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Symbolism in Black Magic

Most of the time I’m done describing where and in what places we found varieties of black magic – tucked buried thrown stitched etc.

Where it should be placed and how the magic of placing it always indicated by the one who made ​​it. This is of importance depending on the purpose of the spell.

Usually when magic is sickness, death, hatred, infertility or separation between spouses, knowledge magic instructs it to be placed in the home of those for which it was intended. Then it must be inserted or sewn into pillows, bedding, mattresses, clothing and tossed it behind furniture that has not been moved for years. Spells are often buried in the yard near the base of the home. If offenders do not have access to the home of those who want to do evil magic is placed somewhere on the fence around the front door and is buried near his home, street, nearest crossroad or a place where the past often victims. Often arrows of envy directed against people involved in business, built automatically, politicians, people of power, prominent athletes and others. Then the magic can be placed in job – in offices, shops, institutions, hospitals or near them. In many cases, the magic in the form of liquid or powder with the meanings described above, is placed in a coffee, drink or food to those for whom it is intended. With magic in the form of liquid sprinkle clothes, laundry, sprawled out to dry, home, front door or around the home. When magic is designed for disaster is usually placed in the vehicle in a place where it can be opened or removed for cleaning.

In a car, except the spell written on a piece of Arabic text, tucked into one of the seats, and found magic in the form of liquid in the medicine cabinet. Culprit, a close relative of the owner of the car has been poured the contents of one of the bottles and it was filled with the liquid containing the magic. It is possible to magic as a liquid intended for disaster to sprayed car itself – inside or outside, or be cast on the street, knowing the way of passing near a road sign, dangerous intersection, turn or tilt. In all these cases it is placed on the proposed itinerary.

Enough is doomed to pass once through or along the complex magic and the inevitable happens. A matter of time when and where would happen and whether the crash will be severe with death or light depends on the strength of doing magic .

Once found magic in crashed car. Magic applied to it was a small child. During the crash the car were the grandfather and his grandchild. Child left alive in an accident, and grandfather died shortly after the crash due to injuries.

Evildoers, without thinking about sacrilege they do, put varieties of black magic and other holy places – churches, monasteries and chapels. Usually sites in temples where light candles in memory of the dead, are used to place the types of black magic. I would like to advise employees of the temples to replace more often the sand of the places mentioned, and dump it in running water, even if you do not believe in what you tell it. I am sure that with such an act , they will help many people suffering from black magic whose life, health and families depend on the malicious desires. I can not say yet that the varieties of black magic are located behind the icons and other places in the churches, and those buried in the yards of holy places throughout the country.

The most convenient and safe place to put a black magic are cemeteries and places in the immediate vicinity. Some of the readers who visit the graves of their relatives, have probably seen people who do strange things, looking not to be seen – bend over foreign graves, buried or put something in a hurry to leave the place. If immediately without fear, track them, you will notice the varieties of black magic – a knife or any part thereof, pieces of linen, clothing, wrapped in triangles of paper or other materials that are small at first glance, and in any case would not impress the uninitiated. You can take what you find, and drop it in running water. Be sure also helps someone and save him from suffering or death.

Command of black magic in the last few years her practice variations mainly placed in cemeteries. Those who seek their services, receive instructions – on how grave be placed magic – old or fresh, man, woman or child exactly where the tomb be placed, thrown or buried – the cross, head, stomach or heart of the deceased, etc.

One of the varieties of black magic to influence the human psyche – makes for insanity. Its species are found in different places – as the home of the victim and buried around the property. Magic happens to be buried or placed in different homes for the mentally ill . Found them tucked into the fence of the hospital, buried in the yard or placed in the building. Spells against us or against people who are helping, discovering places where archaeological excavations of settlements known in the past, past mosques, fountains, dry and active wells, railway crossings and bridges, playgrounds and more.

I have asked yourself the question – why exactly here was magic? I concluded that because symbolism and magic ingredients of it have so great importance, and where will be placed or buried it. Against our friends discover the magic buried under the railway bridge, under which runs an asphalt road. I took the found magic with written Arabic text of person who could read it. I will quote briefly the contents of the text : “Because, as the train line and the asphalt road meet and diverge, so to pass the fates of life…” – The following names of spouses. When the magic is made for a family that does not have children, she is buried or put into fruitless tree, meaning and symbolism of this magic spell is as follows: “Because, as this tree will never bear fruit as well… – followed by the name or names of spouses – can not have offspring.”

For symbolism in magic madness, put in a home for the mentally ill and alone you can guess, but briefly, the text refers to the following: the person whose name is listed in the spell to go to those in which it is placed. We can guess the connection and symbolism in spell disaster placed in a vehicle or dangerous stretch of roadway!

It is difficult to explain the relationship between symbolism and all places that put varieties of black magic, but I believe that the place is always a connection, which contains itself.

All components of the Magic have a certain symbolism associated with the text or spell our written or spoken during the making her. I’ll try to explain the symbolism of the most common ingredients that are placed in the most common types of black magic:

1. Soap – to melt as the soap melts. Days of life continue until melted soap .

2. Needle – to become weak and thin as a needle. Needle pricks him and cause him pain and suffering. When the needle is broken into two or distorted – be bent as bent needle, or health and his life to break off as broken needle.

3. Blue stone – turn blue as stone.

4. Cotton – to turns white and soft as cotton.

5. Chili pepper and red pepper – to burn in a fire as hot pepper.

6. Wax – not yellow, to soften, to melt like wax.

7. Part of burnt candle or candle taken from the grave – to where the candle was taken there to go and one of whom is made magic.

8. Nail – it can be nailed his coffin.

9. Razor blade or part of it – can be a symbol of a surgical knife, a symbol of suicide or murder with a knife, causing pain like a knife.

10. Knotted thread on it – to tie luck in life as tied knots in the thread – in business, in love, in life time and more.

11. Stick or sticks of matches – to become violent or edgy burn quickly as burning embers matches at home and more.

12. Soil from the grave or graves – to go to those whose graves was taken dust. Death.

13. Doit – a symbol of lack of money.

14. Incense cross painted coffin, cross – a symbol of death and burial.

15. Flakes of fish or snake skin – to cool the fish or snake (death) to cool feelings between friends.

16. Hair (hair) or claw of a dead man – go to those from which they are taken. Death.

17. Fur from cats and dogs – to hate and hate both dogs and cats.

18. Bodies of cuckoo – as cuckoo lays its eggs in the nests and never see their offspring, and this family will not see their children or relatives.

19. Egg – everything in this house to close as closed egg, or of the person to his close all roads to love, education, employment, business.

20. A piece of clothing, underwear, tights, hair – usually taken one to whom it is addressed and are symbols of magic performance magic only on that person.

The magic that make Gypsies and kopanarki, meet more mercury bad herbs from different parts of human or animal bodies whose symbolism would like to explain. Evil, possessed not a few souls through them is devised various ways of causing death and suffering.

From ” Meeting Evil ” – Dimitar Djankov


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