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What does the scale not tell us?

What does the scale not tell us?

What does the scale not tell us?

… or why the number itself means nothing.

The scales! Ah, this scale – the “scarecrow” for most women, and for many men. The device that is able to spoil or improve the mood in seconds. However, the scale does not tell you everything and should not be used as the main and only guide for health, beauty and monitoring progress on the way to the desired figure.

Body weight is important when we have to take into account various external factors, such as how many kilograms the elevator can withstand, how much of the prescribed medicine to drink, if it is based on personal weight and the like.

Unfortunately, too many people still associate their athletic form and the idea of ​​good looks only with the number that shows the arrow on the scale in the bathroom.

More often affected are women who, under the influence of malicious advice from fashion magazines, where through crooked stereotypes about the “perfect look” from some media, form the misconception that if they do not weigh X kilograms will not be beautiful, to feel good and can even be the object of ridicule if they do not fit into the “ideal proportions” (such a thing does not exist, there is no way all people can be put in one mold).

The culprit for this is the so-called “Body Mass Index” or more commonly known as BMI (Body Mass Index). To calculate this index, it is enough to know your height and weight. However, when the necessary calculations are made, and when compared with the above results, it may turn out that your index falls in the column “normal”, and you still have a tummy. Or your number is in the “out of the norm” range, and you are more athletic and healthy than ever.

This is because the index in question does not show the composition of the body – what part are muscles, what – fat, etc.

What can’t the “friend” scale tell us?

There is no way the scale can determine your athletic shape and appearance. It is important for active athletes who are preparing for a competition for which they must enter a certain category.

When you step on the scales, the arrow shows you a number and everything stops there. It does not show how it is hidden for him, which is more important – what part is fat, water or muscle mass, etc …

He can’t tell us if the weight he gained / lost is from muscle or fat, and that’s actually what determines how we feel, look and health.



However, if we combine the scales with other methods of monitoring body parameters, this radically changes the situation.

To find out what lies behind the number of your pounds, how much fat, water, muscle mass and other indicators (a total of 9 indicators) you have is to make an appointment for free measurement and analysis of the body.

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