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In the studio of the artist

In newspaper “Borba”, January 19, 1999

Unique ceramic plate was purchased by famous Tarnovo woman through “Internet”

Bulgarians today more than ever needs spirituality manifest Applied Arts artist Hristo Ivanov.

Exhibition Poster
Exhibition Poster

On “health reasons” Veliko Turnovo artist Hristo Ivanov recently was forced to give the little ceramic sculpture. And a merry quirk – two lovers piglets – small saltshaker him open doors to “Internet.”

At the end of the summer – house studio of Applied Arts artist of Malki Chiflik visited him famous political man Petko Simeonov and his sense of humor was inspired by the original article. Did big order and now more than a hundred “mated” pairs pepper – salt pans have fought the Sofia houses and sweetened morsel of elite politicians and intellectuals. And in a special page of “Internet” on September 2, entitled “Ceramics of royal lineage”, our compatriot is presented quite seriously as one of the few “chosen” masters of sgraffito pottery .

The next day at home he visited some Turnovo lady and ordered the most beautiful decorative bowl engraved with ornaments of Bulgarian manuscripts from XIII-XIV century.

Hristo Ivanov currently working on a series of original graphic images of old printed letters. Unicast will be displayed on the second edition of the folk festival in early summer.

The second presentation of the original application in the artist’s “Internet” was in early December. The same day by fax is received kindly letter from a representative of the company “Todorov” in Paris, “I’m on your page and am very happy that there are still people who produce these beautiful things. I live in France and also dealing with ceramics, I have the opportunity to sell through our stores in France, some of the models that I want to produce in Bulgaria. Waiting for your reply congratulate you warmly. Anton ”

Whether and how the business will make contact between the two Bulgarians, a matter of time and technical details. Bulgarian artist is aware that in European countries and in the country, has already recession and people attach importance to the utilitarian art. That is why the beautiful plate is not just decoration for the wall, but the original clock that precisely measures the time and works with batteries “Toshiba”. A necessary and practical addition to any home is the little ceramic ikonostasche svetilniche – icon lamp that is “powered” flavored with gas lighting – it is already available in stores Tarnovo. The same tiny lamp will awake and eyes Owl – symbol of knowledge and oletsetvorenie waking thought.


And God give, more Bulgarian houses lit at smelling owl and asks for confession, repentance, prayer and a modest small iconostasis with icon lamp. A wall measures time let us a “perpetual” clock, created by the selected artist Hristo Ivanov. Because right now we need a lot of these spiritual things.

The artist and his creations
The artist and his creations

Maria Kachakova


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