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Учебната година започва


In September healthy school year at Galanto club begins with smiles and a good mood.


If health depended on a number of liked and shared articles on Facebook, many of our friends there would have been THE MOST HEALTHY PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. But they usually have problems with weight, joints, hearts, and what they do not … But they click, click …

For them I have ONE GOOD and ONE BAD news.

I’ll start with the BAD news:

Your health in no way depends on what you like and what you share on Facebook. Clicking on icons and texts has not helped anybody so far.

And as we are positive people, to emphasize the GOOD NEWS:

YOU CAN! You MUST really want it and MAKE ANY REAL ACTION in that direction.

We also have a specific proposal for you: on September 20 (Wednesday, evening, after working time) we start the FIRST GROUP for the school year on healthy eating.

The action you are asked to do is just ask us to arrange a meeting at our club where we will answer all your questions. Gali: 0888153150, or Tony: 0889920930,

Do not hesitate – places are limited and we would never compromise on the quality of training at the expense of the quantity of people.


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