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Almost all women are incorrigible devotees of romance. Believe in anything romantic. They think love is, if not the most important thing in the world, at least one of those most important things.

Or I have not met others.

And many men are. Even if you do not show it outwardly.

Whenever I talk about sex, I mean love. Sex without love is just exercise – certainly pleasant – but gymnastics.

Oh, but sex with love … it is the greatest experience! I can not imagine anything else that affects so beneficial to the physics of mind and feelings. The whole being.

We all have the ability to love, but not all dormant. The reasons for this are numerous. Fear, worry, or are angry, stressed and depressed. Unfortunately, all this negative factors prevent us from love. Therefore up to us to try, as far as we can, getting rid of negative events in their lives.

Beset with them, even to love, often do not show their love with the necessary tenderness and warmth. Or did we forget to show it, just imagine that the object of our love is bound to feel.

It is not trivial and physical health. When the body is healthy, the spirit and feelings are also second to none.

It is important not only to love the feeling, and the feeling of being loved. Able to accept love. With an open heart for her. Do not feel guilty or unworthy of love.

I do not believe in guilt. We should not regret anything we’ve done. After all, if we were able to proceed in a different way at a time, we would have done it. But we’re not. We received as this is required. Should learn from their deeds from their mistakes. (ideal is to learn from the mistakes of others). You should not feel an inferiority complex with respect to any and let us tortured guilt.

Try an emotional exercise that you can do every day.

Morning after twenty crunches (or other exercises to your taste and preference), close your eyes and relax completely on the bed without a pillow. Back emotional time when someone really loved you (mother, father, husband, wife – if any, it is important to remember the feeling of being loved, beautiful physical warmth and tenderness, ardor and devotion emitted from that sincerely loves you).

This requires full concentration and absolute tranquility.

It’s really nice. Lay still and travel back in time, remembering the events when your mother held you in his arms or your father embraced, or when you received them praise. You could call to mind childhood memories of how you’re lying on the beach under the warm sun with mom or dad or another loved one around you, and how you felt streaming their security, warmth and love. Or perhaps the first tentative kiss. No matter how you relive the feeling of love for you, it is enough to have something in your past that you warm up and the memory of it to you emotionally giving her wings.

Will flood that warm feeling of tenderness and affection …. smile and enjoy it. Keep this inimitable sense of warmth and liberation, spread to your whole body.

It will not be necessary to forcibly smile: do you feel truly loved, smile comes alone.

Think about the things that you dream.

Consider that there are other people who wish to come true your dreams. (even if you do not think of others, be sure that I want ;-).

Smile. Smile.

It is very important to smile widely because chova will help you feel loved and happy. I repeat, will not have to do it by force, you simply will not be able to smile!

When fully relax and sincere smile, you will know that there is a sense sought.

One of your biggest problems is likely that you have never managed to impress you deserve anything. You were testing only fault that you want for yourself good things. Guilt has remained and put their stamp on everything you do. Nisho wonder in such circumstances to avoid the nice things in life – feel that they do not deserve them.

This emotional exercise done every day, perhaps without exception, helps you know you are loved, to feel that you are worthy of love person deserves everything that is sought.

Every single day I feel more and more loved, more decent and more worthy of love and that by itself will become a more gracious, more loving person.

To feel loved is to gain awareness of the goodness within yourself and that goodness is your true self.

Acquire divine and charming look, you become a person who can not be loved. You will feel your whole being, how your smile change the attitude of the people around you. Especially closest. Of your spouse, friend, lover. Will be born or raised their affection and tenderness.



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