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The Nutrition Fashion is Cool!

The Nutrition Fashion is Cool!


The Nutrition Fashion is Cool!

“Believe, for sure it is not necessarily
to try out all possible diets,
before you seek us to achieve
the results you are looking for! ”
Anton Ivanov

But as long as fashion clothing can only become laughable or at worst you may look like a mess with some sort of cloth or clogs with torn jeans, if you rely on fashion food you can also cause serious damage to your health.

I do not believe you want that.

Previously, Americans were crazy about getting trapped with carbohydrates to lose weight. And as a result of the media and the total dullness of the “average intelligent people,” it went on for quite some time.

At one point, someone was aware that food pyramids to lose weight of people and to fatten cattle were almost the same (in the United States there are many cattle … cows I mean). It is impossible for one and the same rules to weaken one and fatten others…

And as they looked around and saw how fat they were, they were afraid! (and it was really so, and I was a long time there, and I saw – if you meet a nice, slender woman, she is either a Bulgarian woman or a Latino or other Slavic woman, at least it is not.

But the Internet does not go beyond Bulgaria. Wherever Wikipedia cites me, it’s as if there is the creature of world science. But let’s get back to our topic.

I wanted to say that fashion has flooded us.

Recently, this is often expressed in terms of total carbohydrate rejection or so- “Keto-diet”. Worse, they believe everything they write on the Internet. It is not! Do not even believe me, whatever I write to you – come to the club to meet real people and their results! Even the citation of literature or great authority does not work – practice is the real measure of truth as Marxist as it sounds.

Proteins are the foundation of life. After the water, they are found in the largest quantities in our body. Half of our body mass is made up of proteins.

Proteins are the main structural ingredient of cells and enzymes. Without proteins their functioning is impossible. Our immune system is mainly made up of proteins. Amino acids – the bricks that make up the proteins are the foundation of life. Let’s not forget the aykazanoids that react much faster than the hormones and manage them, including them – all processes.

Okay then, as proteins are so important to maintaining life – and when excess carbohydrates make us fat – why not eat a lot of protein and very little carbohydrate? Will this not help us get rid of excess fat?

Now the most modern slogan is, “Eat as much protein as you want, but necessarily drastically reduce fat and straightforward carbohydrates.”

Almost everyone who tries, at first begins to lose weight. Unfortunately, he loses pounds not from where he should. I do not hint at the brain, although the lack of carbohydrates crushes it is drastic.

In order for this to happen, we need a trainer to track the results and what exactly changes and preserves in our body and says what to fix.

Protein-rich fast-dieting diets cause an abnormal metabolic state known as ketosis, when liver carbohydrate stores are insufficient to meet the needs of the body and the brain (Even when they are full, the liver stores contain small amounts After exhausting these stocks, which takes less than twenty-four hours from the start of such a low carbohydrate diet, the body turns to its fat reserves for energy needs.

“Super!” – you will say. “Is that what we want?”

Unfortunately, we often do not get what we expect. The process of converting fat into energy fails in a carbohydrate-poor, ketogenic diet. As a result, our cells begin to produce abnormal biochemicals called “ketone bodies”.

The body does not need them. And he makes desperate attempts to get rid of ketones through accelerated urination. This in turn leads to weight loss at the beginning, but this “weight loss” is largely due to the loss of water. People today do not drink enough water anyway, but all the processes in our body are carried out in an aquatic environment. Imagine what thirst and stress come to the body! But a man first reaches NOT to the glass of water, but to the food and the fridge.

It’s so that the protein-rich diet does not end up with most of our excess fat, and often leads to the opposite.

With these protein-rich diets, we do not lose weight wherever we need it. And this is still not the worst. If you eat too much protein on a meal, the insulin level will start to rise as the body does not need the excess amino acids in the blood. And what will make the greater amount of insulin? It will help convert excess protein into fat. Even without the presence of carbohydrates.

Recent studies have shown that protein rich dietogenic diets can cause fatty cell changes to make them ten-fold more active in fat accumulation than they were prior to administration. So, after stopping the diet, you continue to accumulate fat at a terrible rate. Was that our goal?

Not to mention insulin. Our body is not stupid. When I have to deal with a protein-rich and carbohydrate-free diet, she says, “Is not I yesterday? My brain needs carbohydrates to function, I’ll start digesting muscle mass and turn a large portion of her protein into carbohydrates. “You probably think,” What if I can afford to lose some muscle mass as I get order to start losing fat. ” But remember – due to the increased insulin level, your fats do not melt at the expected and desirable speed and even eventually reach a position, then you will not lose weight anymore – you will get stuck on a plateau, which makes it difficult to get off …

Now that you know all of this, you already know why 95% of people who have lost weight because of protein-rich, ketogenic diets are then pounding and even getting fat.

Why? Anyone who has ever tried a fast weight loss program is blunt and soft? No, it’s not.

Just such diets have caused lasting changes in fat cells – changes that ensure an increased accumulation of body fat in the future.

Our goal for every meal should be: 30% protein, 40% carbohydrate, 30% fat (but mostly unsaturated and Omega-3 at maximum limitation of saturated fat), good hydration, 6-7 hours of sleep and effective rest, physical activity and all of us become a permanent way of life.

Is it all that complicated? Yes, it is even more complicated than described here.

But you can simplify it – contact our coach, he will calculate how much protein you need (which is best for you to come to the measurement club) and prepare you a basic personal diet. The regime will necessarily include Herbalife products – this will simplify things a lot – you will not have to go around the shops and collect the necessary products with a doubtful success – for the last few decades the content of the products expected in the usual products has dropped dramatically . It will track your development and correct the baseline in the right direction.

Once we’ve got it, you can! Look for us today and now! We helped hundreds of people, we’ll help you too.

p.s. Reading texts and watching videos on the Internet does not change anything in the structure of your body. 



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