Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov
Where is Bulgaria

Where is Bulgaria


Where is Bulgaria

Ivan Vazov

You ask me then dawn
May shine the first time
ask me dei ground
As most love in the world.

Tamo I will answer,
Where they ley White River,
be between East Black Sea
rebels and shone.

Tamo Where they exalt
Proud Stara Planina
December Maritza quiet exceed
across the Thracian Plain.

Bylgarijo, my dear,
Zemlya full of good things,
Zemlya as me breastfeed
accept my bow!

I love your Balkans
your rivers and forests
your cheerful meadows
god where everything naspori.

Azide and where to go
you think and burn,
born in you and want
free in you to die!


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