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When you live alone

What will it take in terms of sex, if you live alone?

Your wife died several years ago.

Your friend is working abroad and would return in a year.

Your girl (or boy) you dumped.

You have decided that you will be materially better if you get a divorce, and a few months ago you broke up with her husband. Or his wife.

Either way, you’re on your own, whether you like it or not. Trying to make the best of this situation and are doing quite well.Какво ще предприемете по отношение на секса, ако живеете сами?

With the exception of sex – or more precisely the lack of sex.

While you are living with someone, you may have fought like crazy, but at least you had to yourself other warm-blooded human being. Since your relations were strained in the air between you are sparks flew more than love, but from time to time at least you go to bed together.

For such cases the saying goes? “Come evil that without you even evil.”

Genitals are given to us not in vain. I believe in sex, do it for love. And preferably – sex love in the bosom of marriage. But even if it is not possible, however I do not think we are meant to be celibate.

Sex is a natural function like eating, drinking, movement and sleep. As, hopefully, not sate your body, I was taking food and drinks while your belly burst, so (again hopefully) do not deny yourself from eating and abstain from liquids while parched with thirst.

Appetites are therefore to be met. But not by reckless greed or undue hardship. Must maintain a happy medium. It is therefore needed control. Someone could bring you a gorgeous chocolate cake, but that does not mean they will pounce on it and will devour at once. Or stuffed pancakes with sweet aromatic wild strawberries … then inevitably you sick. A little bit after dinner, another small piece tomorrow. Reasonable, so you get one or two weeks.

It’s the same with sex. It surrounds us everywhere and it is so hard to find nowadays. But first grab our fallen body is not a solution. Actually, if you do so, perhaps even disgust experience of yourself and it will repel all sex for a while.

If you’re physically healthy, you will experience normal sexual urges. You are not like them. You are born with them. Every healthy person has normal sexual desires. Whether you are a priest, nun, teacher, postman, racing, movie star, an astronaut or a lawyer. If you are healthy, there are gusts. Some of us may try to suppress them in myself through some business, sports or creative activities. But they have not disappeared. Our persistence can not banish them.

And so. what to do in the absence of lartnyor?

On the issue of self-sufficiency has opinions “for” and “against”. There are extremes, such as: “I mean, masturbation has its good points – not necessarily need to look brilliant.”

Some people accept it and practice it constantly, others are offended at the mere mention of the word.

Logically any means in life that can not hurt physically or emotionally lsihicheski neither you nor others, which is nice, healthy and beneficial for blood circulation and your overall condition is good.

But if you feel something – anything – you poorly tolerated or cause you to feel guilt, then do not do it. This applies to the food you eat, the liquids that you drink, the actions you take, including sex.

Sex should always be accompanied by love (at least to me), but everything else should be done with love.

What is love? It is care – care for yourself, family, friends, pets, flowers. (not bad to read “The Little Prince” on Exupery … will grasp a lot). And what is the concern? Of course, to take care of someone or something. To love is to care, to exercise caution. When you truly love yourself, you care about your self. Give your body only wholesome foods and beverages, and spirit – only healthy thoughts and feelings. Love is pervasive.

And if you live alone, whether your choice or by circumstance, despite the loneliness love should permeate your life. Have no one else to care except for themselves, you and anyone who cares about you than you do. So you take care of this. Care are love and love is care.

You must care for themselves but also to deliver pleasure in every way that would make you feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. Action which once was thought to cause warts, today recommended for their treatment. . . therapists advise to masturbate as a way to survive and sexually without a partner.

The list of bad effects of masturbation be limited to one word: no. Unless you expect that to masturbation is shameful.

Masturbation pleasure. And human beings are endowed with a particularly high ability to deliver pleasure. The female clitoris as everything else, but not her genitals. The sole purpose of the clitoris is a pleasure to donate. Is not it remarkable that us humans, our body, which is for sexual pleasure?

If you found the love of his life and have a wonderful relationship, you are a happy person; but if you’re not – do not reject the possibility themselves delight. Certainly love is the supreme delight of the world, but it is served in different packages. I believe it is important for you to feel good, if not to harm themselves or others. Only fault could hurt you, but if you are a loving person who love splashing around, there’s no reason to feel guilty.

Create your as many pleasures. Eat full, breathe fresh air, drink large amounts of water, use the strength of your muscles, skin care etc. for your body. Do all those things that make you feel good physically, mentally and emotionally.

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