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The Kiss

The Kiss

The Kiss

What does the kiss

“Why should I kiss her?”

People kiss because trying to satisfy their hunger, famine that is as natural as the need for food, love, good internet connection (lest logged in MTel, BIAnet or Infotel? :).

This is a hunger for passion and need to touch someone else to hug someone you love, hunger which rests two together … This striving for contact between people’s instinctive. It is natural and can not be previously planned.

However, what can be learned in advance how to kiss. Kissing is very easy to learn. Many people are not interested in the theory and try to gain knowledge through trial and error they make.

I, the man who firmly believes that textbooks and theory can never be what is longstanding. But little theoretical training in kisses never redundant and can be quite useful sometimes …

What is the purpose

The main goal is to learn to be confident when you make a friend or girlfriend. If you learn to use a particular situation will make you more attractive and more appealing …

And this in turn will boost your confidence and samopochitanieto.

Brief history of the kiss

Long ago, researchers discovered that people found kissing pleasure, because when lips met during kissing generate electricity.

We can now be sure that this is quite untrue, but new studies have shown that when people hug in the flow of blood invaded hormones that cause immediate euphoria when thirsting of kiss.

And as a final note let me draw your attention to the fact that kissing does not include solely lips. The actual work is performed a kiss on the language this sensitive organ that is actually a completely different application than usual during the kiss …

This will be explained further in the section on French kiss. But let me emphasize that there is nothing wrong, sinful and abnormal in the kiss (when of course it is not a prelude to something else). This is a completely natural and logical progression of each link …

Kissing Technique (1)

When kissing do not think about anything. Even better do not think about it at all, do you or not. Let your mind empty during the kiss. Start kiss lips slightly open and not closed like a zipper.

Remember that it is important to relax your lips and do not let them freeze. This will really give you the opportunity to enjoy the kiss. TA does not kiss with your mouth wide open and tongue like a frog catching flies.

Use your hands

Use your razete kogago kissing. Many people simply do not and use their limbs to keep afloat. You can enhance the experience if you put your arms around her waist, massaging her back or somewhere in your hair … Wherever you hands, use them … RPPW REASONABLE !!!

Slowly increase the pressure or movement but NOT on erotic areas such as the back, shoulders, arms. Kissing should not be a prelude to sex. Kissing for the sake of it as exciting as to inject its essence in their cells. Many men mistakenly think kiss prelude to sex.


Many people ask me whether it is advisable to open their eyes while kissing. I remember once when I was in the best part of a kiss with his girlfriend, when I opened my eyes and saw two large brown eyes stare somewhere behind me.

It was very strange and we both laughed, but I think it broke the kiss. I think you should open your eyes if you can stand the intimacy …


Men who simply glued his lips to those of his girlfriend when kissing and nigoge of them move or change the angle of the kiss lose the entire rhythm and movement of the kiss. It must be something dynamic and explore even exchange, but not in the way as some people looking at your partner treasures or something!

One last thing, which you must remember is not to proceed kiss outside its natural life. When you feel it’s time to stop (after a few hours is my ideal time) ended the session with the distance of the lips and distribution of several small kiss, short, swift and intense.

After the final finish strong hug her and hold her body to hers.

Kissing Technique (2)

Well come this far through all these essential aspects of kisses, concentrating on the lips. But if you do not use your tongue will hardly know what a real kiss. However, if you expand your repertoire your life spent kisses will be very boring.

French “soul” kiss

French kiss and tongue gets involved in all the work. What will you do with it and what makes your partner is a matter of preference. In most cautious kiss tongue quickly implement lips and also quickly appear at the end of the kiss.

Even with such careful use of technical language the kiss falls under the classification “French Kiss.”

Today, across the whole spectrum of French kissing can also get a kiss … borrowed from “Star Trek” where language recklessly penetrates into places never before reached language… 😉

French kiss is the essence of kissing: The French kiss is the essence of kissing: the invasion of other languages ​​in the mouth, mixing breath, juices, thoughts and emotions through the mouth. Contrary to popular opinion, the spread of venereal diseases with the French kiss is more favored than normal kiss.

Painful kiss

Painful kiss in accordance with its name, a kiss, causing pain. Paradoxically, at times painful kiss also pleasure.

Firstly it should be noted that although painful, it pleasure. There are people receiving pleasure when they cause pain. They are called masochists. There are others who get pleasure if you cause pain to others – are called sadists.

The term “sadist” is not derived from the English word “sad” (sad). “Sadist” is derived from the name of the Marquis de Sade, a wealthy French nobleman who lived a long time ago and glorified by many ‘exotic’ sexual habits and desires, I guess you know or understand what it is.

This type of kiss is typically used by people with such “exotic” sexuality using during sex whips, leather garments and other similar “equipment” that comes out of the scope of this document.

My point is: some people have strong desires, targeting specific fetishes. Normal people do not have so expressed desires for it. But there are times when these people have a desire for painful kiss, although it is limited to a slight bite, rapvane, suction… For the sake of completeness.

And to clear up a few varieties from painful kiss should mention the so-called “neking” (well, in Bulgaria this name is more common as a “hickey”, “strawberry” and the like, depending on the adopted language between lovers. But in this suction door, never forget that

You’re not a vampire!

Extremely unfortunate to bite the lady as a real Count Dracula and leave their teeth on her sensitive and delicate neck.

Technology such kissing is similar to ordinary kissing, but instead of closing the lips leaving them open and pinch (but they are not teeth) and slightly tender neck or back of her head or elsewhere, perhaps even as her lips… gentle suction. Two important things: First, never be rude and secondly, always keep in mind that in these kisses remain visible red or bruised areas on the skin that may be undesirable to see everyone.

Add variety to your kissing

There will probably be some of you will be surprised why a French or painful kisses. If there were only kisses on the lips, they soon tired, would seem routine, dull and would not pleasurable. It is desirable to have different ways of kissing, which more fully express your feelings.

Kisses on the lips of course are the main kisses called the poets’ feast of love. “But imagine what would be a feast if you served seven times the same dish, even if it is your favorite fillet mignon or crab.

You tired yet of the third meal, you will be saturated and will not have the desire for more, right? And then the next you can not look fillet mignon or crab even eyes. So with kisses – even if they are magical kisses on the lips, they should be enriched with a variety of various other kisses, not to lose its charm.

Another technique of diversification is one in which no kissing again a place where you have gone in the last minute, minute and a half. Learn to provoke lust and desire with your kisses. Do not rush, just touch her ​​lips or even head there, but turn aside until you feel … and on the other side craving. This is done several times. You yourself will feel when you reach the moment you can kiss her passionately. My recommendation is that passionate kiss be French.

How to kiss her

Yes, kissing is an art. Experience in kissing is different for each of us but the basis remains the same.

The first step in kissing can be called “Position kiss.” The second step to call it “Izobor level of maximum comfort.” And so to the last step, which we will call … well, leave it to your imagination.

Position to kiss

There are many ways to occupy a good position for maximum enjoyment of kissing.

The key word here is flexibility. If you send a car to her home, a good idea to leave the car to go to her door and open it to his hand, helping her down, and escorted her to the door of her house or apartment. Just a classic position.

If she is not willing to send it, just tell her “I just want to be assured that not happened anything until I get home.”This saves you from her reluctance.

If they happen to watch TV from the living room furniture, set it so that it sits comfortably on its end and leaning on one side, and you sit inside. So it will have no where “you run” when you try to kiss her.

Selecting the maximum comfort

This brings thoughts to measure with any device how she is enjoying the occupied position. But it is not, there are always other signs by which to consider the level for maximum comfort.

Forget the kiss at all: if you make even a small gesture on occasion suggest not doing this in a deep bow with gestures, with a good handshake (although it seems quite personal and crucially, this is not the occasion for a kiss … and what about a pat on the shoulder?).

This is of course a matter of taste and largely psychology. There kiss and kiss. May be appropriate in “goodbye” to kiss her gently on the cheek. This should be a neutral kiss – on the cheek, hand, fingers (hand naturally; -§) or kiss their fingers and then touch them to her lips. And there’s a kiss ….

In general, it is necessary to follow all the rules of etiquette that apply in your environments where familiarization division, sending … If you tell the lady that she would call, do not forget to do really. Or tell her that most men only promise to call and immediately forget, and then giving her a call, you will be better able to advance her “crazy.”

More about the nature of the kiss

‘s A little departing. Let’s go back to the essence of the kiss and kissing. When you are alone with her to the door of her apartment, put his hands on her shoulders gently, gentle, unobtrusive. If she does not scare from that and not try to remove your hands from his can proceed to the next step. A next step is to bend down to her as if you are going to kiss her, but to do so.

Very likely it is to do the same. If you were in the barracks and you were taught to shoot, lean to the lips and in the same way as the pressure trigger gun – gently and slowly to play the shot (in this case the kiss). Do not take any more, try to endure maximum, relax.

Leave to fate. Well, not quite, on … touch the tip of your index finger lightly and gently her chin. Raise it with the tip of his index finger to his lips slightly. Do everything slowly and gently. Do not “spur” … She will remember this better if you do it slowly. Wish it will grow quickly, however. But do not rush. Head to her lips as if all the time in the world is yours. Well, remember though that we are mortal and not extend the time over her life ….

If it is out of this situation, you just is not ready. Do not despair and do not yell fate. Still nothing lost and can easily move from one big friendly hug.

Americans are known as a nation of arms. Also, as the French as a nation kisses. They kiss all over everything. Kissing as you say “good morning” kiss as they greet, kiss as they say “hello” kiss … as the Americans increasingly embrace. Life is unfair to Americans.

Try what happens in Bulgaria!

Not that there were only men

but let’s not forget the ladies

It is easy as 1 2 3 🙂

Kissing is probably the most physical expression of romance that two people can experience.

Actually there is no wrong way of kissing

Something you need to remember is that everyone kisses differently and different people prefer different ways of kissing. Some people, believe it or not, are appalled by the idea of ​​French kissing or use of language during the kiss. It is important to quickly kiss your partner several times to make sure that he wants to find out the way he likes.

First kiss should always be done while the couple alone. This will save any unnecessary worrying and frustrating situations. The best type of kiss is one that has the most variations, as for example, start with a small kiss, which in turn is French 🙂 and then specification on the lower or upper lip … try both. And do not stop at a light kiss on the lips. Kissed her (why do not) on the cheek, forehead or temple. This could be very romantic … And do not stop until you get to the left and right lip. This is a magical …

The perfect kiss is one that is made with care for the partner. A person is generally more concerned and sincere with a special individual rather than a man who knows little, although the true kiss can bring a maximum of two people (Take care not the dangers many !!!).

Many people wrote to me and asked me about how to overcome the fear of kissing someone. The answer is not simply a kiss pravilinya way. Wait until the build attraction between you two and romantic enough. Exit several times with this person before the first kiss.

Advantages of “frequent hugs” and “kisses regular”

First and most importantly …

Nothing is more comforting and soothing of hugs and kisses.

Second …

Hugs are known to the security they provide, and they would cheer you up if you feel bad.

Third …

Kissing is the most powerful act of love. Kissing is not just hypocrisy and panache!

Easy ways to get a free hug


However, this will only work if you are sufficiently attractive. Practice “sulking” in the mirror, but make sure you are alone in the house 🙂

Show that you are cold

Warm embrace. Fear and Collapse of “ball.” Here’s a trick: the person you want to hug you will think that you are cold, you might start thinking that the room is cold and deceiving is that it is cool … As I said warm embrace … both …


If nothing tragic has not happened lately just imagine how it could happen. Or can you remember something terrible in the past years of your life.

Easy Ways for FREE kisses

Be pet

If you jump off to the store for something small do not go home with cream on her face. Always the best for your appearance. A good idea is to look good even when you’re home alone because you never know … someone may decide to surprise you.

Let the fresh breath is first

Eat mints, chew gum, use sprays, parsley or whatever you have.

Aggressively, but carefully

If you want to get a kiss from someone being aggressive. With jerky movements reduce the distance between them.

Note: However, this is not a good idea if you are not very pleasant kissers. If you feel insecure there is sufficient lessons and techniques for kissing so you look a proper (equipment).


Source – materials published by LZ1DEC



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