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Black Magic

Treadmill Mother

Treadmill Mother

A mother learned that my wife sick healed, whom personally knew, and of his relatives knew he would not be. Very well acquainted with the case, it came to asking my wife to help her son. I knew her son, but did not know about his illness. Mother all the time crying and sniffling, explaining where and how hospitals lay her son and yet his condition was deteriorating. We told her to bring him to review both came the next day. Son – a young man, veterinarian, had a family with a small child. When he was fourteen, began receiving epileptic seizures, early rare and more frequent over the years. He was thin and pale, restless and I saw his legs trembling while he was sitting on the couch, because the fear of a possible fit him traumatized.

She worried that the job will get fit in animals and it would be fatal for him. The disease was a manifestation of the magic that was placed many years ago to the young man’s grandfather. He died suddenly, returning from the field when he was only 26 years old, in his prime, without first suffered from something. His son – the father of the fledgling review repeatedly was lying in hospital with myocardial condition. The two-year child of the young doctor when viewing establish a heart murmur.

Things are complicated by the fact that the magic that caused the death of the grandfather, was placed years ago in their house, whose place was now built building. It was moved in many different lesions of several generations of family of the deceased. Son and mother did not say anything about this because they would have seemed incredible. I should not have even more traumatized boy. We sent them the understanding patient to start coming for treatment, but my wife was not sure how he would help him after his magic stood and could not be eliminated its impact. Patient started coming to the sessions each day with certain holidays, my wife had hoped during the treatment to understand how to eliminate the impact caused the disease. The patient had made ​​a series of bio sessions, but there was little improvement. One night appeared the spirit of the deceased grandfather of the magic of the boy and told us what we must do to stop the action of magic. We have done everything we said, despite many sleepless nights and wandering around the outskirts of the city to find places where there were once monasteries and chapels. Health of the patient began to improve immediately after. After about two months his treatment ended and disappeared not only seizures, and fear of them. Improve, of course, and the health of the father of the patient, so that she did not know what caused it. For the relief and felt his father that again began to gather with friends over a glass and felt like they had their disease, we found the young doctor.

About half a year the young man had absolutely no complaints. The pale color of his face was gone, he calmed down and began to gather with friends in the company that something had not been able to afford, from time to time we are calling it good.

One evening come to us worried and said that the day he felt again the signs and symptoms of the condition as before fainting. Fainting is not reached, but he was a step away from him. In his expression fear and frustration of a man who is seeing, love is the white world and again lost his sight. Our concern was not less, because his wife seemed to cure my hard work, sleepless nights and tension.

She contacted the afterlife receives information about what caused the deterioration of cures and said aloud: “It can not be!” Check again – still the same. It turned out that the deterioration of cures due to magic, put on his place of work. The doctor came into conflict with one of the local notables of the village, who ordered the slaughter of healthy animals, causing it to confirm that they are sick and need their destruction. Rural deribey offended by the refusal of the young doctor and decided to get revenge in a way that is most likely served before, of dealing with naughty. Magic found tucked in a secret place in the office of the doctor and after a few sessions, was again cured. Yes, but the culprit is often started asking questions to how health-sure tests my way of dealing. In such cases, namely, the sufferer does not know how to answer the questions of the villain. If you say it’s bad, he’s going to make a new magic to finish it. If you say it is good culprit is going to ask the person to whom it is paid, why nothing happens. Then command of black magic could not understand that is removed and made ​​to do otherwise. New magic came. The procedure was repeated, but could not last forever. According to forecasts by my wife about a year of rural deribey soul would move to the afterlife, or simply put, would happen to him death ordeal. Since the culprit for a year could do a lot more havoc recommended the doctor to change his job. He shared it with his parents in which the mother Nadal terrible howl and accusing us of everything, forgetting that her son was cured thanks that responded to requests and tears at her visit to the country. She said that everything was explained to my wife about who makes magic against her son is a lie and a fabrication. The doctor came out smarter than her mother and considered it really is better to leave. Find a well-paid job and moved. Mother, of course, given that our influence on her son and began to pour insults and slanders our address, and when you happen to meet us on the street, we turned back.

It’s been many years in which the cure never forget us. Calling when there was an opportunity to tell us that well. Forget about the disease and annoyed only by the stupidity of his mother. After a time she lost her husband, who died before reaching retirement age and left alone to pay for their ingratitude. I would add only that if she was a good person, it might not happen and would like to remind her that the one who used sorcery against her son after a year died suddenly as it had predicted my wife.

From “Meeting Evil” – Dimitar Dyankov


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