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Black Magic

Treadmill Pseudo-Healer

Treadmill Pseudo-Healer

My wife for a long time treated a man whose profession was such that it depended on the lives of many people. To be able to exercise his profession, he went to periodic examinations before a committee and whenever you approach the time for review came prophylactic for a few sessions. We made sporadic but saw in them or in our guests. The man was good and found a way to repay the care and attention. His daughter was separated from her husband and grandchild was left entirely to the care of him and his wife. Spouses shared with us the pain and care and little joys in life. At their recommendation, my wife treated their relatives from different diseases.

Lived in Sofia, but began to build a house in a seaside town, where they had an old ancestral home. The house was nearly built when he went there with his grandchild, slept one night and return before boarding a flight to Sofia, he became very ill. They brought him from the airport in a critical condition, doctors shouted known who started treatment, but to no avail. Then his wife remembers us, call us worried on the phone, explain briefly what is the situation and we immediately went home. Patient lying pale and tired, with shadows under her eyes, she could not even sit up in bed. My wife and I review it and became alarmed by his condition. Then we went to another room to share my opinion. Never occur to him that this good and helpful person, someone might hurt him, but at one point during the conversation, he suddenly said:

“- This man most likely he made the magic, because otherwise I can not explain the state that has fallen.”

The wife of the patient looked at me blankly and must have wondered the nonsense that I speak. After a while, however, she said that was soon gone a psychic who told her that her husband will not wait for my birthday, which was only after ten days. Clairvoyant could not say what exactly would be the reason for the death of her husband. Dont know if this woman would have known, but after my wife checked it turned out that there really is magic and is buried in front of their new house sea. The patient’s condition was caused by its impact during his stay there. It also appeared that, if not removed no later than one week from this point, the patient will die. I would like to point out that there are many cases where the magic of death, even to be removed, causing death from the damage that is inflicted on the human body. Remember also that this happened on Sunday, and in the coming week we had urgent work.

The only way to travel to the house of the sea was coming Saturday; if I miss her patient would be saved, then go take. There are several ways to temporarily reduce the power of magic on the patient. My wife applied safest, considering his condition. I was surprised the other day when he come to us for treatment. He was tired and pale, but said he feels much better.

We went looking for magic put their house on the sea, as we had agreed. We arrived around noon and found it very difficult because the house had landed a variety of materials, and there was excavation and sanitation. Magic was a stretch of old Arabic book printed text onto small roll in which was placed a needle and a piece of soap. All this was associated with black thread and tied firmly with a few knots. We also found a magic weaker than the first one in the building destroyed after the  new plaster in one of the rooms. In a hole discovered bricks, we found two candles twisted together, and also tied with black thread.

Malefactors who had done all this turned out to be their close relative. She had no blood relationship with the patient, but there was a real chance to become the owner of the new house, provided that remove both spouses. Patient, of course, completely right and after a series of bio sessions continue. From time to time, when they had the opportunity, they came or telephoned at home and shared everything they served life – good or bad.

Their daughter had gone to work abroad. It had been a long time since just before returning to Bulgaria, for no reason she got sick, fell and lost consciousness. Found her passed out in the hallway of the hospital in which they work. Parents shared their concern with us. I decided to wait to get back their daughter and then check what caused the seizure. She returned shortly afterwards and told us in detail how it all happened. The review proved that the seizure is due to the made ​​against it here in Bulgaria, two spells that were put into the town in which he lives her former mother in law.

Again had to solve problems with many unknowns, wandering on the roads. We arrived in town at dusk and until we find the cemetery, which was placed to spell, it’s been a few hours. In this magic that was placed by her former mother in law, not the daughter of our friends to find another husband throughout his life, had placed various filth of animal origin. This kind of black magic prevents the creation of a family of the person for whom it was made, whether male or female. Many young people remain for life on their own or if magic is weak enough to marriage that inevitably after some time apart. All attempts then to find a companion in his life were unsuccessful, again and again leads to divorce. Malefactors in this case was taken care of after dividing his son and daughter, to poison the life of the mother of her grandchild. Furthermore, the second spell that hard found in the center of town, was death. Its impact had caused the seizure of the young woman abroad and even the vast distance it was not prevented. To this I just want to add that after some time the daughter of our loved ones, which were put spells, marry a handsome young stranger and left Bulgaria and took the child with him. Sinister designs of her former mother in law have failed due to the fact that they were removed spells and their impact. We owe our lives to not only father and daughter, but his sister, who lived in the same town by the sea.

The new house was not yet completed, but there were conditions for living and our friends invited us to go there on vacation. During the holidays, my wife would have their place in a course healing sessions. So we did. Back in the early days of our vacation sister of our host fell into a serious condition. We went to see it. Her health deteriorated due to the spell placed by the same miscreants who had put spells on her brother. Forgot I already found how and where spells were put against ailing sister, but I remember that I had to throw one of the mattresses of mite since all was dusting liquid black magic – the so-called death water. Loaded mattress in the trunk of his car and went out of the city to the sea, to throw him out. I came to some high cliffs on the coast, and because I was not sure that the mattress will fall in the water, I decided to go down a little lower. In descending the cliff, stepped sideways, my foot popped and I was wet with sweat from the pain, but I managed to get rid of the load, it threw into the sea. Izlazih and only got to the car from the intense pain. I sat down and immediately I remembered that I had forgotten to spell before you start going down the rocks to throw the mattress and my evil revenge for that. It never fails to harm-reacted to those who interfere with his job to the end. They took me to two famous healers in the city, whose medical procedures set dislocated looked like the Inquisition of the Middle Ages, but had no success, although it convinced me that the next day will scurry like a boy.

My leg turned blue, swollen and swollen, and I could not walk even with a cane, so that the break finished at the outset. I went over time without being treated it, but so far as I step wrong, I feel severe pain in the ankle.

Ill be fine, although I experienced, I do not regret that we were able to help her because he wore good and responsive soul suffered person.

At the invitation of his brother and sister again next summer visit them again in order during the holiday my wife to hold one course sessions of both spouses and sister. I do not know how and what changes people for a short time, but when we visited them again and then at their invitation, the hostess greeted us and unfriendly scowl, as if we were just strangers. I gave her behavior momentary mood or care. The new house was completed, there was a separate entrance. In the few days we spent there, nothing worried hostess, but felt that her attitude towards us is as it was before. One evening we returned from somewhere, went quietly, so as not to worry, but we felt the door connecting corridors, unfriendly and looked at us without even congratulated her close.

We understand that in this house we wanted and immediately the next day we departed, carrying with it the pain caused to us by a man who shared with us the pain and suffering.

Whenever I think of human ingratitude, stands before me the image of a woman who might today think that envy it to us and its ingratitude, have left her and her husband’s secret. Mention her husband, because I am convinced that, at least in part, knew the malice and envy of his wife, which thank us for all we did for their family.

I first saw this woman when she led her relatives and our acquaintance asking him to help her. Migraine headaches for years does not give her peace and quiet and her husband due to chest pain and frequent arrhythmia, lived constantly with the thought that at any moment he may be the worst happens. The examination showed that this was the case, because after not later than a month he was about attack that would deprive him of life, which, of course, did not tell him. He was so nervous, he could not bear not only his wife but also his children. Scandals had become routine in this family.

Spells against both spouses and their children were so many and such different places that my wife refused to count them. It is content with this, saying that their home in the city where they live, is complete and that there are few houses on the parents of the two spouses who lived in different villages. Family and children often went there on weekends. Remember that magic whose effects would cause the death of her husband, was placed in their home in the city and so that day come together with family viewing, we went there.

Spells are indeed many and various, tucked and rolled behind sections and furniture, and there were buried in pots with ficus. Hostess long digging of the soil removed to another court and finally found them. One of them was a small triangle made ​​up of rotting black cloth, but I forgot what it was content. My wife she was ill at the opening of each of the spells, but when he found that the impact of which would cause the death of her husband, her sick, rocked and if I had not caught her, she would fall. After a while she went into a coma. I brought it from home, got her in the car and took her out of town, away from the influence of evil. When he came to himself, she did not want to go back in the house. With us came and our host, who insisted back. I remember my wife asked him:

“- Why should I die for you?”

We stood for a long time while it is recovering, and we decided to go and finish the job, not to come again. After some time, for two nights, cleared and spells, placed in the homes of their parents.

I do not remember now how many times my wife she became ill and fell unconscious because of this family, but I am sure that within a year of them would remain none alive if we had not removed the impact of complex against the whole family magic. After a treatment of their suffering and their diseases left a memory and Rowdy-husband tame. They came to visit us, we went to his house and we most often talk revolved around black magic, how to impact Biotherapy and the like. Of particular interest in these matters showed heal wife has family that until now had no idea about these phenomena. Asking for all the details, and we do not hiding anything from her. She was carried away so that by the sick and suffering wife, became briefly in omniscient and competent person who, according to her words freak with knowledge unenlightened. In his delusion that woman went so far as under the influence of their obsession with greatness began to predict, treat and give advice about things, even though they knew such a phenomenon could not do, because there was no power of God and the gift of this. Even in conversations with us occasionally rush in stories about their capabilities of performing miracles, she forgot where she had learned it all.

They say that force you to hurt, but not to help someone. And if we wanted to, we could not help entrained by his own greatness “clairvoyant” to realize that everything we do is the product of her imagination and perform under the influence of evil. Us was nothing but to step back from this family and let the self-clairvoyant and healer mislead people seeking her help. Briefly evil in it to invade that in time I was terrified of her downfall. Fact that was declared clairvoyant and healer and people lying was nothing compared to the acts which he did under the influence of evil. Psevdolechitelkata, experienced his own back the effects of black magic, it was decided to demonstrate his ability to perform miracles in the following way: through their already established relationships with people who speak black magic began to harm their relatives and acquaintances, knowing that after time they will feel bad and seeking a cure will seek its assistance. Psevdolechitelkata also knew that once removed the effects of black magic, sufferers will naturally obtain relief, which would give it a treatment carried out by it. In time we learned from different people for performances of the “great healer” that do amazing and irreparable mischief and evil because she had forgotten one small detail.

This small detail is the fact that in many cases, and even when it removed the influence of black magic on a person, damage to his health must be cured. “Great healer” wielded magic that had gone personally to do, but since there was no gift to conduct mandatory then treat sufferers felt no relief and some of them happened to come to help my wife. These people told of the tragedy without having to know exactly the one that was trying to cure them, caused by their disease put her spells.

I do not know why, but after a while Psevdolechitelkata decided that my wife somehow overshadows her fame and was overwhelmed by the thought that she must remain single and unrivaled.

She had forgotten that her family was saved because of what we did for them.

When a first magic against us, and came out that she personally ordered and put, I could not believe it. I thought something wrong and be deceived, although I was assured a hundred times that the dead do not lie. It was not long, and there were spells placed by psevdolechitelkata not only against us, but against people who healed my wife.

I still can not explain the psyche of such villains as this woman possessed by evil. I accept that doing magic against us because according to her it prevents only be unsurpassed, but I can not explain how and what prevented her tortured and suffered people who helped and we were the only hope for healing.

It so happened that just at the time when malefactors was raging, we moved to live in Sofia. A few months after she came at us fictional occasion. I and my wife did not show anything that we know about her jealousy and hypocrisy. Noticed it, looking like a thief, took something from our trash bin and instantly slipped into his pocket. I knew what I took from there and immediately expose her, because what was taken, it could only serve to make magic against my wife. Had traveled 400 km with only thought to do evil to that which owed ​​healing. What took was curled hair ball, which my wife had thrown, cleaning comb. Do not Expose malefactors immediately because I did not want to humiliate myself in front of a man who was so much obsessed and blinded by the evil that was ready for him to hurt even us.

Magic with the ball in her hair found in about a month under a bridge, located 300 meters from the home village of malefactors. Namely we went there earlier to get out positioned ones against her and her family spells. I guess she might read these lines and think that in this story of human ingratitude not to mention her name in my own reasons. If she managed to hide from people their misdeeds could not hide them from us, but from God to justice ingratitude and sins.

I remember a Turkish proverb: “Verdi borchlu kalda salaam” – “Greetings, wishing health and debtor come again.”

We, Bulgarians also have similar to that adage relating to human ingratitude which does nothing people say: “Do good, you respond with evil.”

Those who respond to good evil will remind only that God punished wrongdoers described in this story that deprive it of her son, who died on the spot in a car accident, but it did not help her to her senses . She still continues to serve the evil with their claims of great and unrivaled clairvoyant and healer.

From “Meeting Evil” – Dimitar Dyankov


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