Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov

Arise, arise, Balkan Superman


Arise, arise, Balkan Superman

Dobri Chintulov

Get up, get Balkan Superman
deep sleep wake up
people against Ottoman
Bulgarians your faults !

That bloody tears Strait
slavery in our nation miles ;
He extends his hands high
to deliver vishniy god !

So many Nee suffered
but that’s all come to tolerate ,
to be again as we were
yl vsintsa be destroyed.

How long , brethren, to lose?
Why not together?
So you will always laboring
and slavery vsintsa to die ?

Look at brothers look
neighbors tribes us !
A good example of them take
how his illustrious names !

Become brethren , ye become ,
home show ye ;
and their swords zapashete ,
and help will appear .

Help Serbs , Montenegrins
with joy will zatekat ,
and from the north brave blond
At once will occur .

Until a tiny snake
come and collect !
With her ​​legs crush the heads ,
free to name !

Become our lev Balkan ,
it winds fanning ,
Ottoman crescent th
under the dark cloud eclipses !

To develop flags
illuminate our land
to glorify the names
Turkish tribes to perish !


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