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What to do if your husband refuses to even try

What to do if your husband refuses to even try

What to do if your husband refuses to even try

(only for women)

If you are a woman and you can not force your partner to read these lines (the reasons for refusal can be a variety), then you read them and once you have discovered where was wrong all these years, you will be able carefully and unnoticed to show him what you want; And if you love into real stubborn, unwilling to change anything in the way of lovemaking and stubborn to remain “great lover” who you think you are still not all is lost.

Can no longer simulate.

Pretending to actually cheat your man, so that he will never know how incompetent and will never change, and you will never experience the ecstasy of orgasm during intercourse. You will fraud himself, pretending that it is something that actually happens.

Quoted women who simulate orgasm. There are few, but they are enough. Most women seem to be so frustrated by this lack in their lives, but quite naturally not intend to blaring left and right for their frigidity.

Apparently they were worried and confused and are likewise sought to conceal “disadvantage” by being pretended. I know you is that openly sharing their problems now to ensure that not only simulating orgasm. Hopefully much less imagine that they are “frigid”.

Here are the quotes:

“Thirty-four years I carried the burden of unmet vaginal orgasm and not shared with anyone, because I’m not quite right, I thought I was frigid.”

“… It will take some time and I believe they are likely to find a woman who can tell me how to orgasm during intercourse. Right now I do not know where to turn, and you have to be very careful, In discussing this issue, I do not want anyone to think I’m crazy. ”

“I pretended to escape confrontation with the respective man, you do not have to explain why I am the way I am, or to tolerate its banal criticism that I am a lesbian, frigid and the like.”

“Yes, for ten and a half years! Not want anyone to think I’m frigid.”

“… If I have not received, it was my fault and my boyfriend does not want to make love to me if I’m frigid.”

“… After ten years getting no orgasm finally got up the nerve to ask our family doctor (always advise us to turn to the family doctor, right?) If the marriage did not fall apart. His answer was:” Seventy per cent of women are frigid. Everything is fruit of your imagination. ”

These women think that their only problem is (even in their mind is not going to question the abilities of her husband) was suggested to be “frigid”.

No frigid women.

If men learn how to communicate sexually, every woman will respond!

Many women imagine that they have to masturbate during intercourse to orgasm, but it’s not right. Well, maybe not right is the right word – anything pleasurable and both right and normal …

But if you can get your husband to love you as described in these pages, you will not have to take you own nothing – all it will do.

Quote a few ladies who experience orgasm during intercourse, but only if masturbation:

“I would like to have an orgasm during the act, without at the same time teasing her clit! But if I do, almost never finish.”

“… Get orgasm only through masturbation and clitoral stimulation. Lot less and accomplish something extremely rare in the penetration of the penis and have never reached orgasm from stimulation penis …”

“I would like to receive orgasm without at the same time to play with her ​​clit. If you do, however, never reached orgasm. I wish I could get it at the normal sexual intercourse …”

“I had own little research and found that I had a friend or acquaintance who is receiving ever” real “orgasm during intercourse, only through stimulation of the clitoris …” and so on …. there are many more …

For those who see the act as an objective of making love, it would be interesting to know that many women sexual pleasure decreases penetration.

Some authors describe masturbation as a means to achieve orgasm during intercourse, used by those women who without him fail to reach climax.

So – your partner is lousy lover who does not want to admit it or not change, and you do not find it necessary to masturbate during intercourse and no longer wish to pretend. What to do?

Will take matters into their own hands and thus control the intimate life, getting satisfaction every time love.

Of course, to solve the problem alone own, not as exciting as if you have to yourself loving partner who tries to change and become a better lover because it recognizes and accepts the fact that so far has been awkward. Look, almost every man is one and there is a reason to be ashamed. He never wanted to be incompetent, but has not been matured, it really is. But hopefully read these pages and willingly try to make you happy.

But now your problem is that you are truly in love with contractor numbers BIG hammer, and he can not (or will not) to understand that it is a terrible lover. But you love him so much that you want to be with him, no matter whether it is incompetent lover or not. What to do?

Above all, do not tell him that it is incompetent. In fact, no woman would directly accuse her husband that is not level. Even pretended thirty-five years, did not tell him.

Why it hurts now?

In the end he was not deliberately clumsy, and you’ve never been aware of what to expect from him? Put a cross on the past, because without it you are not able to return the missed moments of supreme delight, and look forward!

I reiterate, it would be better and he read everything that will help him become a fantastic lover (so easy, once you know what and what not to do).

The question now is how a woman whose husband has not learned or refuse to learn it turns to steer their own sexual destiny and reach climax every lovemaking.

Will do it with your hips. When a man comes too strongly insisted, Ivo and begin to “fuck” just shake your hips. They will be tightened around his hips, him from gnawing at your body and slow down his thrusts. Gradually, as you will find that you can not “hammer” because you do not allow it, he will be forced to weaken their attack.

When I say to squeeze the thigh I mean to control them. Thighs are equipped with strong muscles that rarely come into play, but the more you use, the more you become strong. Clutching her hips, and you control the depth of penetration. It not only will not be able to wedge, but will penetrate only to the extent you want.

Thus alone will be freaking out with his penis and will do all things now, I hope I read that he ought to do, but now you are pulling the strings.

Will not be as sublime as if he was leading the game, but will certainly have an orgasm, and then he will probably understand what to seek and how to give you pleasure.

Once you show your husband that you know what you want and he realize you start to slow their movements and act more carefully and with more love, then you can relax and let him continue on his own.

Whenever love and told him what you want and how you want it, it will subconsciously comply and penetrates a little rough, so you will not have to tighten the muscles of your buttocks so hard. Perhaps (hopefully with the first lesson, but it can happen in the second or third) it will fully grasp how I want to fuck you and how you want your love in a very endearing and exciting way.

When the woman relax physically, mentally and emotionally will also be relaxed. And if he returns to acting awkward, slightly tighten the muscles to remind him to slow down. (Not that you do not want later eventually penetrate harder, but beginning to be exciting.)

Then, when you start to love tenderly sweet and exciting, you can relax and indulge him and he to you. Sexual lease end is the ultimate expression of trust and pleasure. When fully open physical interior filled with trust and emotional defenseless gates of heaven seemed to have before you.

A log in heaven’s gates with one you love, this is the meaning of life!


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