Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov
The Excitation

The Excitation

The Excitation

Think about it and answer the question what is able to act stimulant: breathing surprising fragrance, the taste of caviar, velvet touch of your skin – as delicate and ethereal things.

Not very nice to hit you in the nose too strong smell (phew!) Or swallowed whole content at once jar of caviar (twice phew!), or you scrub with a rough material (including velvet).

Make another attempt. Reach your left hand and very gently slide fingers on her right hand. Very gentle. Barely touching the flesh. Imagine that your fingers are feathers and tease them with your skin. Little tickle after a few moments you will feel the urge to push more tangible. Gentle touch causes a slight tingle, which is nice and required to be satisfied.

Well, the same principle applies in lovemaking. At first gently touch her ​​skin – anywhere. Legs, arms, back – no matter where. But you have to be very gentle, affectionate and exciting.

Then slowly, very slowly ran his hands over her breasts – caressing, with tips and pads of your fingers. But do not touch her ​​nipples – not yet!

Wake her interest. Caused her sweet suffering, making her desperate to seek something that can not be achieved when he wants. Make sure to melt of longing that you will not be satisfied, not yet.

If you squeeze and crush roughly, it will push her away like a very strong odor.

Purposely did not touch her ​​nipples a few minutes. Deliberately turns her on. After stroking her so briefly – in the ratio over the grains around them – but never just them, it will be ready to touch them. But gently, not to pull or push.

Again, run your finger over them, just touch them. This will start her crazy. You excites her. Keep in mind that she bake a slow fire. You spark and that in itself is already a huge leap forward. Gentle irritation of your fingers will make you strive for something more.

The fact that you abstain and only turns her on with the sweet touch of your fingers tingle divine causes, waking incredibly strong desire, and the longer she feels that tickle, the more eager to satisfy. By discouraging you creates indescribable desire in her sex.

After a few minutes (but do not give in, not crush or squeeze!) When you feel that it is ready (it will show you believe), and if you are also ready, ie.’s. Your penis is erect (a if not, I will focus on that a little later, now deal with it), do not enter more cock! The main event is approaching and if you make a mistake right here will encounter more difficulties.

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