Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov

Test about magic

It is a test for the effects of which I’m not sure because I do not have enough statistical information collected.

But I think nothing prevents you to try (if you want and/or need) , and then to share that this method works or not.

By collecting enough statistics will be published here .

In Israel, the sacred Jewish book “Zohar” is written how, after God created evil and dark forces of the Earth, each person can verify that there is no magic on it and other things that can make life a nightmare.

This is a very easy to check that every person can do anywhere in the globe is.

Take a transparent plastic bowl or less transparent basin. Is filled by half with water, after which it was poured into a tablespoon oil.

It would be logical, all physical laws oil to float to the surface because it is lighter than water.

But if the person performing the procedure is done under magic or similar effect, a drop falls to the bottom and sticks to it. This yellow drop of oil or oil ball very well be seen through the transparent side wall of the container, which makes the test.

I hope to you all swim up to the surface!Това е една много лесна проверка, която всеки човек може да направи независимо в коя точка на земното кълбо се намира.


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