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The seven rules of success of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs

We all agree that Steve Jobs has had a huge impact on our lives. His innovations touched all aspects of modern life: computers, mobile communications, music, movies …

Steve Jobs presentations today inspire and influence our deeper consciousness. Steve Jobs left us all an invaluable wealth of principles that guided his success.

1. Do what you love.

Steve Jobs once said: “People who work with passion can change the world for the better.” When asked what advice you would give to start-up entrepreneurs, he said: “I have found any work that can work for a living until I find one that will really work with passion.” And then inspired to go into it. Passion at work means a lot. Passion is everything.

2. Put your great purpose.

Steve Jobs believed in the power of the big goals. Once asked the then president of Pepsi, John Sculley, “Do you want to spend your life selling sugared water? Or want to change the world? “Do not give up in any case the dreams of your life.

3. Create contacts.

Do not limit yourself to social networking and interact with any people. Creativity connects people. Different people have different life experiences and often some people can see things that others miss. Steve Jobs touch with people that visually often do nothing connected. So create a Macintosh. Steve Jobs trip to India to Asia and everywhere. Learn foreign art and creativity, foreign lifestyle, hospitality and traditions of different peoples. He did not live closed in itself and in its middle. He connects ideas from different fields and at different geographical locations.

4. Decline of the large amount of projects.

You do not disconcert and do not scatter your efforts and knowledge in many things. Steve Jobs was more proud that chose to make Apple, rather than what Apple was and is. When he returned to Apple in 1997, he took a company with 350 different projects and reduces them to 10 in the period of two years. Why? So he can select the best teams for the creation of these ten things. Expert teams created just ten things, but creating these ten things perfectly.

5. Creating a “buzz” in customers.

Steve Jobs was looking for innovation even in his experience in customer service. When he first came to the concept of Apple Stores, he said that it will be different from standard shops, because instead of simply transferring boxes from one location to another and from one owner to another, these stores will enrich your life. All of these stores are intended to enrich our lives and create an emotional connection between us, the mark of Apple products and Apple. Consider what you do to enrich the lives of the users of your products, whatever they are?

6. Master’s message.

You can have the greatest idea in the world. However, if you cannot present it correctly, it is nothing! Steve Jobs was one of the best corporate story teller. Instead of making presentations, as do most people in the world, it shall he taught, he inspired and entertained, he challenged the audience to live in his presentation and to dream how it will use products that meet.

7. Sell dreams, not products.

Steve Jobs playing with our imagination, because he really understood us as a customer of its products. We understand that if they were too complex, tablets would not mastered our imagination. What was the outcome? A single button on the front of IPad. It’s simple! Even two years children could use it. The client is selfish. He does not care about the product itself. He wants to feel better. They care for their own hopes, ambitions. Steve Jobs taught us that if we help our clients to achieve their dreams, we will win them for the products we offer.

One story sums up all these thoughts about the career of Steve Jobs at Apple.

Executive officer who is responsible of re-investing in Disney Store asked him for advice. Tip of Steve Jobs was “Dream more!”. This is great advice! To detect genius in our madness, to believe in ourselves, to defend our vision, to be consistent and focused in achieving our dreams.

Let’s let our dreams come true!

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