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The Aura

The Aura

Biofield /aura/ is self-regulating and self-healing information and bioenergy system.

Eastern wisdom says: “In the human body is set everything necessary for his complete recovery.”


(Note : the photo is not aura)

Biofield comprising the following structural units, each of which performs a specific function:

– Inputs for energy;

– Energy centers – chakras;

– Bioenergy centers of the brain and spinal cord (command control centers related to specific areas of the head);

– Apparatus for self-regulation;

– Energy channels (meridians);

– Consumers of energy (bodies and subtle bodies);

– Outputs of spent energy.

Energy inputs – these are the eyes, ears, mouth, nose, feet, legs, biologically active points /BAT/ chakras , sushumna /central energy highway passing along the backbone/ side two highways parallel to the spine and ending respectively the right and left nostril – Ida and Pingala Nadi .

Enter through the eyes light energy.

Ears – the sound energy.

Nose – wind energy.

During the soles of the feet – energy emitted from the earth.

In BAT , chakras , Ida and Pingala Nadi – cosmic energy .

Ancestral energy /Heritage/ received from ancestors , even before the birth of a person accumulates in the kidney and distributed using the triple heater meridian , identifying hereditary traits of the organism.

All this variety of energy entering the body is converted into a single form, called bioenergy, which further goes to their consumers.

The basic principle of ancient Eastern medicine are kept a certain level of bioenergy in all parts of the energy system.

This happens with the help of four homeostasis regulator:

– Regulator, maintaining the stability of blood pressure and body temperature through blood – lymph containing all bodies by chemicals;

– Endocrine system, providing regulation of processes of life of the organism by means of hormones;

– Central nervous system /CNS/ governing body’s relationship with the external environment, managing behavioral responses, coordinating the activities of all organs of the body;

– Autonomic nervous system /GNA/ regulating the activity of the internal organs , glands with internal and external secretion, blood and lymph nodes and part muscle;

When the system works in the biofield self-regulatory above regulators are working properly, but in a system of self- excluded any external bio-energy therapy will provide a strong and sustainable results .

Aura must be complete , with proper form and in normal – sized to a height of 2.2 meters and width – 1.25 m .

The volume of the aura is directly related to the operation of the energy centers – chakras . Reduce it shows that there is a tendency to approach the critical limit and completion of vital energy .

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