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Black Magic

Who Can Diagnose Black Magic

I have met many people suffering for years from a disease treated by different doctors in different hospitals, tried on himself all kinds of drugs that can be prescribed for their illness – or no effect, or temporary. Units are those who realize that with them is something unnatural, something inexplicable.

After long suffering and misery walking on some of them still fall accident or with hard work in a visionary who finally establishes that the cause of the disease is black magic.

Even some doctors, seeing that they can not cope with the disease of his patient suffering alone directed to take other treatment methods of traditional medicine. The problem is that the person does not know where to go, by whom and where to seek help. There are many charlatans and pseudo-healers who use the tragedy of suffering to benefit.

Now where?

I must say that, although rare, there are people who at the first visit can tell you if your condition requires treatment with a doctor, or have made ​​magic and what damage has caused its effects on your body. A good psychic can you describe in detail the home you live in, say where possible is either buried magic. When magic is weaker you yourself should try to find it. In other cases, the magic must be found and destroyed by the seer. The only sure way to destroy it is magic to be found, removed and disposed of in running water.

Do not believe those who tell you that it will spoil the magic, not remove it. This is not possible and they just you lie. I can not name names of people who can really help you for the simple reason that to their homes will be huge crowds flock to which they do not have the physical ability to help.

I’ll tell you about one such woman who is no longer among the living. For many years, thanks to his gift, preserve life, health and family many people sought her help. Reach it because the circumstances in my life so rushed that I felt myself on the impact of different types of black magic.

Until now I did not know of the existence of black magic. When we arrived, we recognized shabby little cottage at the beginning of the village – in cars and people around. Of waiting realized that the psychic is Turkish and says Elfidya. Been known in this region that discover the magic and treated. Also learned that her husband Nuri recorded willing and translated from Turkish to Bulgarian as clairvoyant, although relatively well-known Bulgarian, spoke only Turkish. Recorded and finally it’s our turn. Small, poor lady, aged about 40 years, was sitting on the ground carpeted mat. Greeted us with welcome Turkish and immediately followed the question now Bulgarian: “To you who told you to come to me?”

We were not prepared for such a question and mumbled that we’ve dreamed of, so we come to it. She smiled and said that is not true. He looked at my wife and said that she is clairvoyant like her, and then she wanted to watch her​​. I was embarrassed both. We knew we only two or three of our closest family friends.

Clairvoyant asked for our names – our mothers and us, and taking a look in the distance, whispered a question to someone. Get the answer immediately. It was an accurate description of our health without unnecessary verbiage. Then described in detail the yard and told us that there was a buried magic. Said and what the consequences will be for us if it is not removed. Of course, she volunteered to help us with this. Elfidya asked her husband when there is a free day in my schedule to come out and spell. When we defined it, it again urged my wife to watch her​​. He explained that herself can not predict anything. I do not know whether she is satisfied with what he heard from my wife, but she predicted that in the near future not only can predict, but God will give her strength and talent to be able alone to detect and destroy the magic.

On the appointed day we went to pick Elfidya to find buried magic in the yard. It seemed to me that this is impossible and all the way into my head spinning the same questions: “How will I find in what will know exactly where he is buried at all possible is it?”

We arrived at the house after dark. Her husband Nouri instructed me what to do when clairvoyant indicate the place and then went into the yard. She whispered a spell, turned in all directions, feeling right and left. I felt like I was a robot, commanded from a distance. Nuri went after her. Covering over ten meters, it slowed and stood near the fence. Swayed and if it was Nuri to catch her, she would fall. Get her away he showed me the place where he was standing, and told me to scooped away the top layer of earth, then excavate to a depth of a shovel and put dust in unprepared for this vessel. I did what I had ordered, and when I approached them, a light bulb, I saw that Elfidya was in a trance. A few minutes later she repeated the same name – the name of the malefactors which were buried magic. After regaining consciousness named the name and address of the person who had done the magic itself. Scattered light in the dust and my wife and I started looking. Elfidya Nuri and stay away from us.

In the dust and then discover the magic for the first time I saw one of the varieties of black magic. With Elfidya had much brush as this, which was determined to destroy us, became more active malice it to us no boundaries and what he described was only the beginning of our odyssey. In my next visits to the clairvoyant saw so many human tragedies caused by black magic, so much grief. I saw two children of 13-14 years, small, pale, underdeveloped as babies. I saw my father, who was brought on a stretcher 19 year old daughter fasted and insane. Little girl decided to pee in the yard, but accidentally buried squatting over one of the parents magic and brought it stiffly in the posture in which it was squatting. It was spread in hospitals and doctors, no one can help him. I saw a young man 16-17 years old, brought straight from home for mentally ill, stayed there for more than a year. Begged his parents to let him go to bring him in Elfidya. I realized then that the boy had improved after it has been removed magic against him. I saw a doctor from Sofia, whose 20 year old daughter was bedridden for more than two years. Mother wept and prayed Elfidya to go away and the magic set for her daughter. And I can not describe the misery of these people who Elfidya was the only and last hope. Every day after you finish watching, someone came to take her to remove his magic. Sometimes traveling at night without sleep and rest. I wonder how you do it this small, little woman, who gave her the strength to do this once and constantly made ​​against her spells. Envy and malice human really have no borders nor day off. Envied for her gift to help people, they could not put up with that waving black magic. I’ve cooked all stiff, stiff, with limbs gone cold. Her husband dug stiff from the cold ground, put it into hot water and once thawed, looking for the magic placed against clairvoyant. This went on for seven years. I’ve seen her official permission to clairvoyance, but I do not remember what kind of authority was granted. Nuri told me that have helped some bigwig from Sofia, whose family lived in Silistra. Gratitude he got a document.

In those years when completely denied such phenomena, the one who had committed to issue the document really must have seen many good things from Elfidya. Each year at the same time for about 15 days of training clairvoyant went through his soul in the afterlife. For when her soul was in the afterlife, she lay motionless and looked like a dead man. I asked her why she goes there and who sees it. Answer me that there is very nice and that her teachers are very good.

He died in a car crash. The car was driven by a driver with a long experience, traveled the roads of Europe and the world. Attended the removal of the spell immediately after Elfidya had died. In it was placed a full page from the book of spells with printed text in Arabic. Magic itself was made for disaster. I am sure that retribution will not pass those who killed her.

Through the death of Elfidya, human malice and envy deprived many people of their last hope for healing, who were between us. It was not a month and again we put spells, this time a few. Their number grew. At the beginning of malefactors put 2-3, and then in the action enthusiastically joined her mother, put on once every 5-6 weeks. Began to bury them and front of the building in which we lived. Convinced that will wipe out the two will stop at nothing. Found more and more people who speak black magic to make them. For all paid the most convenient way for them – in kind. Their conscience, if he have it lie several lives that destroyed by black magic. Will tell you briefly about one of these cases.

Malefactors has a younger sister, who is married to a son of humble and honest people of Shumen. During their marriage, using the means of the father, the boy bought an apartment. After a while the young divorced. A dispute over property. The father of the boy was not hard to prove that he has paid the home, which is why the two sisters decided to have it removed. Magic was made and placed in the diet of the father. Two months later he died of fulminant cancer. I want to tell you how I know all this. On the day of his funeral, two sisters with lawyer arranged a little treat. Past landlord of sister and was invited to the celebration. Asked how his event celebrating one of the nurses said:

– Thats it tired and buried him today, now comes the … – and said my name.

Disgusted with their malice and insolence, the man sought me a few days and told me in detail about their plans. I accidentally came across two gypsies, mother-in-law of the town. Smiadovo that were made ​​against the deceased and magic against me. Here’s how it happened. His wife worked as a nurse in the hospital Smiadovo. It has helped cure the child of a gypsy. Both zlostornichki went to Gypsy to do magic. After a while, they name you read in the spell, think of that might be the nurse who helped them, and that might be made ​​against it. When he met on the street, asked her my name. Then convinced that magic that they did against us and they confessed to what he did. The next day we went to the home of the gypsies, and they told us in detail about the visit of the two sisters. Named names, which were recorded, and their workplace. From Gypsy knew that the magic that was intended for the deceased person from Shumen, had to be put in the food. Little sister said she still has access to his home.

Of course, having removed the witness’s younger sister won the case and took home her husband and now lives in it. Because their work did not go with me, started all sorts of attacks on my wife and spells rained. But thanks to what was predicted Elfidya, we ourselves are already dealing with them, and help our loved ones.

After some time, the different types of black magic started to appear inside our home. In our coming only a few families, our friends. I’ve been thinking about the people who visited our home, and finally decided that none of them is able to make such an abomination. We tried through spiritualistic séances to know the name of the offender, but all spirits were silent on this issue. Only the spirit of my father told us that we are not allowed to answer this question even tell me the name, I would not believe it, but the time will come when you yourself will find it.

It has been several years in constant tension and struggle for life. A lot of grief, pain and suffering we have caused those who had become servants of evil. My wife for a year did not fall asleep earlier than 4:00 am and her restless sleep lasted only 2-3 hours. I had to leave work. Often both Osam, we slept without any hour. Zlostornichkite, managed in our absence to come into our home and magic in the form of liquid seasoning all our clothes, underwear, sheets, blankets, everything. With sorrow we parted with the property that we bought for years. All tossed into the river. I got the pants and shirt, and my wife to dress in the clothes were gone. Repeatedly failed to put an unknown magic even in our food. In such cases, stomach pains are unbearable. I felt like snakes tore my stomach. Followed disorder that continued weeks. So in torment, suffering and struggle last year.

Over time, more thought than the two sisters and their mother works against us and our very close person who has access to home and complete knowledge of life and our habits. This guy sure does not understand his true intentions so infatuated that at least twice a week, doing magic against us. Put them everywhere: in our home, around the building on the road, about Turkish mosques in my home village and surrounding settlements, and several times on my father’s grave and the graves of my relatives died. This could only be a person of my race. It was obvious that for a few years with a few exceptions zlostornichkata walked in the same imam as all spells that put, resemblance and seemed that book printed text from which the imam cut to them is same. We found whole pages of this book as prominently on the Arab text were written our names with distorted letters in Bulgarian. Always present and the word death. Handwriting was always the same. Sometimes there was a magic blue stone, lard or wax candles. Often than pages from the book in Arabic in the excavated hole open and 40 candles burned at once, which was left ball of wax, 40 candles burned in half and another 40 unlit candles. The printed text on the page of the old Arabic book briefly read that my life and that of my wife have to burn for 40 days, as they are burned candles lighted and unlit 40 should ignite our funeral. Our close clearly impatient because many times the dead imam urging him with added hand Arabic words: “I can not wait any longer. I have no strength. Something must have happened to these people.”

Once passed by our friendly family around a fountain around which often before, we found a variety of spells against us. Splashed and decided to look behind the fountain. I found a few triangles thrown in the grass, each carefully folded and wrapped outside with black tape. I started one by one carefully unfold them. I opened my first magic unfolded the paper with Arabic text and what I saw painted on it made ​​me laugh. On the Arabic text was written my first name painted male member surrounded by crosses, while the bottom was added to the Bulgarian language: “Let him die …”

I described these events to get an idea about the morality of those who deal with black magic. A few days after that we found out the name of the imam who cast spells against us on behalf of our close relative. We learned it from one of the spirits – assistants imam who was tired of doing evil, fulfilling the desires of people with black people. He stayed with us after a few days told us in what town living imam and where he is. His home. I found it easy because many people knew him. We did not know the name of the evil-doers, but we knew which days she usually went with him.

Got a foreign car to not recognize me, and one day I waited outside the house of the imam. Throughout the day, coming and going of different people, but the guy did not show up. On Friday, the second day that I had to go, I was there again. I stopped the car sideways, waiting up to 16 hours and went in haste to eat. I’m back, I stood still for about an hour and had already decided to leave when the dwelling of the imam came out that in which I had not never doubted. Apparently had entered while I was gone. Stepping out on the street, it looked like a thief, but did not see me and instead of the bus, went to a street that led out of town. I followed it out. Distance to the edge of town was a few hundred meters. There were a few fork, one bordered by the town’s cemetery. Malefactors headed this junction pulled from his bag a tool, dug a hole, put something in it, bury it and continue. This is repeated at several places, looked again, and went back on the road to the bus station, pleased with iniquity. I dug all the things I put them in the trunk, walked away from the place and began to open them. Were of the same book in Arabic and in the same handwriting in the Bulgarian language were written our names. In each of the magic blue stone and was still free of wet saliva imam who was obviously spit in them. There was no doubt that these are magic, but I’m still perplexed and could not figure out human hypocrisy, many years disguised greed, envy and hatred of this woman. Then probably the imam with whom he walked, he got tired of dealing with it, because several times in the spells themselves had written her name. Thus warned me who walked with him. After a while he stopped dealing with her, but she found more and more people who speak black magic. Our bastards were together and while in the early years worked only one, were now four – two sisters, their mother and our close relative. They were joined by another one that surprised us with zeal to serve evil.

But, as the apple does not fall far from the tree, and she had inherited the malice and envy of his mother and now lives with the desire to harm us as much as possible! Her mother, however, was punished for his sins. As a young girl she married and their marriage had two children. During this time, immediately after 9.09.1944, in the village elect a new mayor – just released from prison, fighter against fascism. He was married, with children. Our heroine, however, decided that the first person of the village should be hers and they leave their families. Our young dushmanka a child of this second marriage. Mother died of cancer in torment and suffering bought lifetime sins. I do not know how many sins have to buy it on that world, but I think that her daughter would pay too raw.

On the occasion of the proverb about the pear tree and I want to mention briefly to the mother of the two sisters – faithful servants of evil. Some time after birth to her first daughter, she had an intimate relationship with the imam of a neighboring village, who was trained in black magic. He is still alive and well. Realizing the possibilities of black magic, she used the gift and knowledge of the beloved to causes throughout his life as misery and suffering that thousands would not have her ‘come to atone for his sins. She had given her experience and her daughters. Zlostornichkite still act as a team. Made against us as the most powerful spells. For 12 years no one surrounded imam and a gypsy in Bulgaria. Sometimes their visits to someone speaking black magic continued for years. We felt that in many strong spells. There were cases where those who cast spells, tired of all this. Knowing that they will find their spells, some of them find written the name of malefactors who had gone with them. I remember one woman – footage – from a village in Shumen. For years in half Shots made ​​against us hundreds of magic. At one point she come to his senses. In the last few spells that apparently did not desire, because they were weak, warned me as they wrote in the name of the one she had ordered them.

The most pain I managed to cause the fact that their misdeeds got involved and my other close people who I would never have believed he would do so. Here are a few examples. Once we were at sea. Only three days later near the house where we were staying, there were spells. Another time we were on holiday in the city. Razlog – magic appeared there. Once we came to live in Sofia, were roads, churches, cemeteries and monasteries in the city and around it where we have not found their magic. Faces to not pollute and Memorial Church “Al. Nevski”. Were buried in the sand for magic candles that are lit in memory of the dead. And these people consider themselves men live among us breathe air we breathe, we have the nerve to enter the temple of God, after they have soiled to light candles and pray before the icons, the epitome of goodness. It is difficult to describe the grief, pain and suffering that we have caused these freaks for 12 years. I fought against their evils, because I knew that as long as God is with me, their efforts will be in vain and that the day in which you will gain deserved retribution for their sins.

All these years I’ve wondered who gave us strength and will to endure with my wife in January spiritual physical abuse and suffering insomnia, fatigue and persistence, which toured at night the roads in all parts of Bulgaria. We do not stop anything. 12 years have passed hundreds and thousands of kilometers. It happened to me once not to fall asleep from exhaustion, waking up famished in the dark I can not figure out where I was to continue my journey.

Consistently remembering where I went through where I went to see where they are now. Often we had to go near other cemeteries to get out of there spells, placed against us. In the early years it was always at night, after 23 hours. We had the right to break the peace of the dead only after this time and that on certain days, which is always observed. Otherwise we would not be where they are put out or buried magic. Quite often the fence of the cemetery had to go only one of us and in most occasions my wife. It’s hard to imagine a picture of a graveyard far away from the village, around which orbits during the hours of the night lonely woman. Stipulation how long to wait before one can come to the aid of the other. In later years the dead let us both together because the spells became more and more powerful. Many times I had to carry over his wife in his arms to the car because it paralyzed the power of magic. There were times when she fell unconscious and came to himself after moving away from the cemetery.

There were many trials and sorrows, which exposes us to evil, but still want to remind those suffering from black magic saying, “Help yourself to help you and the Lord.”

From “Meeting Evil” – Dimitar Dyankov

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