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The Theory of Big Fuck

The Theory of Big Fuck

The Theory of Big Fuck

Hundreds of books have been written on how to make love. And they advise how complex and clever tricks lascivious be applied to excite the male body.

The whole thing seems a little crazy, because in reality it is all too easy for a man to be aroused. Its very anatomy predisposes to it. Fair speech for a healthy, normal man, not physically or mentally ill, or upset someone with senses.

Male genitals are outside and can be stimulated with ease. The man is enough to glimpse the street a woman – even just to think about it – and here’s him excited. A view of a naked a lady evokes much more than smile or rapid breathing.

Of course, the boredom of living with the same boring partner could cool man. Then I really need some technique to relight.

But why his partner is boring? Why is uninteresting? Is not it possible to be bored? Bored to the bone? Maybe because pleasure is always unilaterally?

When a man knows how to satisfy a woman, passion doubles and boredom evaporate like smoke. Sex is annoying only when one of the two partners did not enjoy.

Well, we love and love. For men, the experience is fantastic: sensual, full of pleasure and orgasm us is incredible. We love her, we know she loves us and she tells us that feels wonderful to us.

But are they really? Believe and think that we immediately felt if she pretends. Only that it is simply impossible for a man to know when a woman simulates an orgasm. We know that there are ways to recognize, eg shortness of breath, hardening of nipples and so on.. But all these things happen when she is horny, and not necessarily when reaching orgasm.

How is women? You know that you can pretend, right? Perhaps you’ve done it for years. Maybe you’ve never had an orgasm in the ordinary or usual manner of lovemaking way, the so-called “missionary” position. This position has the greatest sexual satisfaction of both partners etc., if a man knows how to exploit. Certainly all other ways pleasure, but to their great popularity due to the fact that the woman is easier to be satisfied. as somehow tease her clit – either with your fingers or with lips or tongue.

Women prefer their men to do these things because of experience know that this is the only way to reach orgasm. As nice as that is action, it can not be compared with that full and complete satisfaction, which is achieved with normal conventional position, if a man understand how to love a woman this beautiful and gentle way.

I simulate orgasm ?. No man never once suspected that you are not completely satisfied? Proud that you are an excellent artist and managed to fool them ?. Walls, writhing, teeth grinding I did everything expected of you … but actually are extremely frustrated and disappointed …

Men wonder why you do it. If you know the female psyche can easily find an explanation.

First of all, she loved her husband – he did not indifferent and therefore mostly together. She does not want to hurt his feelings or ego. Let him think he’s a tiger in love.

Second, she does not want him to suspect that not enough feeling that maybe something with it is wrong. It is guilty and admitted that perhaps is “frigid”. Why else does not reach orgasm when it is so easy? God forbid, to go ever in his mind that he was “frigid.” That would ruin it. (Here we should say that there is no “frigid” women. Has only unskilled men lovers!) And it suggests that if a man know about her “frigidity” he would start looking for a hot chick to replace her.

Thirdly, IT is incomprehensible why not orgasm. Still thinks it was her fault, but if you only knew the reasons could be done, right? Could also tell him how to act properly if he actually knew where or what he was doing was wrong wrong. He turns her on with foreplay. It flares of desire but by the moment at which penetrate into it and begin to “pump”, the enthusiasm it is cooled. This great exciting feeling fire covered the whole body, the pulse in the groin – everything disappears.


Because he doing its called BIG FUCK.

Inside-out. Inside-out. Bam-bam. He does not understand that it is not nice to her. Initially always hurt but certainly not let her go to heaven. Not long after, however, starts to hurt and it she will do it faster!

Let us make the following experiment to find out what feeling it.

Stretch your left arm and right fist hit her about 30 seconds (the longer you do it, the more you hurt).

You will feel what it is to be “chump” …

It is such a feeling when the man enters the woman and begin to “pump”.

If you think for a moment you will see that is quite logical. The male penis, ready to act is hard. Pelvic area around it is also tough. And all of a woman’s genitals are soft. And when the man entered his hard member in soft vagina of the woman and start hard to “pump”, he pressed her clit and the feeling is not the most pleasant. After a few minutes, the pain.

Just to escape, the woman is ready for any trick to stop the pain and boredom.

Quickly learned how to pretend it’s an orgasm.


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