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The Little Prince

The Little Prince
The Little Prince

It is necessarily provided with this booklet, created by the hand, the heart and soul of Antoine de Saint Exupery!

You may find it interesting that this is the fourth book in izdavaemost and marketability of the world, after the Bible, the Koran and “capital.” The first three are somewhat specialized and are not interesting for everyone, but “The Little Prince” should be present in every home!

The booklet was issued in July 2005 to 117 languages. Including the language of the Berbers and the numerous tribes living in the Sahara desert – Amazigh. Well, there are some problems with the translation of concepts such as “airplane”, “tie”, “absurd” and others., But the translator has done. 😉

A more serious problem appeared in translation in Turkish. Had this tale to be banned, most likely because of this paragraph:

“I have good reasons to think that the planet he came little prince is Asteroid B-612 This asteroid was observed with the telescope only once, in 1909, by a Turkish astronomer.

Then he said and proved his discovery of the International Astronomical Congress. But no one believed him because clothing. Adults are.

Asteroid B-612, keep your honor thanks to a Turkish dictator who need people to dress in European under pain of death. Astronomer repeat his proof in 1920, dressed in a very elegant tuxedo. This time they were all of his opinion. ”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery, “The Little Prince”


* On Turkish – Antoine de Saint-Exupery, “Kucuk Prens”. – Б. р.

The Little Prince
The Little Prince

It declared against union workers in education, according to which it is harmful for children. According to his manager Ismail Kundzhuk it “a Turkish dictator by force compels people to dress like Europeans, and those who did not obey, kill.”

This is just further proof that everyone in the world could find in the book elements of your life …

This is the little prince (in the text of the book is written with a small letter, just like a little prince who lives in everyone who lives in …). End your small volcano.


(Preface to the book is published with the permission of the publisher.)

This new edition of “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery repeated entirely original American edition only came out while the author was alive in 1943.

Saint-Exupery, exiled to the United States from 1941 to 1943, was unable to maintain a constant connection with its Parisian publisher and has entrusted the New York publishing house “Rhine Hitchcock” to care first published work, both in French and English language in both cases – with famous watercolors. Only three years later, on November 30, 1945, “The Little Prince” was published in France in the “Library” Gallimard. “Just this edition has served as a model today at the presentation of the book in the author’s homeland and abroad.

However, when comparing the two American editions of 1943, with the subsequent Franco in 1945 we find considerable differences in the reproduction of paintings of Saint-Exupery. Differences can not be attributed simply inking or printing technique. What looks astronomy telescope? Star, unfortunately missing in the French edition. And what about the writing of the business person and the formulas on the board of the astronomer? They will definitely not even similar. Probably across the Atlantic do not calculate that way! The list of these details is long and extends from the outline of the scarf to the petals and the flower petals from the sun to the feet of the lamplighter, the roots of baobabs to the branches of the palm trees. Finally, after republishing for fifty years have been preserved and the number of sunsets and the number of asteroids.

Why so abnormal it? French printer did not have the original watercolors of the author and illustrations recovered one of the two American editions. These illustrations, which may now be perceived as too pale were reproduced accurately and “refreshed” or “improved”. Just copy took effect light from original paintings and strengthened the features of different places. Brushstrokes, clearly visible in the edition of 1943, are missing from the “polishing” of color. Details have also had changed, apparently for the worse.

Therefore, given the technical means available to us in the future, we decided this and subsequent editions of “The Little Prince” to be consistent with American, as the work is already published in France and worldwide.


Inexcusable to not have “The Little Prince” I guarantee you will not regret it, no matter how old you are …

In our book is published by © L.Mintchev Publishers, 2003 in excellent translation and real paintings with authentic colors.

(Preface to the book is published with the permission of the publisher.)

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