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The fantasies

The fantasies

The fantasies

Fantasies are magical. They become nai-ordinary experiences in exciting flight into the unknown. Can be challenging, sexual, erotic, exciting, pleasant, relaxing – all sorts.

Who has not dreamed of a new car, a splendid mansion, own boat to take him to his private exotic island where he will never have to work again. Morning going to breakfast infact, will swim in the lagoon will be serving in the sun will make love and sleep peacefully under the stars.

In their fantasies and see each other about sex. Some men imagine how using force in love, and some women – how show helplessness. But there are men who think of helpless and passive in sex, and women who dream of power and are particularly active in love. Speech is not very weak and very strong men women. Some of the most powerful, successful career men true titans of industry want to treat them as pet kittens or invent all sorts of pleasures mazohistki (for himself), while among the weakest and seemingly submissive female creatures meet real tigress daydreaming of force. Conservatory type trick.

Fantasy is imagination. Could harm you or another person because it is only in your mind. Well, I do not think to imagine someone else instead of the person you’re with, it would be constructive. It’s negative emotions. After all, if you prefer another, you would not be with his current partner.

And since I am certain of the correctness exclude the positive fantasies and group sex.

Constructive fantasizing supposed to imagine the person with whom you are together in situations that you would instigated – mentally, emotionally and sexually. What harm could there be in that? Use the power of imagination (the dominant power of the mind) to bring an exciting element in a real situation.

If you want to tell your partner what excites your idea, do it; if you do not want – do not. Some women dream of spank. If you’ve always wanted it, but your partner just is not that kind, well then, harness vivid imagination (the imagination is alive and like the muscle becomes stronger when you exercise. So the more often you use your imagination the more lives will be. Imagine that your man is the type who would like to paddle. Keep in mind that every person – man or woman – react differently in different situations. imagination Just use it and your suggestions it is possible: it may be food taini wish you paddle.

No need to tell him what you want (unless you decide otherwise).

Continue to fantasize whatever you want and he will never know what thoughts roll in your head.

And you in turn will not know what’s going on in his brain. Maybe he has a vivid imagination and imagine all sorts of wonderful things that he do.

For example, many men like to think that their women are stronger than them and are able to make them obey any order – whatever it is. Some men even imagine that their wives spanking them. It really excites them.
Many women fantasize that they have incredible power and ordered his men to carry all their whims. Some of them use this sense of power as a means of instituting their own sex drive (power can cause excitement!). They like to imagine that they are stronger than their husbands, they can force small mazhleta obey them unquestioningly. Remember, this is just a fantasy – it is not about real life.

Many men in the imagination exercise full control over the woman. They want to feel like masters who drive their wives to fulfill their every whim. Imagine that their women are slaves and the smallest desires creates in them a sense of power and superiority.

A woman can be aroused by tickling. She imagined how her husband tickles throughout the body and the feeling of total loss of control makes her tremble with excitement. Her husband may have no idea what is being played out in her head.

Someone you can draw in imagination wives picture how crawling on his knees before his wife and obsequiously this sense is able to arouse him. He does not want his wife to know, fearing not to think about a weak. Actually it is a very strong person with a pleasant appearance.

Whether to share these thoughts with your wife? This could arouse him even more … And maybe you can do when you feel ready. But even never tell her and held her all to himself, so what?

You can list the many and various types of fantasies, but the key is to build your own. You know you have strong desires and feelings, you know too. you have imagination.

Use it!

As muscle and imagination develops, the more you use it. And your innermost fantasies will become more fantastic!

The best thing about fantasy is that you can rotate. One day you can be a powerful personality, energetic and commanding – a real tyrant. And the next day you are weak creature, enjoying his own powerlessness, helplessness and defenselessness – and very sexy in its weakness. Depending on what excites you more – weakness or strength – use one of the two all the time.
It is easy, pleasant, no harm to anyone and will be piquant spice to an already great your sex life.

Remember – in fantasy anything is possible !!!



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