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What men want anyway?

What men want anyway?

What men want anyway?

Continue with reflections on the relationship between the sexes. And no, I will not become commonplace because such a topic never, can never be trivial. As long as the world continues to multiply. Not wanting to read. I must write. Encourage me condemning comments from my last posting. Perform a fair few people wish to make it up with a material that describes the women of which must be kept.

What men want anyway?
What men want anyway?

So, what men want from a woman, anyway? What should she to stop whining at last? Clichéd answer to this question: “lady in public and a whore in bed,” I do not do any work, because no matter how dignified to keep your wife is a whore if sooner or later they will become dissatisfied with just mumble so big horns .. .

Let’s take the average man: it is neither ugly nor beautiful, is not weak nor thick, not poor but not rich, nor famous. There’s a normal profession, deals with some boring seemingly routine things, but earning enough to pay its bills. And possibly to support a family.

The average man does not shine with extraordinary intelligence. He is not a genius. It is not rare talent. But not stupid. Is smart enough to realize that “average” is different from “mediocre”. It has long been accustomed to the idea that it is designed for the average woman. It suited her because she is not mediocre and is fully aware that the princes on white horses (Maybasi) are princesses rich dads who offer half kingdom dowry.

Here, one day the average man met with the average woman. Between them, they fall in love and start living your average idyll. Will be happy? Maybe because neither of them are mediocre. Feet firmly on the ground and know how far reality ends and where dreams begin.

What could a man of such a woman to yourself to be happy? Here’s what:

He wants his wife to be an equal partner. She needs to know that childhood is over and that he is not her father, who was obliged to fulfill her every whim. Yes, he will buy her gifts, will lead her car serviced and will deal with the unpleasant domestic problems, even going to spoil as you can, because he loves her, but will be unhappy if it completely hang his neck. Because he, as it became clear not thick. His neck is not fat. This person needs valuable support which it can be like his true companion in life. Would hold up their children, but would not have been pleased to support the average woman, because it is lazy to say. At least not entirely. And since it is an average, it is neither stupid nor ugly nor crippled by nature to find suitable employment and to hit one side from time to time.

He wants his wife to be his only, at least until they are together. Be honest. He is not poor and can always pay 50 lev for sex with a stranger, but will not do it because he loves her and she is quite sufficient. Even if not, I will not be afraid to lose her. And satisfied men do not go to prostitutes. And do not cheat. It even can always provide sex with a stranger, even without pay, for a woman. Although average. And if she fell in love with another woman’s husband would be reassured if come and tell him in the eyes, “it’s over”. But if after a year out that in her bed passed several average men, without his knowing it is likely to be embittered life and then repeat that women are “whores”. It is likely to be right. For themselves. “I hate lies, hypocrisy and betrayal” inference is quite average women. Men do not make use of this slogan, because I find it quite natural to feel bad if they lie and betray. If the person next to you be a hypocrite. These things are implied.

He wants her to not getting on the head. Love is love, but a person needs personal space while alive. They begin to take it from him, ozlobyava like an animal in a cage. He’ll want to keep in touch with old childhood friends, though she does not like them because they are valuable to him. Gave him much. Moreover, they appear in his life long before it appeared. He wants to play football on Sunday to hunt for fish, to repair the car, playing computer games or to deal with its their male thingy instead of her problems with her ​​friends or her parents. At least one day a week, he will prefer to deal more with you than with her. I will be grateful if she did not take that freedom.

He wants his wife to be like him and not like a complete psychopath. Be at least a little rational. Will be nervous if she starts crying for no reason. Her silence him mad. Her persistence – one of the qualities for which previously had fallen in love with her, will gradually start to tease him. If there’s a problem, man will prefer to understand what it is to seek ways to solve it. He’ll be furious if she constantly nag him how important sharing when in fact refuses to share his problems with him. You would have been friends? “Where’s the trust?” – Be he asks.

He wants she does not change its character as often as you change your hair color. Men are loyal, straightforward creatures. Succeed once you get them to trust you, they will follow you to the grave, because they believe in you, in what you have in your stand, even in the characteristics of your character. But if each day in bed to wake them radically different personality, it is likely they will lose confidence in man without form and without color. Feel insecure. When women feel insecure, they are looking for one to protect them. When men feel insecure, they take matters into their own hands and eliminate the factors causing uncertainty. Too often, unfortunately, amputate their lives human insecurity. Such are the laws of nature. It is easier to make a compromise with himself than with nature. In fact, the latter is impossible.

He wants his wife to do not try to change him. If you prefer to walk casually dressed because like comfortable clothes, it will make a great desire at all costs to see a jacket and tie. If you do not like Chinese food or if, before the time of throwing raw fish in a Japanese restaurant, he will think that it is constantly his revenge for something, it results in places with exotic cuisine. He would be happy if it is not obliged to like its movie stars, its Talk shows, her favorite authors and musicians. Would be happy if you do not talk about serials. Will not ask her to watch the game together in the semifinals, but will be grateful if you do not deal with Tae-Bo, Feng Shui or the problems of sheep Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex and the City.”

He wants her she shall be his friend. Be able to trust her. Be able to rely on it as relying on true friends. It will not be very pleased if he knew buns in her office know everything about his deepest secrets is confessed naked in bed with her. He wants to have some similar interests, at least one thing to inspire them both. Have a common dream. Will be truly grateful if it keeps its promises. Stupid would happen if three weeks are planning a vacation, if he has kept rooms in the hotel, finished the whole organization, but at the last minute she served him, she did not go anywhere May weekend prefers to stay at home . True friends do not do that.

And last but not least, he will be grateful if his wife does not want him impossible. It should be smart enough to know that with the average salary of 800 lev, he can not take her on an island in the Pacific. As much as I love her. There is no way to give her Cayenne and you can not buy her house in Boyana, nothing that the man of her cousin these are life, for example. He wants his wife to have confidence in him to feel secure in her love. If it creates tension, if not undermine his confidence daily, but instead supports it, maybe he’ll believe in yourself, you will advantage of their luck and follow your dreams to be able to give her the world one day. Yes, I know the average women live like princesses without their father paid half the kingdom dowry. And that’s because they kissed toads while they were in bog.

So you wants an average man, anyway? I think not. Everything I wrote above can be summarized in four words: trust, loyalty, friendship and love. If these requirements you seem too high, or not so average woman or very serious overestimate.

Source: The writer’s blog Tisho, 2008-03-11


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