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Treadmill Wife

Always meet the wishes of the dead, and they never wanted us impossible. True that execution of their wishes was often associated with insomnia, fatigue and tribulations, but helped us a lot, and today do.

I met the wife of the patient and, having warned her that did not care what you think of me and to accept the truth of what I tell her I discovered the reason for the plight of her husband. Warned her that does not have much time and if he wants to help should do what I tell her.

I was not surprised a bit when evening came back from work and found the woman at home talking to my wife. She had said that she send me and my wife of course he had accepted unreservedly. Despite the lie that I sent it, my wife began treatment of the doomed, mainly because he knew him as a good man, and had one foot in the grave, and we wanted to get him back there. Treatment would have cost us a lot of sleepless nights, fatigue, tension and worries. I have already described how to achieve this.

We removed the spells that were attached or embedded for years in the house of the patient, in his house in the village where he had seen the animal before you get sick. Zlostornichkata – his relative had worked hard so well that complex spells would wipe out not only him but his entire family.

Patient began to recover quickly transfusions were diluted sharply and after three months he forgot about the hospital. Recover and start again to see animals in their house in the countryside. It was decided to test their health, live a normal life completely healthy person was attracted heavy bags of animal feed and vital forces are fully restored. After a few months went to check-in which it appeared that the lining of the stomach, which previously was bleeding constantly, recovered that wondered about his doctor.

Several times during different periods of time, put malefactors new spells and most interesting was that the patient immediately, the same day, and felt it coming at us worried. Terrible to him was that immediately began bleeding from the lining of the stomach and the situation grew worse for a few hours. Given that it was a hemophiliac, it becomes clear why they imposed previously frequent blood transfusions. Bleeding from the stomach lining started immediately after being posted new magic, so when you feel the slightest deterioration of his health, the patient came immediately to check where magic and placed it out. This, of course, occur several times a year that did not have a blood transfusion because the patient recovered immediately after removing the negative impact. It cost us a lot of work, stress and fatigue because we put malefactors increasingly difficult task with many unknowns. I will tell only two of the cases that I recall.

Three spells were made ​​by the imam of a remote village and placed outside the cemetery, the fence in the same village. Malefactors must have decided not to carry them on the road with you, maybe the one who had done, he told her where and how to be set. We left the first night to the village my wife and I and two of them. This time the patient was felt very badly and quickly the first night to remove spells because being left them only one night near cemetery would cause him new bleeding then it was difficult to control.

We arrived late at night. Very difficult to find a place where they put magic because it was overgrown with grass and thorn bushes. Were buried to the wire fence of the cemetery and my wife, pointing to the place groan of pain in the head and stomach. I told the patient’s wife to take her out and away. If she becomes very ill or lose consciousness, to call me immediately. Patient unfolded the bag and I dug earth in the place. I moved out of there, because the patient began to feel sick. We went out of the village and having moved away, the light of a flashlight, which we had taken with him, we started looking, carefully transferring the dust. Patient stood aside because he became ill, and was not allowed to participate in demand as spells were for him. We found one, gullies and transferring the dust a long time, but the other two were missing, apparently that was left unexcavated because were probably buried deeper. Both women left on the lawn, and we went back sick car. I told him to come with me to unfold the bag because I did not want to go back a third time near the cemetery, and we definitely running out of dead time during which we could not break their rest. We left the car and left. I did not and 20-30 feet when I felt that the patient does not follow me. I went back and found him on the lawn writhing from pain in the stomach. I threw on the ground and shovel bag and accompanied him to the car. This time he returned alone is pretty scratched until I find the place. Flashlight propped on a rock to my lights and stuffed the bag so I had to drag it on the ground. Surprised when the patient met me feet. His pain had disappeared a few minutes ago. This for me was a sure sign that spells are removed. Once we arrived at the place where we had left the two women scoured dust. We found the same two spells with handwritten Arabic letters, folded in the same manner in the form of a triangle. Differed only in the sense of writing, and had a different impact.

Patient this time recover quickly and missed the transfusion.

The second case, which will tell you will always remember. After I realized it was possible even people who were once assured with their eyes, that is what we do, is the reason for the return of health and life of their relatives may think that our work has some false or sham. There were few cases in which they themselves would go and discover the magic after having described the place where they placed.

of evening called his wife from the same patient and said he felt bad again. This time, however, she was not well. Begged my wife on the phone explaining that her head would burst with pain, to see what is and what caused it.

Spells this way were two such caution was awarded both spouses. I do not know why, but malefactors had done for the first time with the woman, and magic. This explains her pain in the head. We both felt bad, though magic had not yet placed. Malefactors was going to put them in their home in the city. We explained this to the woman, warned her waiting guests and be careful coming malefactors not leave her alone, to not be able to put magic. It was late at night when the patient’s wife called again. He told me he had just sent malefactors and her husband, suddenly came to visit home. Complained that the pain in her head had become unbearable, although exams pills. Welcome visitor would consider any furniture in them, but the hostess walked closely with her all the time. Left alone only when she went to the bathroom. Spells were put despite the warning of my wife. Now there was nothing but check where placed. Patients had become longer two, but when the phone call his wife gave to understand that if you do not go with them that night, could not live until morning pain. It so happened, however, and we had guests that night and we were not able to go immediately. My wife explained that spells are placed in easy reach in the entrance hall and asked her to review the luggage clips and check around lockers for shoes.

The next day the patient’s wife called again. Explained that he had sought in vain throughout the foyer and insisted to go because she could not tolerate more pain. We sent guests who had spent the night at home, and we went. Ailing greeted us at the entrance of the house, explaining that sought everywhere in the hall, but found nothing. A few seconds later, my wife told her to shift locker for shoes, although already been moved. We found two spells in the form of triangles. Them had fallen excise stamp torn from a roll of bills. The hostess took two spells and the band began to wonder how it is possible to find them once it has moved at locker several times and cleaned behind it. She was very angry. Did not tell me in the eyes, but for me it was clear that accusing us of quackery, and her tone was such that we immediately we left. In my life I have endured many undeserved insults and never be humiliated to justify. Many people then understood his mistake and I apologize, but insult me cause this woman will never forget. I would not offend anyone if it ignorance or the fact that not suffer the effects of black magic, accused me of lying. Do not be offended by the fact that for many magic is nonsense, they believe misled people. But this woman was witnessed after all we did to save the patient’s life, he recovered and how long was tough, without even once to make him a blood transfusion. We were picked up at home and just thinking about these things when the patient’s wife called again because of the pain in her head disappeared. Her husband returned and then explain where he found magic, he thought that going out reached into his jacket pocket hanging in the hall, and took two bundles of money left there. When removing the money, it seemed to him that something was gone, and then he saw the missing marking of one of the wad. It is obvious that in his pocket were placed two triangles when malefactors went away alone to the bathroom. So Maggie had behind locker shoe along with the band of the money after the hostess already clean. After removing spells, ill be fine without any treatment, but in our enthusiasm was gone, which helped him, for which he had no guilt. Our desire declined further after learning of his wife’s statements against us. It was said, too, that his illness does not disappear as a result of our efforts and those of doctors, although in the period in which my wife had treated him, only the patient went to the hospital for examination. Do not know if these statements were made ​​with conviction or stupidity, but it cost a human life – that of her husband.

Soon after, we moved to Sofia, and two years later learned that her husband died. The deceased was a good, hardworking and believe in God man. He had the ability to heal sprains, dislocations, disc disease and had helped many sufferers. I do not know whether because of what God had given his people jealous, but those who dare to interfere with God’s work, I will say that the reward for them will be the most terrible.

From “Meeting Evil” – Dimitar Dyankov


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