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Black Magic

Types of black magic

“Do not ask the old and ask the surviving.”

Many times I happened to read a variety of publications, and on radio and television to listen to speeches by various “capacities” that talk and explain to us ignorant readers and viewers, what is black magic, how to do, what is the impact on its people. I have a man claims to knowledge in a particular area, especially if that person considers himself competent, should know basically what he said.

I do not pretend that I know everything about the types of black magic, for its impact on human health and the fight against it. What I am describing, I experienced personally, but the fact that I am alive and shows that I successfully fought against it.

I will try to give answers to many questions that excite people in connection with the rage in the last few years the topic of black magic.

So who are the people who can do black magic? I have met some of them myself I have wondered what they are and why they do it, they know that destroy people who are not even seen. Sometimes I have carried with them their own spells made ​​against me and my wife. I would like to know who went with them to deprive me of life and why. At my first meeting with one of them, an elderly lonely gypsy I asked myself mentally question: “How is it possible that nothing and no old gypsy to slay me?”. I suffer the impact that her magic and bring it with you. My wife – medical worker – was treated for her sick grandchild and gypsy told me everything. Admitted that she did magic, described two women who order it. Paid about 80 lev and the others and give another 40 lev. Whether their names and addresses and said they would come back to their bills. So my life ‘s prices was estimated for 120 lev, an average monthly salary clerical. The two women have asked and she made magic – against father in law of one of them. I knew that person, but I could not tell him, for the simple reason that I would not believe me. Whites, as we have noted, was in divorce.

I do not know how many lives conscience of a witch, but she would not do magic against me dead if these two women by greed, malice and envy had not gone with her. From the aforesaid it clear that some of those who can and do black magic in Bulgaria are Gypsies. But do not assume that all gypsies are able to do black magic. No! They are units. Yet ask yourself: “What have you more than others, how and in what way they do that?”

This ability is passed on from generation to generation as everything related to magic is kept in the strictest secrecy. Usually transmitted grandmother of one of the granddaughters mystery of spells and specific instructions on what to put what magic, what is its meaning and symbolism, where to put the magic etc.

What is black magic?

It’s hard to talk about all kinds of spells that we found in homes, yards, about cemeteries, monasteries, churches, mosques, and ancient sites around the country, but I will describe the most common.

The most common, made ​​by Gypsies black magic is a crosslinked usually black cloth triangle in which they are placed: a piece of soap, wax, blue stone, needle, red pepper, slice of hot pepper, part of the nail, lard, fur from different animals, bad herbs.

If, clean his house, accidentally find something similar to that described above, know that in our hands one of the varieties of black magic. In rare cases, the magic might have placed human hair, beak or heart owl, mercury, flakes of fish and many other things that I could not count. Some spells can be inserted even gold coin.

Each of the ingredients that are put in black magic has its symbolism associated with the spell, pronounced in making magic. The ingredients are combined in depending on what it is doing magic – death, sickness, separation, hatred, infertility, crash, etc. As an example we mention the symbolism of some of the ingredients I have listed . For example, if you found a magic that has a piece of soap , wax and needle , know that they are put to death. In a spell of separation between spouses usually put bad except herbs and ingredients such as fur from dogs and cats.

In the next chapter I will try to explain the symbolism and meaning of everything that may contain black magic . Often you can find the magic part of your underwear, cut a piece of your garment , piece of your tights , your hair , etc. Which determines the other symbolism of magic – namely against whom it is made. It is not uncommon to find the names in magic itself a small piece of paper or on cloth. Spells can look in your home behind heavy furniture, which rarely move.

Others who can and do black magic are called Vlahina or as most call them – kopanarki.

Black magic that makes kopanarkite hardly differs from Gypsy, as they often use almost the same attributes, but mostly bad and add herbs or roots. They are able to send mercury spell if you have a piece of clothing or underwear of the person for whom the spell is intended.

The spell can be done in the name – first name doomed and that of his mother. Here we must note that it is always and in every magic spell during the rule repeatedly the name of the one against whom do says what bad must have happened to him and how to go about it. This is because the first name of each person and the first name of his mother contains the code for the development of a person. Of course, this influence on many other factors, but their importance in this case is secondary. For example hodjas can tell you with accuracy the past, present and future in the calculations made ​​by your first name and that of your mother, your age years and those of your mother, or deceased, at what age she died. Based on the number that is obtained by calculating the imam of the page turning some old books written in Arabic (old Arabic) language we watch and predict the future. Many times I am convinced that the various imams tell a person the same for the past, present and future.

I have talked with many imams – they all say that the man’s name in conjunction with that of the mother determines the overall development from birth. Clairvoyants know that to start watching you, first asking for your first name and that of your mother. Some refining and want to know the first name of the grandmother, but this happens in rare cases. They are also convinced that the little person’s name in conjunction with that of the mother, determine the number of development of each of us. How and in what way black magic affects the number of development of a person, I will try to explain later.

Some of the imam besides guessing can make the strongest magic that exists in our country. How does she look? Most often this is a small oblong piece of paper, which is written in Arabic letters. The paper is always folded lengthwise in the form of a triangle. Finished speaking, is a small paper triangle, which would not pay attention if you find it in your home. If you notice , some think it is childish doodles. But those who can read Arabic, you say that there is written the name of a member of your family and what is wrong should happen to him, if it has not happened. Sometimes the paper can be cut out from an old book written in Arabic, which is manually added the name of the one against whom it is made ​​magic. I have seen with my own eyes an old Arabic book that described in detail everything about the different types of magic, how to do, what to put on, what spell rule and where exactly should be placed. I’ve seen smaller Arabic books ready versions of spells for different spells hoof precisely cut Hoxha, adding the name or names of Doom. The magic against me and my wife we found full pages of these books, and a few times and buried entire books , as each page additions were hand our names and the word “death.” Obviously, our detractors “paid” well, because they were paying particular attention. Almost always, however, when you find the magic of the few people who have the gift to find on it to read and spell with the opposite meaning, thereby revealing the name of the villain and the name of the one who has done, and in some cases and address. I went to the villages to look for those who do black magic. I carry and find magic made ​​against me. Once happened to me the following:

I arrived in the village, whose name I was known to find the magic and asked the first person I meet about imam: name, which was also discarded in finding magic . The village was predominantly Turkish population, and I know Turkish child who helped me a lot. The man I spoke immediately told me where he lives imam. I repeated the name and he told me that’s exactly how the imam says I’m looking for. Everything fit. From the street I walked into a large yard in the bottom of the visible unpainted brick house. Front had shed where they waited several women and one young man. Hodja took in a room attached to the house. My turn came, I entered and greeted Turkish. White sheepskin, cross-legged in Turkish, sat an elderly man of about 70 years. Very impressed me with his sharp penetrating gaze. I said that I came to watch me. Ask for the name – my mother and me, and for the year. Said purpose other fictional Bulgarian names. Ask me how I know Turkish and once told him, began to make calculations. Received a number deployed thick old book in Arabic, looking at her long, then at me, and pure Bulgarian told me the names that I have given are those of another person and that I came to him for something else entirely. I drew from my pocket opened, magic and handed it to him, saying that she was taken from him and that my real name is not written on it. Hodja was confused for a moment, then caught himself and said that I would watch, but already by my real name, because he wanted to check something. Redo the calculations again opened the book, read something into it, closed it, and said:

– Those who came to do their magic against you, they described as a very bad man, and in my book is quite another.

I told him that I know those who came to him. Named names and described them in appearance. He confirmed that the same. We talked for a long time, but my question is why does bad people, avoid answering. He said if I want to continue this conversation, we can not wait to take all the people waiting outside and pointed to a chair in the room with him.

In this Saturday afternoon in the reception room of the imam took about 14 people. 11 of them were Bulgarians. There was a Turk with his wife and a young boy – Turceni. The nurses were of different ages, most thoroughly made ​​up that I thought were not of the most respectable women. This was shown by the wishes expressed before the imam. Some of them turned out to be his old clients. All one had come with the desire to do evil by magic who want to be made. He knew it from the first story, scrambled into the sheepskin, which was seated, he pulled out of there as he should, he wrote, and then artfully folding small triangles. Know the impact of these triangles, because I felt it and I was wondering how many innocent people will suffer – will split or ill than those filled with malice and envy, with low morale women who came from near or far with the only desire – the misfortune of others be their companion. And these others were mostly relatives or close colleague, one of them even asked magic to slay her own husband, the father of her children.

Recall that the 14 people who saw the imam, was a Turk with his wife. They came because of his sick daughter. Young boy Turceni had come to ask the seer if he can do something to bring back the friend left with another guy. Only three of those had come with good intentions. Only they – Turkey!

Imam over, got out of the skin, wash your hands and wash your face, wiped, sat on the only bed in the room turned to me and said:

– You witnessed how people walked and how many of them were here to ask me to do kindness. I’m doing what people come to me and not my fault that your Bulgarians visit me only worse.

I could not answer him.

You want to make a little clarification. In our clergy call a priest or pop one who has priesthood carries required for this priestly attire. Muslim Turks or Pomaks in Bulgaria called imam not just those performing the services and rituals in mosques, but all those who can read the Koran and old books in Arabic, can cure or help people in one way or another way. HODZHEs call and all those men and women who can make white and black magic, without religious school graduates or employees in their mosques. Mandatory rule for all of them is fluent in written and spoken Arabic, because almost all rituals are performed and read in Arabic. Much of the older imams have completed ever existed such schools where teaching lasted seven years, with basically the study of Arabic. Many of them have impressive knowledge of man, of his being – anatomy and psychology, how to influence it. I know some of them who have a telepathic bond with each other and whenever they wish, can connect with the afterlife and get information about everything. Later we will talk about one such case.

So we came to the most difficult explanation – for the way black magic affects humans and the human body.

Quite normal and natural that people can not believe that a piece of paper written with Arabic letters on it, albeit with quite meaningful content can influence in any way on the psyche and health. To them I would ask them a question: “Are those who have been in command of black magic and have paid for it a solid amount of money and put it in your home, they did all this just like to find a job?”. I do not believe there are people to spend money on something you do not believe. On the contrary! All they do is precisely considered. Another question about their motives.

Yet, how, how written text affects on humans and the human body, how black magic can destroy a family, a healthy person sick, cause an accident with a car lead to infertility in spouses cause death to the way of business and others.

I relied Arabic text in many spells death we are, and I concluded that in any case their text is embedded call, order, or an order to the souls of the dead into the living soul whose name is listed in the magic.

I mentioned that the fate of each of us is destined from birth and code development is in his name in conjunction with that of the mother. I also think that even the choice of the names of the children is not the case, and is destined. Almost always the name of the child is determined before his birth, ie the code of its development is predetermined. For example, for an individual code development or fate, call it what you will, it is envisaged that it will live 80 years, of a certain age will be suffering from one or another disease, create a family of a certain age will have two children , and so etc. Old people say, ” Whatever God has ordained . ” This really is if you exclude the interference of evil in the life and destiny of the earth people. And, as an example I will say that if this man reached 40 years and studied so far what God has ordained for him, but suddenly fate intervened evil, it will change according to what is written or delivered in spells of black magic.

If 40 years is a spell of death, whose power is such that year deprived him of life, naturally his fate changed and he died at 80 instead of 41 years, ie the text of what was written in magic has changed code of its development. This change can be brought about only by black magic – ie only people on earth whose life, destiny and the time are left largely to their self-determination to good or evil. Evil can not intervene in this world, and only in cases where people want it. If for example a colleague, relative or neighbor envy or malice go and make you worse by the methods of black magic, of course, that evil interfere with your destiny, but if people do good and not evil, then evil has no chance to interfere in our lives.

For me the biggest crime which he committed communist ideology that killed many people’s faith in God. This belief in previous generations was human shield against evil, because the church teaches and educates in good, if a man doing evil, knows that all that sooner or later there will be retribution would consider before proceeding. Of course, wore black magic evils and miseries of the people there since the human race, but changing the way of thinking and minds of the majority of the population in Bulgaria, the damage from the effects of black magic covering all layers in our country. At first told you about the different levels of spiritualism only that way because of the influence of black magic on humans is done primarily through the souls of the dead that distances play no role. One who casts a spell , you may come across hundreds of miles away, it is enough to be placed in your home, on your street, where Mr. pass etc. Important to do black magic is to what extent the rule spiritualism. I mentioned that the units are those that possess the most perfect way to communicate with the dead, namely, to see and hear. They will need to do or write something, it is sufficient to direct their assistants – spirits who, where and what you should do. All visionaries who can and do black magic, have an odd number of assistants – people dead earth people through whom do their job. The highest grade in psychics and those who do black magic is 14th. At this level, the maximum number of its assistants is 29 or 31 . Such people in Bulgaria have a few – mostly between Hodge and Pomaks Turkish villages. Hodjas with a lower degree assign tasks to his assistants precisely what they write in Arabic and occasionally in Turkish magic itself and Gypsies – by chanting a spell during the making of magic. Doing black magic always have assistants souls of dead people during his earthly life was very bad done many sins and crimes whose souls belong to the netherworld of evil. These doomed souls of bad people have in many places on Earth where they are punished to the rest of your existence. Such places people call “bad places” as at any time there are various misfortunes happened to people.

Such a place is in the vicinity of the town of Preslav, where I lived before coming to Sofia. It is a historical place “Patleyna” to the TV tower. There we took overnight to 0.30 hours one of the ringleaders of the evil spirits. We went because we wanted to understand the secrets in connection with magic made ​​against me and my wife. My first feeling when we got there was that the forest is full of many people. Cracking twigs as of steps and heard some words from the conversation. Quite often after that night we went to this place, sometimes with our loved ones to know a lot of secrets that you can only learn from them and depend on them – evil spirits. While that is bad, everything he says comes true with absolute precision. Of course, do not fail to do and evils.

Once father and son gone down this road with light poles driven chopped vegetable garden in this place under the car clipped a bush and began to crawl. They stopped the car and told his son to look at the front, and he went to look back, and bent, the car went alone on the slope and ran over. Son drove his father to the hospital already dead. I do not know how bad had happened before this place is going to happen, but I recommend people avoid it because of the evil spirits can expect everything. They deprived of the right to redeem yourself and get back to Earth in the next evolution of the human race, which will take place already without the intervention of evil in this world .

So ordained by typing in the magic, evil spirits – helpers, depending on the strength of one who has been doing, just carry everything written or delivered in a spell for different periods of time. I say different because the higher level is the one who casts a spell , the shorter the duration. If a black magician 6th or 7th grade can send your soul to the other world for a year and a half or two, then another from the 14th, put all your strength, you can do it for one month. How does it work?

I said that the souls of the dead have a certain mass and energy and the distances they play no role. Living human body for the dead was an open, perfectly functional scheme. Through the energy that possess evil spirits can always penetrate any part or organ of a living organism and cause one or another disease or lead to mental disorders. In most spell death are directed to the brain and heart causing a stroke or heart attack in the doomed. So I mentioned that the most common symptoms of black magic effects are pain in the head, high or variable blood pressure, chest pain and arrhythmia. There are plenty of cases where the dead into the soul of the doomed and unprepared and damage to the body. In the stories, who will post below, I’ll try to pick cases of impact of different types of spells and various diseases caused by it. Many times when died of black magic and the autopsy doctors can not understand the cause of death.

Deceased say there are many diseases, but none of them is the cause of the onset of death, but the explanation is quite simple – the soul has left the body – it has become what is written or pronounced in any magic spell of death. I will try to quote from memory some of the text of a spell that translated from Arabic:

“- Dead to take the soul of ……………………………………”

“- To go soul ……………….. whose mother is in ………………. dead once, at one time , for one day, forever!”

“- To separate the soul from the body ……………….. whose mother ……………… once, at one time , for one day, forever!”

Command of black magic high in many cases cast spells for a certain period of performance. Examples of 40 days, 2 months , etc., which means that their lieutenants later than 40 days or two months should heed and take the soul of the doomed. It is in these cases not at autopsy to determine the cause of death because there is no disease that caused it.

Another factor of influence of black magic on humans and the human body is the energy embedded in itself. Some call this negative energy, others black, others decided that with instruments designed by themselves can find it, capture and neutralize.

Do not believe these people, because the only way to help is to remove the source emitting this energy – black magic . Later I will explain what is possible and how it works, but to the self-proclaimed “destroyers” of black magic, I would have asked not to mislead sufferers, but to think for themselves, because most of them are also under the influence of the black magic and everything they do is in service and under the influence of evil.

I think the energy embedded in black magic can be called negative because they are bad people. It is unknown to us earthlings and can be taken with any tools, however sophisticated they may be, to say nothing that can not be stopped or neutralized. Rather, I would like to say how this energy affects people.

Usually the first signs of the impact of this energy body fatigue and reduced vitality. A healthy , vital, efficient person for a short time lapse, nothing he does is covered by apathy and indifference. Feeling tired, exhausted. Morning after sleep is not refreshed and rested. Fall under the influence of the energy emitted by black magic, getting up neotpochinali dropouts and almost always with a headache. The tranquil sound and restful sleep before now becomes restless, with frequent awakenings and difficulty sleeping then. It happens , and his dream is accompanied by startle and nightmares. People get nervous at home become petulant and troubles follow one after another. Energy set in black magic, there is always directional, in most affects the person for whom it is intended, but also affects the other , even less. Especially dangerous is it about children’s wobbly body. From magic set for adults get sick or die their children and grandchildren, destroyed first by the magic .

Grandchild of one of the great men in the party hierarchy of the former county Shumen past first in the spell placed below the apartments. It was intended to grandfather, but caught the child. After a long and fruitless treatments someone suggested sensitively grandfather, what possibly could be due to the disease. Although unbeliever grandfather sets out to find ilachi and assistance to those who denied medicine and communist ideology rejected categorically. “Comrade” believe in the effect of black magic, after it was forced to remove himself from under the door. After several days, the child recovered.

Besides being a directional action, this negative energy is variable potency over time. The more you stay the more magic or the approaching deadline for its implementation, the more and the energy embedded in it. Negative energy set in black magic is superimposed in the soil around where is buried. Energy decreases only after it has done its job, but does not disappear completely, and the weakening force continues to act and generations of one whose soul has departed in the afterlife. Usually magic designed for parents continue to act after death on one of the children, etc.

To make it clear I will use one example.

Our father died suddenly near 26, when she was a child. The deceased was not sick , he was strong and healthy young man. Returning from work, began to wash suddenly fell and died of a heart attack. Remain two children – our close and her big brother. 40 years old brother did not have any health problems, but then began pain and tightness in the heart area, fatigue, irregular heartbeat and anxiety expressed in feeling that at any moment his heart could stop. Starting treatment, hospitals, etc. After more than 15 years of suffering he died. His older son – a young man – came to treat my wife, while the father was still alive. His complaints were that of  13-14 years of age was epileptic seizures. He was thin, pale, tired, had a fear that at any moment you can get fit and this fit will be fatal for him. My wife found that young people under the influence of magic energy, sophisticated yet grandfather. It turned out that the place where the magic is placed has built residential building and there was the grandfather’s house. The young man with his family lived in this building. On his two-year child , doctors found a heart murmur. In another story I will describe in more detail how this man was healed, and the stories so far have tried to explain how and in what way affects the set black magic power on humans and the human body. I want to emphasize that people speak black magic in the highest degree by sending a beam energy can cause instantaneous death of the person against whom it is transmitted. Sending became only the image of the doomed, but so necessary high energy that accumulates magician and stored for quite a long period of time and at a time for a few seconds sends the image of the one he wants to eliminate. The death of the doomed is instantaneous, most often caused by a heart attack or stroke.

I would like to briefly describe the invisible black magic. Some of the command of black magic from a lower level can also send energy image, but to cause death, they need repeated sending in regular intervals of directed energy . This continues until a goal.

Other kinds of seemingly invisible black magic are those that use liquid – infusion of special herbs , or when the written text of the apparent magic allowed to stand in water and after the water has taken effect within the meaning of the writing , pour home or sprinkles clothes , bed linen or the one to whom it is addressed .

The most common invisible magic is called mortal water that is taken from the bathing of the dead, then on it is delivered by the command of black magic spell. The meaning of written text or spell in magic are always calling, order or warrant the dead , take the soul of the living. I said call, order or order for these concepts in the spell depends on the extent of the power of making magic. Death water is often used for placing the food or drink of the person for whom it is intended, and I must say that the misery and suffering of the doomed were unbearable. Me several times managed to put me in food from this liquid and do not want to even remember the pain and suffering they are experiencing. Will tell you briefly about a similar case in a young woman – a former president of the District Court.

Malefactors is her colleague and potential candidates position her Everything happens at a dinner at which places the table in the restaurant are predetermined . The victim and her colleague have to sit at their chairs. On the table in front of each are serving drinks and salads. Malefactors, it is not known which of the two chairs will sit her sacrifice goes earlier and poured water premixed death case in serving drinks and salads in both places. Unsuspecting young woman absorbed by this liquid. Returning from dinner at home with her sick that night. Stomach pain is unbearable. Subsequently began nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. A long and fruitless treatment at hospitals and herbalists.

Disorder and stomach pain stop. The most interesting is that her colleague has the same symptoms, but to a lesser degree. Magic, designed for the woman affects him. Since only two of the entire company after dinner feel bad, decided that it was the food, and that probably only their portions were of rotten products. All this victim remembered after coming to the treatment of my wife and her approximate date and the setting in which it is absorbed insidious liquid.

Another type of invisible black magic that made ​​Gypsy ‘s potion from various bad herbs. This fluid by spells with a different meaning is used as magic for various diseases, infertility, separation and hatred between the spouses.

Retrieved from different number of graves finger, can also serve as the gypsy and kopanarkite and Hoxha for making black magic. It is also considered a form of invisible magic, because it can not be distinguished from the soil in your yard. And her spell in meaning is that – the dead whose graves dust is taken to take the soul of the living or to do what is delivered in the spell.

It is clear that the magic that is the right to put in food or drink after taking her man strikes internal organs – stomach, liver, gallbladder, kidneys and more. In many cases, the absorbed magic for a short time causes malignancies that quickly dissipated throughout the body. I am convinced that such a malignancy caused by the effects of black magic could be cured by a man who knows to perfection how to combat black magic , but I repeat, if the disease is caused only by the absorbed magic. We had a case of a woman with proven cancer, of which she remained a few days after and had a drink counter, began to recover fairly quickly. Shortly after condemning the opposition had taken, her urine became black – a sure sign that her body was disposed of accumulated poisons. Treatment of patients felt my wife’s great efforts, tension and fatigue. I saw in the conduct of treatment, her hands are red, swollen, and it was the first and last such case in which it is committed.

Today, self-styled healers treat a stroke severe forms of diabetes, cancer, AIDS, etc. Bulgaria is full of such healers and “super psychic “. Do not trust these people. Themselves in need of a psychiatrist and treatment. I do not deny the methods of herbal treatment and bio treatment, but on this issue I have my own opinion that will speak later. I just want to emphasize that these methods are helpless against black magic as much as helpless and methods of traditional medicine. No earthly person insured by black magic. I have heard many people say that their magic is taken away. Even the prophet Mohammed, who was also mortal, failed to get away with human envy. A gypsy woman – witch made ​​against him black magic from which Mohammed lying on his deathbed. No one could help him, and then he turned to prayer to the Almighty. The sent an angel of God, said the text of the prayer that Mohammed had to rule by countering a spell. This prayer lifted from the bed very sick and Mohammed January testamentary generations. It is written in the holy books in Arabic.

I’ve seen this book, which is written prayer in the house of one Pomaks imam that I translate it all. Explain that their prophet Mohammed has provided that once, many years later (ie now), people will become much worse and begin to destroy each other by black magic. He bequeathed this prayer, which has helped him to help people when it’s time. Hodja copying of the text or the entire prayer was very long, folding piece of paper to a small rectangle, wrap it in blue tape and gave it to those who came to him for help to carry abiding in you, for them from evil. He told me that the things that he does wear good and are called charms for health and success in life. Muslim, called amulet and all those types of black magic that make their imams. This is very common and the most common name of black magic.

Always at home, which has a magic about any of the family appear evil spirits – assistants to fulfill what is written in magic. They appear as soon as the magic is made, in many cases even before it is placed, directing only in name. My wife and I are in contact with some of the assistants Gypsy kopanarki and especially Hodzhas. Early torture us very cruel. I do not know if anyone has experienced the feeling of pain that you cut into pieces and re-compile it . Does not allow us to sleep many nights. We’re going after 4am and only then falling asleep. The number of torturers us depends on how much magic was placed against me and my wife, as happened on one imam to come three or four, and sometimes more than his aides – evil spirits to torment us. At first they did not want to talk to us, saying only that they came from the complicated spells against us, and were confident that we will fulfill the task they were sent. After nearly two years of harassment appear holy mother – Mary and told us many things and ways to alleviate their fate, the most important of which was that it alone soon will be able to discover and find magic. He told us and how to counter the black magic. What we heard from the Virgin Mary, was fulfilled quickly. Later , when we were alone already begun to discover the magic , some aides Hodzha began to become more sociable with us. They told us who are helpers, how he said, where he lives, who went with him to make magic against us. Found during the dialogue with them that many goodies earth attract them and would like to try them because when they lived on Earth liked one or the other. Ask them each individually, what people want, of course, what we had at home. Someone wanted coffee, another grape, apple, and happened to make sweet brandy or cognac, of course, for every breath that I had to drink or eat, this of us, she stated. With us dead test what they desire. Some of them stay with us as by our tormentors become our helpers. Why do this?

I mentioned that the co proficiency black magic are people on earth people have done many evils on earth and their souls in the next world belong to evil and are denied the right to return to Earth in the next evolution of mankind. Stay with us and do only good, and if we ask for forgiveness of part of their sins, they can again qualify for the purchase of their sins. With their stay with us relieving our destiny and our suffering decreased. I have to say that Bulgaria was not speaking any black magic, to whom have not gone our enemies. Evil spirits – helpers as bad and evil they were, could not be compared with the malice and hatred of those who wanted still want to destroy us. I will not be in their place, because I know what awaits them these villains. I suffered from their evils, but a sign God helps me and protect me, but when God punishes someone for his sins, he has no where to turn for help and you will curse the day he was born.

I’ve seen churches and temples people with black people did countless evils of many people who docile faces and tears, begging forgiveness for their sins. They would say: “It’s late, with his presence only profane and spotting temple of God!”

From ” Meeting Evil ” – Dimitar Djankov


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