Stuffed Chicken

Buy in bulk chicken little resembles an eagle, allow it to thaw and I have the following stuffing: 200 g mushrooms (preferably fresh and not poisonous), 200 g cheese (the driest that long you’re going to dispose of the refrigerator), 200 g of sausage or some smoked sausage and fresh traditional one packet of butter. Cut the mushrooms into small pieces, grate the cheese grater and slices peeled sausages. All this confusion and fill it with the chicken, put the filling in half the butter pieces. Sew the openings of the chicken with sutures (stitch “crow’s feet”), spread out the chicken with pepper and paprika and remaining oil and pour a glass of beer. Put it in the oven to seal redness, not leaving it dry and water it with the sauce.

This build is a great delicacy, and the important thing is to know that white meat drink white wines.