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St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas

(6 of December)

Tonight we are guests of Nikola, Nenka, Nico (winner), Nicolas (winner), Nikolai (winner), Nikolina (winner), Nina Nice.

Saint Nicholas is celebrated as the master of rivers and seas and patron of the seas, sailors and fishermen. Prepare a carp, which according to legend is the “servant” of the saint. Fish filled with rice, bulgur, walnuts, onions and raisins. Wrap and bake in pastry. Saint is celebrated as the patron of merchants and bankers.

Day of fishermen, merchants, bankers.


Ritual table: Rybnik (baked in batter all carp), beans, sarma, ritual bread.

St. Nicholas, fish St. Nicholas is one of the largest winter holidays with a strong family character. The most typical ritual is the preparation of a particular dish – “Rybnik”. Women careful when cleaning the fish scales can not fall to the ground because it is believed that if you set foot there, he fell ill and died. Bones from the head that resembles a cross, remains to cure childhood diseases. On the table are placed and vegetarian dishes as well as a special ritual bread (chapel service gods “kolak”, St. Nicholas bread). Ribnik and bread was incensed and distributes them. Everyone should eat fish – “The dish one must pochopli teeth with fishtail bone, although the garbage to take it.” St. Nicholas is one of the Bulgarian holidays, whose saint often dedicated, experienced in the case of serious accident, or avoided trouble at all “health house” family love sacrifice. Nikulden sacrifice always fish prepared in a certain way. It must be distributed. Were invited relatives of the table. Often service a name that day host (hostess). In some villages of St. Nicholas of Plovdiv women light candles, handed out cakes and eating, kissing the stones or the icon of the saint and leave small gifts (money, flowers, towels).

In the Orthodox calendar St. Nicholas Wonderworker is also known as Nicholas saint. Cross name Nicholas means “Victorious”. After just monastic life Nikolai became archbishop of the city. Peace m. Lycia (Asia Minor), where he died in 342 According to one legend he is the man who quietly throwing bags of gold into the house of an impoverished father and he married her three daughters donated by St. Nikolai three purses of gold. It is credited with many miracles, deliverance sailors and sea travelers of the water element. So on this day marks the end of autumn and winter fishing. The catch is transferred sacrifice saint. On this day, all ships at sea stop to honor the patron saint.

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