it so because we the people have become poor and giving in to the temptations of evil challenge his own intervention. Adding to those who can and do black magic, rogues and charlatans who use human tragedy to benefit, we acquired a somewhat idea of ​​walking on the misery and suffering of thousands of disillusioned people in our country. Unfortunately, few are those who could help you in your trouble, you get rid of the consequences, but, though they are few in Bulgaria, though they exist, they exist and are ordinary people like you. I’ll try to explain what and how to find them.

Fate me was seeing some of them (I’ve already described the incident with clairvoyant Elfidya), but above all I want to set those people as humble and honest in dealing with people who believe in the power of good, devoted their lives to serve him. Their possibilities and almost miracles should not speak themselves, and people who are able to help. They do not emphasize knowledge and not impose his presence, it adorns them spiritual purity and compassion. Of course, much more commonly found impostors, but their miracles come down to surprise you with talk of their capabilities, how much they know and can. It is interesting that they really believe covered by the obsession of his own greatness, and that the only unsurpassed prophets and healers. Annoyed by the thought that there are people who understand their business and God forbid ahead to mention some of whom you have heard or have you learned that can really help …

Do not believe these people – they just deceive you – consciously or not, to you is irrelevant. This will only delay the opening of person who can really help you. I mentioned that there are such people, and now I will describe their capabilities.

If you really have come to the person who serves the best at the first round at him, he should be able to tell you how many spells you have, what they are made, the consequences of their impact on your body, psyche, family, business, etc. Would you explain what would be the consequences if the spells are not removed and cease their operation. Clairvoyant in many cases, if the spells are weaker, you may indicate precisely the places where they are placed or buried to find them yourself. It will describe in detail the home you live in, the location of buildings, the yard and the plants in it, if magic is buried near the tree.

This applies to cases where the psychic with whom you have encountered is a very powerful capability.

If the one with whom you went for help, can not even tell you how many spells you have and what are their effects on your health, you can be sure that this person can not help you. Of course, this is important when your illness or distress caused by black magic. If your condition is due to illness, psychic should be able to tell you what the disease is and what medical measures you should take.

Often the gift of the seer to get here Yeah determine what caused your illness – whether caused by magic or disease and if by magic, to tell you what is done and what will be the damage of its impact.

Units are already those visionaries who have the gift of coming to your home to find out where lying buried or cast black magic. Precisely these people can help you to find spells against you or your loved ones, removing the only way the impact of bad energy embedded in them. I mentioned that this is the only and sure way to get rid of evil because of black magic began to understand many impostors that mislead sufferers with claims that magic can be spoiled by fictional way by themselves, or to destroy the negative energy embedded in magic. These irresponsible people should know that to eliminate the negative impact of targeted and variable force energy enshrined in magic, you must remove the source or generator emitting negative impact on you, ie magic, but so should have a gift to open.

Many of you would have asked themselves how, how clairvoyant course the exact location of a piece of paper, written in his Arabic text to be found and destroyed? I tried to explain how black magic affects people. I will try to explain how even in the very look of a man found her gift haves and how then located and destroyed. For different people with this gift sensations in its opening are individual. One way is clairvoyant from high to ask his aides – people dead, is there a spell to the person who sees, and to obtain information how magic to what they are made, what are their implications for health. Again by his aides, he can get a visual idea of where they put magic, describing the details of home, a place and so on.. Given no visual indication of where it is placed magic psychic can tell you for example that it is sewn into the pillow on which you sleep, it is slipped under the door that is buried in the trunk of a tree or shrub in the yard and you describe what is the tree in the yard and where it is located. So you yourself can find and destroy the magic.

Destruction, once you have found it, it is only this: shred or chop found (magic) in a small bowl of water and then dispose of it in running water, together with the court, which should not be closed with a lid. When you dispose of, do not forget to say, “Let everything bad that was in this magic going on that you wanted to do.” Renamed again and trust that God knows best those freaks who have done you evil and knows how to punish them.

When magic is stronger and had clairvoyant to come and remove it personally, it is best to know where and to whom to send the energy embedded in it. We know that in nature nothing is wasted, and this human scum that makes such an act should know that wonder what they would like for someone eventually befall them, by sending the poor to their fate.

There is another way to detect black magic made ​​to a person. It can be taken from the radiation of the body of the sufferer or doomed. These people have a specific appearance, which can be taken only by the seer, even when meeting on the street, shaking hands, sometimes from a distance. Clairvoyant shaped sees that a person has made ​​or magic spells, how and what you are starting to feel bad in his presence, and therefore must either tell him that in many cases it is impossible, or leave the company and his home. Often people who have the gift to capture the existence of magic to a person feel bad in his presence or in the home, which has placed magic. Many people deliberately begin to avoid their friends or do not want to visit them without realizing why. This is due to the negative effects of the spell placed on them. The most common symptoms are vomiting, nausea, stomach pain, head and heart area, a rush of hot flushes and sweating, which appear only in the company of a particular person or a visit to his home.

How clairvoyant discovers where placed or buried magic? This feeling is individual for each of them. Always before leaving to seek magic, psychic act specifically spell in Arabic. It must be kept in absolute secrecy, acting silently or whisper. The meaning of the spell incitement, order or command to the evil spirits, performing written in magic show where the seer’s put that because they are in this house. I said call, order or order for these concepts in the spell also depend on the seer seeking magic. The more powerful its gifts, the easier, faster and more spells can detect it.

At the time of the discovery of the place where the magic is placed on all clairvoyant slumps down in her energy. For a few moments he experienced excruciating pain, sometimes resulting in loss of consciousness or trance in which the clairvoyant can name the one who ordered to do magic says where he lives and describes its appearance. The name can be known, and during a spell that clairvoyant act on the found and placed in a container with water magic. Then you can name and the name which is doing magic itself.

The way the spirits show the position of the inserted magic is perceived individually by each psychic. Some after deciding spell seeing exactly where it is buried magic dust begins to rotate in one place, and bright dots in it show the number of complex spells. Others see from that point shall be filed illuminated red dot, others define it with the sense of your hands or stepping on her foot. This is possible because of the negative energy set in magic, but it is individual perception and intelligible only having this gift. Spell, pronounced on the found no magic is made for evil spirits to leave home or the person in which they were sent. There are cases where magic is removed, and the spirits do not want to go until you get something you expect. This is a drink that should be poured in place the extracted magic and then again said the spell in which if the clairvoyant will may send evil spirits to torment one who put the spell. I do not consider it a sin – it is a just retribution for those who do evil, thinking that no one can punish them for it.

Ways to reduce the power of magic has many complex and different, but not recommended for the simple reason that help for a short period of time. Ultimately complex magic must be removed. Unfortunately our religion no sure means of combating black magic, it can only rely on people’s faith in goodness. It is true that the holy water helps if dusting your home – it reduces the power of evil. Anointment also helps, but temporarily.

Unlike our religion, Muslim people have many different ways to reduce the impact of black magic. I say “reduce” rather than destruction, because I’ve already described how the only possible way to do this. And while we Christians are still arguing whether black magic is there or not, then Islam learning a kind of black magic and has provided many ways to counter. Of course, black magic all suffer, regardless of faith, but I’m sure if you make a comparison between what the mortality Bulgarian and Turkish population in Bulgaria, especially in the last few years, the results will be amazing.

The faith of Muslims is so strong that even now in the villages with predominantly Turkish population imam is unique and unchallenged leader, counselor and healer. I was in a Pomak village when the mosque came the voice of the imam inviting prayer. All along the street, even young children are nailed in place and until the imam singing, nobody moved. And yet, when someone is sick in the family, especially in the older population in the Turkish villages, always first took him to the imam. If he says that the disease is a doctor, bring it if you say that the reason is magic, it is recommended to bring in someone who knows how to combat black magic or, if he knows them, is occupied himself with the treatment. Each hodjas knows the power and capabilities to combat spells, and when this is the case, that he was not able to help guide the patient to another, stronger in this area, without any envy that someone could more than thereof. Their logic is based solely on the belief that God has given more power and capabilities of the other, because it is considered. Some of them can both heal and do black magic. Others have devoted entirely evil, just doing bad and thanks again to those who go for this kind of service to them, and they are mostly Christians. Third, true devotion and serve good, helping people under the influence of black magic. In the worst case is that the sufferer, starting on the path of despair does not know what will fall. Many command of black magic, especially after renaming is poisoned and rightly as a Christian happen to go for help with any of them, instead of being eased his suffering, it is the opposite.

How treat those who serve the best and what are their ways to counter the black magic?

One way suffered periodically be kept at the imam to his reading. Reading, in particular prayers that he read old books in Arabic are precisely to reduce the power of magic. Suffering some time really feels good, his pain temporarily reduce or disappear. So it is connected for life with your physician if in the meantime find someone who can remove the spell. Many imams give to wear amulets that called “charms for good” – their version of the Arabic text or counteract the magic spell. Hodjas also provide Arabic language excerpts from old books as written is placed in water with which to bathe and drink which sufferers magic. All this helps somewhat sick, but always and in all cases is temporary because the source causing suffering – magic – stay. The more you stay inserted or buried magic, the greater the force of its impact, so I would like to emphasize again that the only sure way to fight black magic is its finding and destroying. I would like to give one advice that I’m sure will help a lot of people. Try it yourself to clear your home from any place it spells that cause suffering you as follows: Choose a day off and start cleaning one of the rooms. Export lighter furniture and everything is in the room. Heavy furniture can only shift from their places and to clean behind them, between them and peek above. Picking up litter on the floor, collect everything and put on white paper all waste collected from the room and the furniture around and look carefully. Note especially the waste swept the places behind furniture and sections that you are a nonresident years. Expand and inspect each folded piece of paper, especially if any triangular or balls and triangles sewn fabric. If you find any, open them carefully, and the fact that many of you will find them, I’m sure, and further procedure of destroying spells you know it. Then remove everything from wardrobes, sofas, sections and drawers, unfold one by one the sheets, blankets and look good but what eventually will fall out of them when shocks. Remix pockets of his clothes, especially those who have not worn long. Thus, many of you will get rid of unpleasant feelings, suffering … So consistently clean all rooms in your home. You can do this on their official site, in the office, in the office, in my office if you feel that something unnatural going on with you, your business or your health is deteriorating catastrophically, or if you experience the symptoms described above. Not told anyone what and where you found because it motivates wrongdoers will hinder you again. And if you find and destroy dirt found in your home, your pain and suffering or continue only decrease, then there are spells that you could not find or put elsewhere. Then you need to seek help from those who find black magic because in many cases against you may be entitled and other types of magic. You may be dusting clothes, blankets to your home or scatter part of it. This invisible magic can detect only one who has the gift for it.

From “Meeting Evil” – Dimitar Dyankov


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