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Black Magic

The Black Magic

Following are some texts that put me on the map authority a reasonable and sane person.

With these words, I can confirm that I know very well what and why write it and write it in full consciousness and a healthy spirit.

Many of the people who will read these things, know me personally. They know I’m anything but not mentally ill person that I am not a believer, at least not according to the common definition of it, on the contrary – I would say absolute technocrat and a realist.

But I’ll tell you, perhaps in most cases will quote some things from a not very common Dimitar Dyankov book “Meetings with evil” in which he describes the activities of his wife Tsvetanka Genova. She recently published a new book, which have any chance to obtain … just maybe now only by her personally. For the new book will not speak – read in January alone. I’ll just introduce you to the essence of things.

I do this because I believe it their duty to give an opportunity to the people who trust me, and I hope they are not few, and those who find that these things happen to them, they can help themselves or to understand where they can get help. I’m sure you are too sane man and I do not think you believe in my words … but at least think about.

I picked only cases or the like of which I have seen with my own eyes that I felt on my back (unfortunately) or the ones that I have encountered personally, though not for me …

I can not say that I agree with the explanations of these cases. I myself can not explain them. But the fact is that it happened and I’ve seen the condition of the people (or their relations) before and after the effect of spoiling the magic. Maybe that’s why that alone I could not give plausible explanation, chose not to tell personally and to tell authentic stories of the people who deal with this quite inexplicable, but a noble activity. Not overstate things with this word because my eyes is not saved one life, not one family has not cured a disease from which he is famous doctors were helpless and had ….. but convince yourself.

And if you have not, which is unlikely (with pain say it, but it’s true) I wish you never meet that inexplicable to us mere mortals, but a cruel treachery and evil.

Probably many of you have similar things happened. But do not acknowledge where shame, where do you think you are crazy or crazy, and maybe even himself or herself does not believe that happened to you …

Here, read …

Repeatedly press’ve read complaints of different people describing their pain and suffering, believing that they are due to the influence of black magic. They also make and call for help through the pages of newspapers and magazines.

I do not intend to prove that black magic exists, nor to convince someone that consequences may be tragic for our entire nation. Described simply as a fact that, especially in recent years threatens the health, lives and families of many people. I want especially to introduce you to the types of black magic, with its impact on the human psyche and the human body, the possibilities for its opening and its control.

Many whose life passes or has passed without much turmoil and suffering will probably say: This is bullshit!

For me, however, is enough to understand me thousands of suffering and suffer the effects of black magic. In some areas of the country every ten people at least three or four suffer from its effects, it patyat families, and I know some villages where almost no family untouched by evil.

Under the influence of black magic in Bulgaria have been to all people – regardless of nationality and religion. Suffer from it as ordinary citizens and officials. Very often the arrows of envy are directed precisely against those who were raised in the hierarchy of power that operate in the prosecution, the police, the courts and others. Recently, after the revival of the private sector in terms of the struggle for survival and competition, winning spheres of influence, markets and so on, began expanding the use of black magic and retribution. New business, the confines of their office, guarded by well-paid security, live under the illusion that they are untouchable. Very soon some of them, however, understand that the bodyguards not enough to be well protected from envy and competition.

In connection with the return of land and real estate very close to each other that time people began to use black magic to fight against the other heirs to satisfy greed and ambition.

Medicine is powerless to help those affected by black magic. Many self-proclaimed healers and clairvoyants use the suffering of people to benefit. Therefore I make a request to the public authority and the church to do what is necessary to curb the possibility of some people overcome by greed, envy and malice, to undergo toil and suffering of innocent people. In this connection I want to say that ten years ago in some provinces of India introduced the death penalty for those who use the services of t. Called. Black magicians.

For understandable reasons, not to mention the names of the participants. There is nothing fancy or decorated, everything is described as I have experienced and seen with my own eyes.

Finally I want to address those of envy and malice deliberately cause suffering Mr. death of innocent people, they use methods of black magic:

– Stop! Not serve evil. There is nothing hidden in the heaven and one day, if not upon you retribution will fall upon your children or grandchildren, then it will be too late to Caetano.

God delays but does not forget!

From “Meeting Evil” – Dimitar Dyankov


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