Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov
The main event

The main event

The main event

Now you’re excited. Your penis is aroused. She is also excited.


Hold your penis with your hand and gently wanted, stroke her clit with it.


Very gentle.

Continue with these playful caresses, giving her to understand that you can enter your penis in her, but prefer not to do. Just tease her with it.Сега вие сте възбудени.

So you wake up in her so irresistible urge that ask you to penetrate.

Now you full control of the situation – and you are the master of himself and of her. I’ll freaking out until literally begin to beg you to possess her.

Soon you will reach it.

For now, just gently tease the clitoris and the more you do, the more you will increase her excitement. Resist just as much gently caress with your penis.

Here it asks you to enter it, but you refuse and continue to gently rub it in her clit.

She still asks to penetrate her again and you say “no.”

Postponing the moment and then she insists, “Come on, please!” But you still are not ready.

You want to make her beg, right? Well, fondling her…

Another minute or two and it will do so.

Just remember, it’s all in your hands. This is your penis and you can extend her sweet torment as you want.

On it you will like it. She knows that you possess the situation and fully control your penis and her body.

(Previously, you could not control yourself. Shoved him you quickly and bam-bam – that’s all. No control. No virtuosity.)

Here we finally have brought her there, asking you to penetrate her. And you decide that the time has come.

But I fully penetrate her?


Many will gently slide his cock inch or two in and then slowly remove it; then again inch or two forward and back slowly away.

This will really crazy and you will love it. Her too! After all, never before felt so!

Ah, just how you want!

But you still speak and keep it exciting.

Now insert it slightly and slowly pull back; again a little in and out slowly. Slowly penetrate a little deeper. Maybe two centimeters. And very slowly downloading.

Never enter ENTIRE until the woman begins to feel an orgasm.

Keep only to tease her. When you penetrate almost the entire length of your penis, slowly pull it out and re-enter repeating unit performs the same movements very slowly and very gently.

Why not enter at once with all his penis is that if you do, it will press hard clitoris, and the goal is just to tease him, not hurt him, make her mad with desire as you reach orgasm.

Now you polekichka insert it and earn, never the whole at once, and feel how it increasingly electrified.

This in turn excites more and who you are because your desire increased in proportion to its. You fully possess both aware of this. And the longer you wait the moment stronger and will be exclusive orgasm for both of you.

Irritation is kind of sweet torture for both women and men, as we all hide particle masochism yourself, final surrender, the most beautiful part o d orgasm is surrender to those we love.

If you want to try something really unmatched, but extremely difficult to achieve, stop when you and she are just seconds away from orgasm. Most coolly stop. Renew act only a few hours later or the next morning.

Such abstinence would triple the excitement when you continue to love after the break, they will be so thrilled so ready, and at the beginning as you tease, torment you such a great desire that when gently touch her ​​clitoris with your penis she will scream to penetrate into it, and you begin to slowly enter his cock in her very first inch, it will ask will beg you to enter more.

And when they both reach orgasm explosions will rock you so powerful as never before.

But all this requires great self-control. And extremely healthy body.

Well, you brought her to the point where it is ready to surrender: pray you to cause orgasm, her body so desperately craves, and then penetrate slightly deeper and slowly pulled back, continuing that way until the body and vibrates. Keep introduction ested in and remove your penis until it no Lucci orgasm that will rock her whole being. You moan, shout or speak incoherently, can only breathe intermittent, but this time you will understand that not pretending.

You brought her to orgasm. It was no accident. Did not happen just like that deliberately and purposefully you excited her body until she could not take it anymore.

Serving you is wholly without residue, because you have so requested. With love, of course, this was a deliberate order to which it responded. The solution is for you entirely.

If you are in good physical shape, you will be able to bring a few more times after the first orgasm. Next will come much faster and will not need to be freaking out.

Of course, we should not return to the previous great hammer, but you can exercise a little more power. We’ll see how she would react if you can refrain to do and continue penetration.

Usually within one minute she reaches climax again and again until you are able to continue. In most cases, women orgasm from three to five times; some of them only twice, while others – more than five.

But maybe you feel so excited after her first explosion that you can no longer be withheld and also get an orgasm. Will be the most complete, most deep-tively orgasm you’ve ever had, because until that moment, you control it and you tease yourself and now finally unleashed.

I hope you manage to bring her two or three times to orgasm. But even if it is only one, though it’s okay because it will undoubtedly be the best, and no wonder the first in her life. Next time you could try to do more. You’ll notice how quiet it is then n how nice to you. After all, you just gave her the most wonderful experience. And she will never forget. I will not forget you.



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